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(Autumn Rae Ann Bourne)
17 / Female / Its Complicated
Unknown Darkness, United Kingdom
I Have No Idea What To Put Here, But, I'll Try My Best.

Heyya. I'm A Teenage Girl (Trans) Who Likes To Play Games And Roleplay.
I Like To Do CreepyPasta Roleplays, But I Can Try My Best To Do Others. For Example: Undertale, Doctor Who, Death Note, Some Other Things.

The Characters I Like To Roleplay As Are: Ryuzaki (OC), Luke (OC), Undertale Characters, Doctor Who Characters, Creepypastas.

When I Roleplay, I Don't Use '*' For Actions, I Just Type Normally, With ' " ' For Speech.

I, Can't Think Of Anything Else To Out Here, So, Yeah...


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It’s so good to see you, doctor.
Feb 17th 2019 06:26

Hello. I’m Martha. Nice to meet you.
Feb 17th 2019 06:22