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22 / Other / Single
I, E - Zambia
Hey hey! I’m just a friend looking to roleplay.

If you’re curious about why I have no gender, just know that it’s because I like to roleplay both of them, and have noticed there’s people on here that refuse to play with the opposite gender…. So I don’t want to be disqualified for having something between my legs they don’t like. I just wanna make fun stories!

Also sorry for random bursts of absence, as sometimes I get busy with college and cannot focus on rp

Latest Status

Hey everyone sorry for not being in. I don’t have an excuse. I’m trying to get free time but my family is not letting me do anything other then work.
8  Jun 24th 2022 23:55

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Beliath asked the question
Q. The Website is failing me! my response will be coming soon!
A. It’s ok same happened to me yesterday
 Apr 21st 2022 13:19

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Dm me
Jul 4th 2022 02:23

I absolutely love role playing with this amazing person!
Jul 2nd 2022 15:55

Just wanted to thank you for the nice RP!
May 18th 2022 19:09

May 18th 2022 11:23

Failing me again! reply will be there once it fricking starts working
Apr 23rd 2022 13:18

Hey there, want to continue our rp?
Mar 18th 2022 09:31

Feb 10th 2022 14:08