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21 / Other / Single
United States
♡ "You are so close, and yet so far." -Eris

☆ "Sorry about the rain. I can't help it." -Rain

♤ "I need more herbs-" -Amaryllis


|| Hi! I'm a fantasy roleplayer and have a few years of just casual role-playing under my belt. Please, come to me with ideas! I'm happy to feed into them whenever I can!

Im not incredibly limited when it comes to verses, but I'm most comfortable in worlds like World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, and Skyrim. However, I can work with more realistic realms if requested!

I can also just start in character if you wish! Just pick a character to refer to and I'll answer and we can start like that! I'm not opposed to random starts!

Hope we can have fun together!


Eris is female
Rain and Amaryllis can be either male or female, depending on preference.

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