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(alexis Cross )
29 / Female / Single
California - United States
Hello there my name is alexis cross my parents r Yuki and kaname they r vampires so am I I look more like my dad with my mom stubborn

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Q. He slowly wraps his arms around her and holds her close
"Alright. My name is Markus, nice to meet you Alexis"
A. Smile * well it nice to meet u to
 Feb 14th 2019 07:44

Q. As he stood up, the darkness that was once covering him disappeared revealing his features.His hair was raven black and his bright blue eyes caused the entire room to shine. His jaw line was well worn and clear of hair. Even though he appeared young, his posture revealed that he was an ancient being and his dark aura contradicted his peaceful and living appearance
"Thank you Vampress"
A. I smile as I hug u tight * no problem and it’s a Alexis
 Feb 14th 2019 07:32

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Oct 22nd 2019 14:07

Are we doing rp? If no, unfriend me
Jan 1st 2019 13:08

guess we should start off with setting and genre
Nov 16th 2018 15:29

-bows respectfully-care to rp, my friend^^
Nov 16th 2018 14:23

Jul 30th 2018 18:28

Welcome to the site, sis! If you have any questions, let me know :o)
Aug 19th 2015 16:04