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(Ako Mori)
17 / Female / Single
Utah - United States
Hello!! I'm Ako I haven't used this website in a while!

I'd like to get back into roleplaying! So to take it easy for now I would prefer smaller responses. A paragraph at max!

Okay now to tell you some things about me!
I'm bisexual homoromantic, meaning I will be in romantic relationships with strictly females, though I can be in sexual relationships with either gender ^^
I am generally a sub but I can be a Dom if you want!

I like romance roleplays, fantasy roleplays, and just simple life roleplays, nothing crazy happening!

I hope you could read this fine i am sort of tired at the time of making this!

Feel free to friend me ^^

Latest Status

I think Im going to go to sleep now.. You may hear from me tomorrow or you'll never see me again. Either one is possible with me
Mood: sleepy
0  Aug 14th 2019 03:25

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