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(Amelia Kelly)
22 / Female / Its Complicated
Montana - United States
Howdy! Welcome to Isle Delfino! Also known as my profile. I'm REALLY into Retro Gaming, and know a lot about it! Doesn't mean I hate the outdoors though! I love to Roleplay romance.. mostly homosexual romance. I'm also a proud Hufflepuff :D

Latest Status

I got home recently from a loong trip, and my best friend took a picture of me sleeping.. who does that?
Mood: embarrassed
2  Jun 11th 2019 21:42

Latest Questions

Q. Ooh could you roleplay as Pit for me please?
A. Totally
 Aug 19th 2018 16:27

Latest Comments

Let's rp
Jan 22nd 2019 01:02

So, life has been hard lately, and I haven't been able to be active on this website. I will be on very rarely.. sorry!
Jan 2nd 2019 18:45

Okay fair enough lol.
Nov 17th 2018 23:46

Stalking my profile pictures I see. Lmao
Nov 17th 2018 23:41