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Althus's Blog

The Woods

- Due to being so heavily inspired by WoW soundtrack which incredibly reminds me of Middle-Earth in every way...Althus just fits the theme so well hence why I'm RPing him here in Middle-Earth as well. -

Things are changing, every world has its own troubles and dark sides, Althus has learned to adapt and live with it, but also oppose it and help whoever he can.
What Draenei hopes for is that the Dark Elves will consider his advice, he prays that they do not side with the Dark Lords in the scheme to destroy everything that is good and beautiful.
Orcs, however, are beings that only obey the will of the Dark Lords and it occasionally happens that they do attack local villages, local travelers, take prisoners and whatnot...
On top of that, there are also Goblins that stalk the travelers, dangers lurk all over the land.

The Draenei was on yet another long journey, night is falling and it is time to pause the journey and wait until dawn.
He is settled in the woods, thick woods that have little mist falling, making it look haunted and scary no doubt.
Wargs tend to roam these parts, Orc patrols, even Trolls. Strangely they are turning bolder and traveling farther than before, it makes Althus believe it is because of the return of the Dark Lords.
He leans back against the rock where he settled down, taking his bow off and laying it on the ground, then covering himself with his thick black cloak.
Evidently he was in a battle, as his gear is a little stained.
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The Light pierces the Darkness

Althus was aware of Ethan's warning, hence he paused with saving certain people.
The Draenei can definitely feel the growing Darkness to the East, he is very sensitive to the forces of darkness, he feels them too well, being he almost infused with the Light.

To make things interesting and him a bit more active in Roleplay, Althus had to move again to rescue a couple of trapped people in the woods, who got surrounded by Orcs and ready to be taken as slaves for Khand?
The Draenei interfered and he killed the Orcs and rescued the people of course.
Now whether that was a trap or not, or just a random encounter or something, I leave that to you!
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The White Patron

Althus has been quite busy over in Arda. With the Legion threat gone from Azeroth, the Draenei can focus his attention somewhere else now.
Arda is a beautiful world and on top of that, he got welcomed there by the good folk, even though he needed to prove his good will.
Now, he goes by the name the White Patron. Everyone respects him and values him in Middle-Earth considering he did a lot of good for these people.

The word started to spread and it went far and wide. Althus started being called to aid the people of Gondor, then his help spread towards the smaller villages that were threatened by the Haradrim.

Suddenly, a group of Haradrim came to visit the Jarl in Khand, informing him of this nuisance.
A bounty was set on Althus' head among the various clans, none managed to kill him or capture him.
The Haradrim told Del'mos about this elusive White Patron, they started fearing him no doubt. Sometimes their patrols disappear, slaves get get burned...they are starting to get frustrated.
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Official Changes

I am going to type the important changes to Althus and also highlight important bits in his life, the story that is official and what I go by in the game as well minus the Nortrig part.

- Born in Shattrath City (Draenor).
- Was the only child of Bor and Naarya, thus a little spoiled.
- Loved to show off in the company, was quite proud hence why he wasn't truly liked by other young Draenei. Modesty is a virtue for them.
- Fell in love with Myel, who did not love him back the way he imagined.
- He failed to impress Myel and by wanting to show off before her, he fell off the cliff, lost his companion in the process (Erod the Elekk) and he broke both of his legs, thus earning the permanent injury.
- It was guaranteed that he wouldn't be able to walk again. He spent a couple of years of his youth in the bed and unable to move. That is when he changed a lot, and his faith turned stronger.
- With prayers he managed to walk again, but Myel never looked back at him.
- Shattrath got attacked, he didn't manage to fight, he got caught by the demonic orcs and taken to the Hellfire Citadel where all sorts of monstrosities happened.
- In the Citadel, after a while, a rebellious Imp came across him and created a portal for Alth, sending him to Nortrig.
- Alth was found by...(Timothy?) and adopted, as he was still in his very young age back then, and also in horrible condition, super skinny and looking like a Wight.
- Growing up, he learned more and more about fighting techniques especially with a bow.
- Upon returning to Azeroth he rescued a lady called Tanya.
- Love bloomed between the two, but Tanya's father never allowed Althus to get close to her, as some Draenei found him to be incredibly weird and dark.
- The love between the two stopped after the wedding was final and chosen by her father. Alth never stood a chance there, so he retreated with tail between his legs.
- He never had luck with love and nowadays he isn't even trying. Plus he never even considered love with another race other than the Draenei, another thing is that he is quite ''clumsy'' to make the first moves.
- He is a super serious 'war veteran' and even though he is still quite young, he is way too serious.
- Leading a conversation with him can be tiring for the other person, as Althus rarely asks or speaks about anything, unless he is asked.
- He rarely smiles, but he can have his moments sometimes.

- Punctual
- Responsible
- Respectful
- Strong physically and mentally
- Honorable
- Faithful
- Loyal
- Big hearted
- Selfless
- Incredibly skilled with a bow

- Damaged leg bones that never properly healed
- Women and children are considered his weakness as well, he'd do anything to help them
- His faith can be his weakness and strength at the same time
- Hard to approach and make him open up
- Coffee addict
- Tricky personality : Easily turns cranky and angry...most of the time tends to ignore rather than openly talk about some matters
- Unlike other Draenei, dark, gloomy, cranky, grumpy...that's what makes him feared and also why some people avoid him in general, before meeting him
- Tends to be unpredictable
- Does not shy away from torturing and badly hurting those who deserve it
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Back in Nortrig

Now that he is finally back (after x years), Althus deemed it right to catch up on what he had missed, that also included reading the newspapers!
He is like on a big holiday now, and oddly he is not complaining about it. Aware that nothing is awaiting him, he can now properly rest and dedicate himself to some decent, lazy living.
Currently he is sitting at the Club, reading the newspapers and drinking his coffee!
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