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103 / Female / Single
XXX, United States
"I have, indeed, no abhorrence of danger, except in its absolute effect - in terror."

Hello! My name's Akira and it's a pleasure to meet you. I might appear like an insipid individual at first but once you get to know me , I assure you that I'm halfway-decent.
You can always bring up something that's bothering you! Even though it's none of my business, I'm always happy to improve a situation, so please don't hesitate to speak OOC with me.
If you don't wish to fill the chat up with 'riff raff', please ask for my Discord as I'm always online.

That's about it, see ya soon.

Fair note: I do partake in certain romantic elements. However, I do not always wish to dabble in that sort of business so if you're only adding me for that, please look for another partner.

I am also not limited to just my OC. I can create characters if the situation arises itself. And on that note, I can also play males if the time arises, though you won't be seeing me do it often.

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Thank you for waiting for replies, I am finally back.
2  Feb 20th 2020 19:51

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