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(Ahmanet Alhazred)
20 / Female / Single
New York - United States
"She moves as stealthily as the darkness for which she was named."

White long-haired goats were grazing on the cliffs beneath the high walls of the palace. The animals darted away as Ahmanet made her way to the cliff top, and she paused to watch them. So sure footed, she thought, as they leapt from rock to rock. No fear of heights, or the sharp rocks so far below. Was it confidence or stupidity, she wondered, or a mixture of both?

Ahmanet moved past them, climbing to the highest point above the shore. Hitching up her ankle-length skirt of glistening white she sat upon a rock and gazed out to sea. There were no ships in sight, and only five vessels were drawn up on the beaches below. A score of small fishing boats were out in the bay, casting their nets.

Up here, high above the world, all seemed peaceful and serene. Ahmanet glanced towards the south. Beyond the line of mountains armies were moving, preparing for war and death, rape and murder. A brief and ghastly vision of fire and horror swept into her mind, but she ruthlessly suppressed it. Turning her gaze towards the north she saw again the images of last night’s dream, the Fortress of Eagles engulfed in flames.

Her father’s allies were lost, and soon the enemy would be crossing the straits into her homeland. From north and south the enemy would come, their armies closing like a great fist around her father’s great city.

Then the peaceful beaches below would play host to a fleet of ships so large that not a speck of sand would be seen between them. Ahmanet shivered in the bright sunshine.

A moment of brilliant doubt touched her then.

All these visions might not be true.

Slowly she pushed herself to her feet, and edged her way to stand above the awesome drop. To test the truth of them all she had to do was take a single step forward. If she fell to her death on the jagged rocks, then they were false, for there would be no time spent in America, journey to the Sacred Isle of Mist, no flight into the midday sky, no roaring thunder and the end of worlds. Her father’s kingdom might survive, and her brother live to be a great king.

Just one step . . .

Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and stepped forward.

Rough hands grabbed her, hauling her back from the precipice.

"What are you doing?" asked a young servant boy, holding tight to her arms.

Ahmanet did not answer him. The journey to the Sacred Isle of Mist would be long – and full of perils.

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"Ah the Xavier Institute still has healthy fear of me? Figures since I took down their beloved leaders without so much as breaking a sweat. The X-Men are no longer a priority for me so there lives if possible can go back to being... Mediocre." Gabriel levitated over to the stone bench where Ahmanet had currently sat. "That interests you? Fear is a learned trait I've done many things that caused them to think of me in that way."

He listened to her words she said that she had received no vision of an alliance. "Things change my dear visions will never give you the whole story either. Oh, excuse me where are my manners? I get a bit ambitious and all of a sudden I forget the small talk. How are you doing? I see that you are out enjoying the glorious sun rays today." A gentle breeze swept the land brushing against their skin, the sound of leaves rustling on trees could be heard as well as fountain water splashing in a repeated cycle.

Black energy swirled in his hands before an ancient book appeared in his grasp. "For you." He said to her handing her an ancient book written in her ancestors language. "My interpreters said that you would need to read the contents of this book to learn your self worth. Why would I a stranger want to give you such knowledge you may think? Why would the emperor of an off world empire really care about me after what he did to all of my teachers and colleagues? I'll tell you the answer, I do not normally act so hostile or brutal without a reason. The Xavier Institute and I have history, bad history and I sought revenge on whomever was in charge no matter who it was. Never would I have thought it'd be my own brother. I feel with logic Ahmanet, I feel with power. Emotional pleas will most likely get no response from me unless the circumstances are... Special. That is why I offer to you knowledge, I am offering you power so that you can be a worthwhile ally of the Shi'ar on planet Earth. What you would have to do? Live your life normally, you'd have access to greater resources, superior technology, and will be able to make requests for teams should you ever need back up. What I ask of you putting it simply I want you to build your land, grow yourself and your people and become the Queen that you were meant to be. A Queen who rules rightfully so." Gabriel said looking at her seriously now.

"You may have heard I've been a member of the New York senate? Seeing how the place was ran made me sick their governments are corrupt and the people are happy knowing that there is no one that will stand up against the corruption. They beg for new rulers yet resist at the same time. You Queen Ahmanet are meant to take the planet by it's horns, take control and you will see exactly what I mean when you've finished this book." Gabriel said handing her the book his jewelry and crown reflecting the sunlight almost making it appear as if he himself was sparkling before her.
Jun 13th 2019 16:16

Yellow energy swarmed out of nowhere as Ahmanet was alone this would alarm just about anyone. Bursting into a bright flash a male form was revealed the details not possibly seen until the energy vanished revealing the one who came to see her. Adorned in a black and silver suit, black pants, bow tie, and a crown that had a pinkish shard in the very center of it the jewelry of the male reflected light with every slight movement that he made. Clearly he was not an assassin one would never wear such flashy and eye catching pieces.

"Ahmanet Alhazared." His pronunciation of her name was spot on. "A Queen among sheep, allow me to introduce myself officially. I am Emperor Gabriel of the Shi'ar Empire, and I am here on what you may call a recruitment mission. Studies and research along with close examination of your skills and mind has awarded you a personal introduction from yours truly. May we talk? I have much to say and much to offer you should you open your mind to the possibilities and progression that I and the empire can offer to you as an ally on Earth. You may not know your self worth fully but I can guarantee you are a worthy individual and if me saying this to you is already known then may it boost your confidence even more. I do not compliment just anyone."
Jun 11th 2019 19:08

"Wow" she was star struck, "You're so cool!"
May 1st 2019 13:57

"Yes, I do. Like, a lot" She grinned "what can you do?"
Apr 29th 2019 08:39

"The names Amrika. What's yours" She gives a small smile, trying to be somewhat nice

//thanks for accepting my request!!!
Apr 28th 2019 11:34

Oftentimes the word ‘strange’ was used to describe any and everything that deviated from the norm. A pureblood mutant, Scott was careful of thinking of Ahmanet in those terms.

‘Strange’ seemed a little degrading for the way she interacted with him: watching him with untrusting eyes; staring at his extended hand and refusing to shake it in greeting.

These were unusual things, sure. But not off-putting. Simply curious.

Take, for example, the way he told Ahmanet it was a pleasure to meet her. And the way she responded:

“Pleasure,” she echoed, then shook his hand.

“Is it?” Amusement lingering in Scott’s voice. “What’s catching me off-guard is how familiarly you regard me. I’d swear we never met. Your stare says differently.”

Consider the way he offered her tea. Most people who followed the everyday clap-trap of negotiations—in simply following the social norms of a meeting—always said yes to something to drink to put both parties at ease. Ahmanet wasn’t interested. Rejected his offer and walked past him to his window instead.

Scott gave her a minute alone, deciding not to disturb her. Wanting to know if it was something that legitimately caught her attention outside the window or if she was gathering the will to speak her mind.

You don’t pressure people while they’re figure out how to express themselves. You let them think. You give them space to open up.

A few minutes passed. He joined her looking outside the window. Clear blue skies… crystal blue blue lake in the distance surrounded by pine trees…

“Wonderful spot for camping and training sessions both. Maybe I can talk you into a few of them when things are quieter this month.”
When she finally turned to him to respond, her expression surprised him. Not a thing of contempt, but… cheerful.

“You are the ruler of this establishment.”

He grinned. “A little strong. Most organizations are stacked like pyramids with someone at the very top, yeah? I don’t see myself like that. I’m just someone that happens be in the center of everything.”

“You have succeeded the role of a great man and mentor. Heavy is the load but you carry the weight of responsibility well.“

Momentarily speechless, Scott said, “You humble me.” And then said, “I don’t know how well I’m doing, Ahmanet. We’re deep in debt, under attack by old friends, facing a Sentinel bill fully funded by Congress, and we’ve lost key members of the team. There are cracks in the armor.” Sideglancing. “You had to be facing similar turmoil back home, I’m guessing.”

She turned away from the window. Cyclops watching her pace the entirety of the room, lightly touching the wall. Seemed to be seriously concentrating.

Fascinating. Not strange: fascinating.

"Yet now you must be cautious for peace will not last and you have many enemies," she said.

"'Many enemies'. Alright. You’re not just speaking generally. This is something you have knowledge of." Now he fully met her gaze. “You're warning me of something already in motion. Aren't you?”

Watched her stop pacing. Noticing the way she turned to him, head cocked, distant eyes, half-smile on her lips. "I smell bloodlust," she said. "Beware!"

“I need specifics, Ahmanet.”

And walked over t the door, deciding to lock it.

“If you know something, I want you to tell me everything. Don’t hold back. The room is soundproofed. We won’t be disturbed here.”
Apr 10th 2019 20:05

The mess of books on his desk probably made Scott appear more scholarly than he actually was: Musashi’s Book of Five Rings; Senge’s The Fifth Discipline; Kotter’s Leading Change. His landline phone lit up with calls: Moira Mactaggert was on hold on line 1 to update Scott on the condition of her long-suffering, hospitalized son; Banshee on line 2, updating him on talks with Senator Gyrich to shut down Genosha; Kitty wanting him to say hi to the family from vacation in Hawaii.

On the monitors in the background, he had three simultaneous chess games going on in Russia, China, and the UK.

All business out of the window the minute a stranger approached his doorstep.

Well: stranger in the loosest sense. Scott knew Ahmanet Alhazred’s father, Lord Alhazred, was longtime friends with Professor Xavier and asked that she be enrolled in the school for development of her powers and abilities.

Also knew Rogue processed her application and officially admitted Ahmanet, but Scott himself hadn’t had the chance to speak with her.

But goodness, everything about her would make for fascinating conversation. How about the collar of gold links she wore? He wondered about their symbolism.

And then there were her eyes, voids of all-encompassing black that stopped him dead in his tracks the very first time he saw them. He’d never seen eyes like hers before. Bear witness to twinkling stars, you want to reach out and capture the light…

“Ahmanet. Right?” As if he didn’t know already. Putting his pen down. The blueprint slightly curling. “Guessing you’re taking a breather from the 500 questions everyone has about your life back home. ‘Is her father really royalty’ is the one I keep getting all day, followed by ‘is she a princess?’” Friendly grin. Getting up and around his desk, extending a hand. “Scott Summers. Pleasure.”

The way she nodded her head to him a few times told him she was answering a question about him in her mind. Had to be.

“You are special,“ she said.

That caught him off guard. “I have my moments. There’s a cup of tea in it if you’re clarify. What do you say?”

Leaning against his desk.

“Given what I know about you, dear, I don’t even think I’m in your same league. But I’m curious: what do you mean?”
Apr 8th 2019 22:36