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19 / Female / Single
West Virginia - United States
Greetings everyone. Please allow me to direct you to the rules section on my profile. If you try to message me before then, you won't be getting a response until then, sorry. But dems da rulez!

Anyway. Welcome! It's a pleasure to meet you all! I hope to meet a bunch of good friends and see some new and old faces. This is sure to be a blast. <3

Also, if you're a guy and you're here just for something quick. Don't make me laugh. You'll get blocked faster than you think. Know your place.

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We lost a real gem today everyone. To those who knew a girl by the user SleepOver you know what I mean. Feels bad girl. Miss you already. (( She is not dead, her account is just gone. ))
Mood: sad
4  Aug 6th 2020 16:13

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