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Don't rush to fall in love, because even in fairy tales, the happy ending takes place on the last page.
10  Jul 20th 2021 14:35

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redacted asked the question
Q. thank yoooooou!

A. Uh huhhh
 Jul 17th 2021 21:01

redacted asked the question
Q. >->
can i add you...for...reasons
A. Sure?
 Jul 17th 2021 20:57

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Just wanted to let you know that you are a great person. Always have been there for your friends whenever they were down, always polite toward others, always in a good mood, etc. We are lucky enough to have someone like you. Keep your head up and keep being you. I am very proud of you. :)
Jun 23rd 2021 23:16

Something that might make you smile
May 4th 2021 12:42

Check the group for adorable kitty ^^
Mar 16th 2021 08:48

Yep have to flatter the wifey like a good husbando
Feb 22nd 2021 17:15

You're now a certified cutie XD <3
Feb 22nd 2021 16:33

-bows-thank you for the friend request ^-^
hope we can discuss a roleplay sometime soon. Don't have many rules, but I have a good portion of my character descriptions posted^-^
Jan 12th 2021 04:10

Okay that is fine. Just making sure you know.
Dec 22nd 2020 14:40

Happy Halloween! ^^
Oct 31st 2020 23:43

and i said i moved last year, you see, i want to live there, and that is where i am from, so therefore my rp persona is from tx
May 15th 2020 11:25

you said i can change where i am from, look at when i created my acc and look at when i said i moved
May 15th 2020 10:52