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22 / Male / Engaged
Washington - United States
"Yo welcome to the best page you are ever going to see! I am the best country which is america! Forget all the others i am the best and forever will be the best!"

America is egotistical and rude when you first meet him. He doesn’t mean to offend, but he does anyway since that’s just his sense of humor. Even though he’s 243 and it’s been a long time since the American War of Independence, he still hates authority, unless he’s the authority. America boasts quite a bit about everything he’s done and all the things he has. The more things you have, and the more expensive those things are, the better you are, in America’s eyes.

But as you warm up to him he can be a genuinely nice guy (as long as you’re his friend). He cares a lot about his allies and his family. He’s especially protective of his younger siblings, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (even if they don't need it). If things go wrong, America has an optimistic outlook. He’s always happy to fix things (America’s definition of “fix,” of course), and will go to any length to achieve his goals.

He might seem a cold a**hole at first, but under that shell is a guy with a big warm heart.

Family and friends!

My sunshine:@Sunshineee
This is my beautiful Fiancée f*** with her and i will gladly f*** you up..

My dad:...don't know anymore
He's the best..even if we get into fights i know he just wants whats best for me but he's still my father and i love him..

My younger brother:@CanadianCuddles
This is my younger brother i will gladly f*** you up as well if you mess with him or hurt him...i swear i will..

My brother:@Neii
He is my brother and i love him as much as i love the rest of my family don't hurt him or eles! >:(

Best russian friend:@Russia
Russia and i do get along from time to time but honestly she is my best friend haha we get on each others nerves!

My 50 states kids. Yes i am a dad of 50 kids.

This is my bean she is my little girl don't hurt her or anything she's been through some sh*t! I'll protect her.

Latest Questions

Q. YEEEHAW! thanks, Paw! I gotta go. Cali is expecting a gbo delivery, and I dont like bein late!
A. It's no problem now i need to go as well considering i need to be at the rodeo for texas heh.
 Dec 8th 2019 20:15

Q. I dont blame ya, paw. I just wanted to know if ya wanted ta go gatorin with me next weekend?
A. I'll see if i can get time off with christmas coming up i maybe busy but i'll see if i can.
 Dec 8th 2019 20:11

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Her stomach growled. She knew she was hungry but she didn't want to eat. It was no longer becaue of her father but now she knew it would be best she swallowed something down or he'd see that /side/ of her she chose to hide. "Fine..." The little state rubbed her eyes and yawned looking up at him.
Dec 8th 2019 11:50

"No..." She whined turning her head trying to ignore him. She didn't want to be woken up to eat... not when she was so comfortable against her father figure.
Dec 7th 2019 21:05

She nuzzled her head down against his chest purring low and steady just as she was before; not minding that Ame started walking. She cut off her purring with a yawn then dozed off. She would eat later...
Dec 7th 2019 20:06

Her dad always went there! She pouted slightly but shrugged it off and smiled with a nod. If it made her daddy happy she was willing to go, clinging tightly to him and purring softly.
Dec 7th 2019 19:27

"It's honestly up to you..." She was happy because he was though she could still sense that he was depressed because of this day. How could he not? Holding onto his shirt she slowly climbed into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'll eat stomach hurts..."
Dec 7th 2019 19:02

She sighed softly not wanting him to be emotional. She stood up to the tips of her toes grabbing the male by his cheeks and smushing them together as to screw up his sentence when he pointed out she needed to eat, which was true, but she wasn't going through with it. Not unless he did it..

"On-only if you do it too..."
Dec 7th 2019 18:51

Her entire body stiffened from him hugging back.. she thought he wouldn't hug her back but he did and that only made her grip onto him tightly. She blamed him but and she blamed herself, but she also felt like she couldn't hang onto his grudge any longer. She missed being around her father...

"I've missed being around you... I haven't eaten anything because of it..."
Dec 7th 2019 18:39

She looked at him for a second then frowned and looked away. What she was trying to say she felt wouldn't come out correctly.. but she hated to hold it in any longer.

"America... Joe... Ame... w-whatever you want to call me.. s-so be it...." She heaved a sigh. "What happened on this very day caused me to hate you truly without a doubt, yes... but I can only hold onto that stupid grudge for so long... I understand that what happened, happened and you never wanted it to be but it came to be... this... this horrific event goes onto haunt both you and I b-but I want you to know I am still here for you...!" She had begun to rub at her eye to avoid crying. "I need you most... n-not as a friend... b-but as a father... I need comfort..."
Dec 7th 2019 18:22

Hey, Paw! I wanna take you gatorin' it'll be fun! Wawna go?
Dec 2nd 2019 16:06

She pouted shyly being snuggled and pinching his cheeks. "S-Shut up..! I a-am not adorable...!" Yes.. yes he was her dork. But she was nothing adorable and she refused to accept it.
Nov 28th 2019 00:50