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(Anastasia Sweeney)
24 / Female / In a Relationship
Georgia - United States
I am a very friendly person. I love to make friends. And im open to suggestions about roleplay topics. Things i will not tolerate though:

1. I will not start a role play if your role play character is under the age of 18. I dont like kids so im not going to deal with them here as well.

2. I will not role play with anyone, and I mean ANYONE who wants to do invest of ANY kind. That’s sh*t is not cute. It is not appealing. I won’t do it. I will not even consider it. No siblings, no step siblings, no cousins, no cousins removed. If the character is in my character’s family in any way I will not do it. I DO NOT SUPPORT INCEST OF ANY KIND.

3. Do not message me about just having sex. Im a creative person and i like to make stories while i roleplay. If we decide to come up with a story and all you do is try to get right to the sex i will ignore you. If you want a sexual rp ask me. Dont just start one with me and say something like "i come to your house because you said you were going to have sex with me." Thats the fastest way to piss me off. DONT RP FOR ME! I am grown and can do it myself. If you wanna rp by yourself thats on you idc but dont make my characters do things i didnt say i wanted to do myself. Damn that always piss me off! I'll ignore you or f*** with the whole rp.

4. I do third person only. I don’t tolerate this *you, me crap*. It’s “She, he, they crap.” We are adults. Start writing like one. If you aren’t, you are on the wrong page love. Move along.

5. Just because my profile picture is one thing doesnt mean im going to rp as that one person. Im spontaneous and like to switch it up so if you want me to rp as that just ask.

6. If you come and ask me to rp be prepared to send me a starter after we talk about the plot. Your starting especially if you came up with the plot. How am I supposed to start something you created. I can't look in to your mind and see what you expect from the rp so don't come to unless you are ready to start.

7. I go to school and I work (sometimes. It depends.) so if I am busy don't constantly bother me because I have a life outside of this website. This place is my creative zone but life still calls so don't triple or quadruple message me asking if I'm gonna reply. I'll accept one question if I'll reply but don't double reply or more. When I'm not busy I will get to you.

8. I have been meaning to add this but constantly forget to but I don’t rp with woman unless their character is male. I don’t hate woman but I feel like I am a better advice giver to woman instead of rolepaying with them. I prefer males to rp with. Sorry loves.

If you dont like those rules then you are welcome to ignore me or delete me. I really dont care.

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Something that certain “men” need to understand that we want to Rp actual stories. Not be used as an object to get off. If all you want is a quick nut, then you can f*** off my friends list.
1  Oct 20th 2020 11:59

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Dinoguy asked the question
Q. How are ya
A. I'm good :)
 Jul 7th 2017 20:24

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Hey do younhave discord if so I can pm you my id and we can rp there.
Jun 9th 2020 01:44

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