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(Adeline Sanders)
24 / Female / Single
Business, Nonya - United States
In progress
NOT a switch OR dom. Strictly sub.
NO I do NOT want to play with a "big handsome wolf" leave me alone.
I can play both male and female characters.
Male characters coming soon!

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Latest Status

Update on my baby squirrel.... He was doing so good then out of nowhere I found him dead this morning..
Mood: depressed
3  Oct 1st 2022 10:15

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Off work now.. sorry for the wait
8 hours ago

Oops sorry missed your reply!)
Sep 29th 2022 09:11

Sorry been at work!)
Sep 25th 2022 23:39

Sorry had work xD)
Sep 23rd 2022 23:41

Sorry I was gone
Sep 19th 2022 11:05

I am excited to see how lovely Anna and Jordan will mesh. Looking forward to your replies~
Sep 8th 2022 17:38