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25 / Female / Single
South Dakota - United States
Hello everyone! This will actually be organized at some point.... Not now quite obviously.
For all intents and purposes, please call me Alcina.

While I am new to this site, I am not necessarily new to roleplaying.

I tend to just use my own characters when it comes to this. I typically just make them up once we have a topic picked out and can go from there.

As for what I am comfortable with when it comes to roleplaying, I am pretty much fine with doing anything really, I just prefer to have my main character (if there is more than one, which typically there is I suppose,) that I play the female. This is especially true for romance.
My main thing though is using proper grammar. I really do ask that you use it.

I reply fast once I get going unless something else is in my way in my actual life that I can't. Namely exams and such.

@Transcendent is super incredible, one of the most amazing people I have been able to get to know. He's funny, smart, dedicated, and willing to listen to my complaints and rants. I am so happy to be able to know that such a person exists and am just as proud to call him one of my good friends.