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21 / Female / Single
In hell, Sweden
⚝ Hello everyone~~! You can call me Amethyst or whatever you feel like. Feel free to request a roleplay, I will either say yes or no. That simple!

♡ I've been roleplaying for around 11-12 years. Roleplaying has been a way for me to expand my creativity and create stories with my dear fellow roleplayers.

⚝ LGBTQ+ is always welcome here!!!!!
FxF, BxB, and FxB are all welcome. I do furry verses and some anime verses. Romance and slice of life/angst is some of my favorite genres to do in roleplays. Ohh, I also love cyberpunk themed roleplays!

♡ Don't be rude, I will unfriend you or block you. To make it more fun I could do a coin toss to decide which of the two I will do. Heads or tails? Hmm, I wonder~~ (Just kidding, I won't do a coin toss xD)

⚝ The last thing I have to say is this: I'm active whenever I get the chance, I have a life outside of this site. I also have lots of anxiety so please don't stress me and please don't spam me. I'll respond when I can ♡