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Gealach asked the question
Q. That hurts more though..
A. There are going to be times when you hurt, but remember that you can't see the rainbow without the rain. When you're stuck in the dark, you need to turn on a light.
 Apr 26th 2021 16:39

Gealach asked the question
Q. How do you stop hurting..? Like.. everything
A. That's hard to answer, Cat. I guess... you live. You throw away what or who hurts you and live. Live every day like it's the best day. You live and you love.
 Apr 26th 2021 16:35

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Something that might make you smile
May 4th 2021 12:42

Check the group for adorable kitty ^^
Mar 16th 2021 08:48

Yep have to flatter the wifey like a good husbando
Feb 22nd 2021 17:15

You're now a certified cutie XD <3
Feb 22nd 2021 16:33

-bows-thank you for the friend request ^-^
hope we can discuss a roleplay sometime soon. Don't have many rules, but I have a good portion of my character descriptions posted^-^
Jan 12th 2021 04:10

Okay that is fine. Just making sure you know.
Dec 22nd 2020 14:40

It seems like you have gotten bored of our roleplay. Do you mind responding and telling me if you want to start a new one? If not, we can add more lines. Our responses have been lacking lines lately.
Nov 29th 2020 22:48

Happy Halloween! ^^
Oct 31st 2020 23:43

and i said i moved last year, you see, i want to live there, and that is where i am from, so therefore my rp persona is from tx
May 15th 2020 11:25

you said i can change where i am from, look at when i created my acc and look at when i said i moved
May 15th 2020 10:52