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Time to take my skills to the next level and maybe to a new town
2  Oct 1st 2021 23:41

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"Sounds good. Then I will get ready. It was sent by a powerful kind of evil undead witch used necromancy powerful dude we been trying to destroy and rid of. I know things here get pretty crazy and chaotic. Pretty sure your used to fighting evil supernatural monsters and all do to you being a hunter. Also your father a very great hunter I admire and look up to. Can see why you sre a good hunter yourself. I will go get my things ready. Meet you back at the school. This thing has killed a lot of people and the town Sheriff has been up my butt on it. Asking for help kind of keep them out of supernatural loop. For their own good. " Alaric went back to the trail leading back to the school.
Oct 4th 2021 11:43

"The bow is a very wise and good choice more useful than your normal crossbow which I happen to use. Actually when your ready. I can get you on a hunt right away because so happens I am about to hunt a very unpredictable and dangerous supernatural creature that is not supposed to exist like many the students and myself have faced. El Chupacabra I kid you not does exist. They been attacking humans but not killed anyone don't want to give it a chance. On my way to find and hunt it down. " Alaric smiled brightly at her.
Oct 2nd 2021 00:02

Good to meet you Allison Argent. Good to meet a fellow good hunter like myself. And yes that can be arranged.
Sep 23rd 2021 03:36

Good bye best friend :(
Nov 16th 2017 13:57