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23 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Hey there, everyone!

Not new to the site, I know my way around this old block. As you've probably guessed by the title I'm a huge fan of adventure RP's. Whether it be a medieval quest across the lands, sailing across the seas in search of treasure, superheroes and supervillains duking it out to save/conquer the world: a good adventure is always something I'm looking for! Of course, sprinkling in other genres like Romance (MxM is my fave, but I also enjoy MxF and FxF though I must admit I am new at writing women so please correct me if need be), Supernatural, fantasy... always makes things more exciting!

I'm also ok with most other genres, even ones like horror and gore. Never know what you can find on the road.

I usually play with OC's, but I can play canon characters if I know the show well enough. Some of my favourites will be listed in a bio, so keep an eye out for that. I can play OC's in a canon world as well, as can you. I'm open to a lot, though canon X canon will have to have something special to get me intrigued. I feel like I'm just tredding through the show with those ones.

That's all for now. If interested, send an invite! I'd be down to see what's in store :) I'm pretty open to all ideas and people (16+ preferably. 18+ a must if we go /there/) so don't be afraid!

Latest Questions

Q. I really don't want to come across as a pest or anything, but are you free to RP yet?
A. Bloody hell, I thought I replied >< I'm sorry, my mind has been such a mess today...
 Aug 2nd 2019 15:34

Q. Did I go overboard on my post or not? 'Cos part of me feels like I did... 'XD
A. No, it's fine. Just, I'm working so I can't match that length very quickly xD I'll try my best though!
 Aug 2nd 2019 05:19

Latest Comments

I can't wait to see what happens next in our RP. I'm especially looking forward to Thompson's reaction XD
Aug 9th 2019 18:05

If you mean Thompson's getting the other experiments involved, then yes, it's a deliciously devilish idea that I love.
Aug 9th 2019 12:02

When you want Lisa to get captured, just say and it will happen, since you wanted to see a display of her power ;)
Aug 9th 2019 11:45