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19 / Other / In a Relationship
Somewhen, Somewhere - United States
Nice to meet you! You may call me Aloise

I may be new to this site but I've been roleplaying for quite a while now

English is not my first language

I play as both male and female characters and can play with men, women or nonbinary people, everyone is welcome here :>

I'm a chill person with a chill personality and I expect to be treated nicely by my rp partner.

I love romance and to explore human connections in general, so I'd love for our rp to have some romance in it. It doesn't have to be the main plotline, of course

I'll add more things if necessary, but for now, that's it, have a nice day

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Thank for the request! I gladly look forward to a potential RP with ya! GRCWAQ Out!
Dec 4th 2021 20:03