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19 / Male / Single
Hey there! How are you?
I'm Matt and it's lovely to meet you.
I'm a fairly experienced roleplayer (+-5 years)
I mostly do romance fantasy stories
Big fan of Isekai stories
Rules in blog ==> Please read

Sword art Online
Akame Ga Kill
The rising of the shield hero
Boku no hero academia
Percy Jackson
Red Rising
and many more...

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no replies today folks, kinda busy irl
1  23 hours ago

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Q. If you were transferred to Shield Hero world by a book? Would you be on Naofumi side? Or Trash and B*tch side?
A. Naofumi duh
 Aug 15th 2019 16:07

Q. Can we become besty friends forever?
A. deal!
 Aug 15th 2019 15:35

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Best friends forever! Hope you have a great day!
Aug 15th 2019 16:09

hello there I am a sh*ttyjoke born from your parent's terrible jokebook if you wanna rp or just talk hit me up and we can figure it all out
Feb 7th 2019 14:11

Im sorry dude for leaving unexpectedly, hmu please
Feb 1st 2019 01:42

Thanks for accepting~
Jan 4th 2019 01:33