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(Wynne Wolfe)
20 / Female / Single and Looking
Nope, Not saying - United States
I will do any kind of RolePlay, just not vore. Anything else, I’m open to. I normally try to reply ASAP, but if I don’t I’m probably busy or asleep. I’m a college student so my schedule is kinda busy. My Rp replies will be anywhere from a one liner to a paragraph depending on how well I like the RolePlay. But don’t be disappointed if I don’t send a full paragraph, sometimes I just can’t think of anything to write and just send what I can think of or wait until I get an idea.

Here’s some plots I’ve thought of. If you want any information on one that you’d like to roleplay just let me know:

Forbidden Love Stories;
The Angel and the Demon

The Werewolf and the Vampire

Hero and the Villain

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What’s happening I can’t sent any messages to you
May 2nd 2022 14:43

Still not replying is that it. Wow. And here I was thinking you were one of the good mannered roleplayers.
Mar 6th 2022 15:18

Howdy frined
Jan 10th 2022 23:04

Werewolves are technically furries.
Jan 4th 2022 05:57

Hello there
Sep 22nd 2021 18:56

Jun 30th 2021 20:16