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F*** all Y'all

They have forfeited the rules of fair play... All possible and existent rules...
I'm tired of people blocking me for no reason!!! If you didn't liked something say that on my face, solve it by the dialogue like any... people with more than 5 neurons would do. You know, I'm a good people but a good people can turn to bad people taking into considerations these situations happening CURRENTLY CURRENTLY AND CURRENTLY. It's a motherf***in roleplay take it easy.. But noo... Lets block for no reason. That's why I often take hiatuses of this site and I don't pretend to come any sooner! Because in 2014 to 2015 there was some real roleplayers but now 80% is troll, I'd increase that to 85% — TROLLS or A**HOLES like this, I DOUBT they act like this in their day-to-day lives, they don't because they would have a black eye, and a busted nose, right in their MOTHERF***IN UGLY FACE, and I don't give a f*** if their lawyers could get me on their desk work... F*** it. I'm not the type to keep my mouth sh*t on some sh*t that I didn't like NO ONE WITH 5 NEURONS, AT LEAST, IN THEIR MOTHERF***IN BRAIN likes!!! it's incredible that not even with Christmas coming, people tend to be more compassionate and gentle with the other. The world is slowly being sucked to a black hole of ignorance and ego-inflation!!!
Yes....... that's all I had to say, I'm out of this sh*t, honestly. By this day from now on, I'll only be gentle wit those who are gentle with me. Step aside baby-nuts! Blocking is easy than go toe-to-toe... and mindless blocking, remember it u.
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Apocalypse Zombie {{CLASSES}}

Classes in an apocalyptic world...

All of the survivors before the zombie apocalypse were civilians who had expertise in something, had jobs that are useful today, and others were just ordinary civilians but had the luck and ability to survive this far. Many form groups with the most varied types of proficiency or simply with a competence, such as a group of hunters only.

First Class: Police.
A man who served his city before the Zombie Apocalypse was a police officer, usually chosen to be the leader of his group. He has great firearms skills and continues to pursue his military career, defending his group with whatever it takes.

Cadet: He is still being trained by the Police Department, but cannot complete it because of the infestation, he is always looking to improve his firearms skills.

Sergeant: He is already respected among police officers and has great firearms expertise, he also has a great sense of survival. He is already capable of shooting good shots and knows a little about leadership.

Sheriff: he IS an authority, before the infestation, he was the top authority in small towns in Colorado. Has a great sense of leadership and is an excellent leader. Uses a flashlight, a backpack with supplies and has a gun. In addition to the previous items, he has a bulletproof vest and a new firearm with sixteen bullets, radio communicator. He has the gear of a sergeant but has a good number of ammo and binoculars.

Second Class: Doctor.
Essential for a group, the doctor is responsible for treating viruses and illnesses contracted by the group members, taking care of small or large injuries that are an unavoidable thing, and having ordinary jobs like everyone else outside of times of war.

Nurse: he has a good knowledge of medicine, is able to medicate minor wounds and strives to be recognized by the group.

Doctor: You already have knowledge about infections, strive to learn more about medicine. He already manages to treat medium injuries and fractures. He has basic knowledge of natural remedies.

Surgeon: Knows everything in the field of medicine, extremely known before the infestation, has knowledge of natural remedies and can treat infections, serious injuries. They have a first aid kit and a flashlight. They have bandages, pain relievers and an advanced first-aid kit. Large-scale bandages, painkillers, medicine and a backpack with two medical kits.

Third Class: Hunter.
It has a great survival instinct, has expertise in melee weapons and an exclusive for its class, automatic crossbows, also has great expertise in long-range rifles. He usually chooses to walk alone, but he has an extremely important role for the group: hunting.

Marauder: Not very recognized by the group, it is seen as a dead weight that only serves to cause confusion and discord. He is chosen to do difficult jobs, prefers to hide and keep silent rather than attack. He has a basic expertise in echolocation.

Beginner Hunter: Has a good skill with melee weapons. With a firearm he can only handle a small weapon. Proficiency with hunting and echolocation is improving.

Experienced Hunter: Can already find himself lost in a forest, is also able to recognize movement just by hearing as long as it's not too far. He is an expert guide to the group and a great marksman with long-range rifles. He only has a pocketknife and a small backpack with supplies, he also has a map. Two hunting knives and a crossbow with only seven arrows (interpret to reuse them). Hunting machete, an automatic crossbow with fifteen arrows.

Fourth Class: Exiled Survivor.
Someone who has always chosen to live alone, explore alone and above all, survive alone. Even after the infestation, the exiles chose to walk alone in the woods amidst the darkness of night. This type of survivor sets its own destiny (good, neutral or evil) and creates its own laws. Great care is needed when crossing one's path.
They have no hierarchy or equipment. An exiled survivor cannot own firearms, only melee weapons. They use their own intelligence - which is topped up - to survive.

Fifth Class: Civil.
An ordinary civilian, specializing in everyday utilities like cooking. It is usually responsible for carrying utensils in the backpacks, managing the group's food, etc. He can recognize a good resource from far away. He has no hierarchy or equipment. Civilians need training to use heavy melee weapons and firearms.

Fifth Class: Civil.
An ordinary civilian, specializing in everyday utilities like cooking. It is usually responsible for carrying utensils in the backpacks, managing the group's food, etc. He can recognize a good resource from far away. He has no hierarchy or equipment. Civilians need training to use heavy melee weapons and firearms.

Sixth Class: Engineer.
Before the apocalypse, he may have been an engineer specializing in the construction area, a civil engineer, becoming capable of creating barricades, wooden structures essential for group survival, or an engineer specializing in the mechanical part, being able to make adjustments and repairs in vehicles and other objects.

Apprentice Engineer: Still a beginner in the practical part of engineering, you can decide to specialize in civil construction, supporting the construction of barricades and locks for the group, or dedicate yourself to the mechanical engineering part, assisting in transporting the group and in electronics.

Full Engineer: Now more experienced, engineers who specialize in construction can build barricades by themselves or with the help of an apprentice engineer, who know a lot about the area. They can also build temporary shelters for small groups that have separated to get supplies, their presence being essential. Those who specialize in mechanics also increase their knowledge, and can take advantage of abandoned cars and build small engines, temporarily used in automobiles.

Senior Engineer: Even before the zombie apocalypse already exercised his profession in engineering, having all the necessary experience. He commands the full engineers and the apprentices, giving orders as to what they should and shouldn't do. When a group wants to make a permanent shelter and they don't have engineers among them, they usually look for a senior engineer who is able to plan and architect an entire safe and spacious shelter. The senior engineer specializing in mechanics performs maintenance on large cars, such as trucks and buses, used for collective transport of a group. They have a toolbox with basic objects such as screwdrivers and pliers.

Toolbox with more specialized equipment, with larger tools that serve as melee weapons. You already have a basic firearm, even if you don't have much skill. The firearms skill specializes along with the work equipment skill. They manage to make power generators with some everyday tools.
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Ulifer - [[IDEA for O.C. KOF villain]]

At first glance, Ulife is a brown-robed man with a white face and a ridiculously long nose. Underneath, he is an apparent child molester, serial killer and Insane Asylum Escaper, at least that's what was suggested by his actions, where he recorded interviews. He was investigated over the ''rumor'' that the younger players at his parties disappeared after befriending/or meeting Uliffer, and when asked about the kids, he denied he had ever met them. The first report came from a teenager named Brad Shape, he posted it telling the hunters at the time he quoted: "this guy [address of the place where the first party was, but already deleted, by Uliffer] keeps following me and watching me all the time. nights when I sleep in the bedroom, after I told to stop" unfortunately at first the hunters didn't take it too seriously, because yes at that time they had been constantly suffering from "retarded forum trolls", it didn't sound very solid. However, days later, Brad Shape disappeared and has never appeared since. That's when it started to arouse the interest and attention of hunters. The second came from a friend of a player who told the hunters that his friend's account was gone and he had no idea where to look. After asking the player's age, the hunters only knew how to point fingers at Ulife.

This established a series of places made by Ulifer that he claims are many of his houses. Firstly being what was seen during this investigation, that it was an old winery in the middle of a plain. After entering the basement, the player could see smears of blood and rubbish strewn everywhere, followed by the bodies of the two reports that had disappeared earlier. The third was at the initiative of a hunter, who had noticed that Ulife's place had changed, upon inspection this time it was an abandoned old school, with a worn out old school one in front. The school yard was littered with rubbish and very desolate. Entering the school all you could see was a dark room with a chair in the middle, followed by a pool of blood and another unidentified body, but all the fingers of the left hand were cut off.

Much like the previous incident, this was discovered in a hunters' initiative. Sagero was followed by Ulifer himself, who said nothing and left. Then, following Ulife back, he found a third place, this time it appears to be a long dark hallway with flashing lights and at the end of the hallway there is a closed door with music playing behind him and the sound of a child crying. After that, no bodies have been discovered here so far. According to Sergeant himself, when he had reached the end of the corridor and turned back, there was Uliffer. However, incredibly still and not reacting at all, ''looking like a morph''.

Then Sageto drew his MP4A1 and fired three shots at Uliffer's shoulder, who fell. And that THIS, yes gentlemen, THIS would be the reason that Uliffer has been inactive ever since. As much as a shot in the shoulder can't kill, Sageto said that all of Uliffer's clothing was his private, that you couldn't find it anywhere else, but with a certain expiration date, and that when that deadline expired, Uliffer would have to keep the mantle clean until the end so that this period would not expire, working exactly as a test. And as you've seen, that test may have been voided, as soon as Sargeto shot the guy, but so far it's just conspiracies. The real thing is that Uliffer is alive and well in Seven Sins (obviously the rest don't know that, pretty hard for another group to know the members of another group if not accidentally), as the ''watchman'' of the group, along with Byspaerkker and Detro. Like this? well, when everyone else leaves, these are more responsible for ensuring the safety of the territory of another who can take advantage of the lack of quantity, since with the technology planning they have invented by Chazz, three people would be just enough, for more they watch mainly because of rebellion and rebellion is usually 20.
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(The Seth –– Ryuji Yamazaki feud)

(Just an addendum. This is not canonical: it was all written and created by me from head to toe)
-- Idea for script 1 --

The fight between Ryuji Yamazaki and Seth started when Seth was shot long-range 5 times inside his own gym in 2005. While in prison, Seth claimed that Yamazaki knew everything but didn't warn him the day before, that he was extremely truthful and even because the first subject he brought up with him in exactly 1 day after the accident had been about some parts of "cowardly people who cause shootings out there." In 2007, Ryuji Yamazaki released the following lyric in his theme song "Summoning of a New Soul'' where many people think that by 2 and 53 to 54 minutes the ex-serial killer indirectly mocks the shots that targeted Seth 3 years later, as if it wasn't him (the real Yamazaki he met), and saying that Seth was already thinking he was a Matrix (that he could dodge the bullets; normally, dodge the semi-impossible), that he would be in a blind rage, to the point of judging his own ex-friend (an ex-training partner as well) of something he hadn't done.

Right after getting out of jail on bail accompanied by the judge's parole alleging that they were both just in defense, he responds to such a moment with that phrase that became the most famous diss in KOF history: "What doesn't just kill me strengthens me. The only thing you do is grow on my back." Even later, in several interviews, Seth always has one thing in common: claiming that the reason for Yamazaki's success had been him. Seth had been arrested after destroying a BMW X15 that had run over his son, and injuring the driver who chose not to reveal his name, with a crowbar in his calf. Seth would get a seven and a half month sentence, until the 5th month, K'Dash, his son, released him.

So it all became pretty much a division of sides by category, since then the Grapplers having Seth Dash as their main center against the Strikers being the main center Ryuji Yamazaki. Not every fighter chooses his side and prefer to create their own, just private. However, if you enter any of these categories you can't leave anymore, so we've come to understand some go and ignore.
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