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AnaeI's Blog

꒰ OC ꒱ - Mitsuki (ฅ^・ﻌ・^)ฅ ~♡

Note: Mitsuki works with almost any rp.

[character bio]

Name: Mitsuki
Nickname: Mitsu
Age: 21
Nationality: half Japanese
Gender: male
Height: 5'ft 2"in
Body: slim, slightly feminine body
Neko form: reveals his small brown cat ears, and fluffy brown tail.
Skintone: fair skin tone

Hair Color: dark brown
Furr Color: dark brown
Hair Style: well maintained long brown hair.
Eye Color: violet
Eye: almond eye shape, light brown eyelashes
Face Shape: small roundish face
Voice: soft, shy voice

Style: he likes to wear t shirts, oversized hoodies, skirts, thigh high socks, and cute shoes.

Likes: anything cute, manga, plushies, being pet, cuddles, given affection and attention, and napping.

Dislikes: aggression, dogs, when others try to take what belongs to him, and other cats stepping onto his territory.

[Character Photos]
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꒰ OC ꒱ - Amare Bernardi

[ Character Bio ]

Character Photo:

Name: Amare Bernardi
Age: 19
Gender: male
Pronouns: he/him
Height: 5'ft 2"in
Weight: 113 lbs
Body: soft/smooth shaven skin, slightly curvy, masculine/slightly feminine physique, and soft facial features.
Skintone: fair

Hair Color: light brown
Hair Style: short wavy/curly hair
Eye Color: beautiful bluish green eyes
Eye: almond eye shape, long light brown eyelashes.
Face Shape: cute roundish yet defined face shape.
Voice: calm and soft spoken.
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꒰ OC ꒱ - Hidden

꒰ Character Appearance ꒱

꒰ Character Chart ꒱

Character’s full name: Caspian Durand

Character’s nickname: Cas, Hidden

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Status: Dead

꒰ Note: Caspian is a ghost, more about him will later on be explained in the rp. Basically the rp takes place around the time after Caspian's death, he is alone, confused, and upset. Your character just so happens to meet him around that time. ꒱

Birth day: October 31st

Death day: October 31st

Cause of death: ???

꒰ Physical Appearance ꒱

Age: 21

Height: 5'ft 5"in

Body build: slim

Eye color: light green

Glasses or contacts: none

Skin tone: pale

Distinguishing marks: small mole under eye

Predominant features: light green hair, and his eyes.

Type of hair: wavy

Voice: soft/soothing/calm

Physical disabilities: none

Usual fashion of dress: casual/comfortable clothing

Jewelry or accessories: none

꒰ Personality ꒱

Good personality traits: Kind, caring, thoughtful, polite, helpful, humble and intelligent.

Bad personality traits: Anxious, sensitive, and clumsy.

Greatest vulnerability or weakness: He's to kind to others even when people aren't that kind to him, and he doesn't know when people are taking advantage of him.


Color: light blue

Least favorite color: pink

Music: piano music

Food: toast

Literature: fiction

Form of entertainment: anime

Mode of transportation: bike


Hobbies: Drawing, reading, and biking.

Plays a musical instrument? piano

Plays a sport? no

How he/she would spend a rainy day: By staying indoors reading a book and enjoying a warm cup of soothing tea, or he would be drawing.

Smokes: no

Drinks: no

Other drugs: none

Extremely skilled at: Art, playing piano, and writing.

Extremely unskilled at: Socializing, cooking, and dancing.

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