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I'm pretty sure a lot of you already know what Ned's Declassified is, so explaining his personality might be a little redundant. Portrayal takes place years after the original series IE his high school or potentially college years as time progressed. So very much an AU kinda take on the character. Haven't worked out all of the details surrounding it but let's be honest I doubt more than two people give a damn anyway. Cause it's not what the popular crowd are into nowadays or something. Regardless I'm still writing for Ned and if you find that laughable, or pathetic, you can just simply not add and move on with your day that simple. I'm not in the mood for any kind of ridicule regarding who and what I write for enough said. And I don't think anyone should be for that matter. But hey what do I know? If you want to write with me though please have some form of patience IE not having a "THIS PERSON DIDN'T RESPOND in 2 days DELETE!" mentality cause that's rather idiotic in my opinion. Not interested in writing groups either no offense so if you're one of those groups you'll be swiftly denied enough said right? I'll see if this account is able to get more than one or two pity reactions I'm not holding my breath though I'm really not. Also try to keep your virtual sausage to yourself, not interested.

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