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(V Unknown)
14 / Female / In Love
Hmmm, In your arms? - United States
Decent roleplayer Socal/Anti social.
Lazy. Shy.
Interested in roleplaying with me? I'm flexible!

I'm offline

@Vanilla_Hair is my Husbando lol! XD

Shoto as well...

I'm in a Irl relationship btw! I love my partner lots!!! Seriously babe. So don't be mad (๑ ⁍̥̥̥᷅ ᴈ⁍̥̥̥᷅)/

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Jul 17th 2022 22:35

Now why are people calling my girlfriend there wife care to explain this hon?
Jun 11th 2022 00:03

Jun 5th 2022 04:07

My messeges won't work
Jun 4th 2022 20:49