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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Hell yeah!
 Oct 21st 2020 18:18

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The president? A villain? No wonder this dude was such a punker - and one of THOSE punkers, too. Not the new leather jacket, slicked back hair type, it was literally a whole episode of Huckleberry Finn. "That's so bunk, dude..." Impulse furrowed his eyebrows as his face got serious and tapped the drumsticks against his legs as they walked as a casual fidget. "What happened after you brained 'em?" New word to the vocabulary, thanks to Hobie. "Sh*thole New York? Sounds super familiar." To the future.

A lot of what the other lived in currently sounded extremely similar to what he had to save. Nothing good about that, not even close. "I try to do that but Robin's already on it half the time - my friend who's really good with uhm.." God what was it? Batarang? Bat... staff? Batmind? "This stuff," he mimicked slamming a staff over someones head. "His whole like, sibling thing, they all don't have powers so they make up for it by being TOTALLY badass. Speaking of powers, you're a spider or something, right? What's that even mean? Like, do you have powers too or are you just really good at braining people?" He smiled, giving another glance at his bass. Man, it was almost alluring with how obviously important it was to him. Once you give an object that special energy, anyone else in the room could feel it, right?
Oct 23rd 2020 00:48

Totally notes the care he held her with. He looked the bass over, mimicking the same consideration, striking eyes darting and zipping all around the details in complete immersion. He was so obviously fixated on how cool it looked that he actually kept his mouth shut while spectating.

"Brained the president?" His eyebrows raised, looking up with a face of surprise before letting out a laugh. "Sick! Why though? He possessed by some "Big Bad" or something?" And the condolences was slipping. Oh well, he'd probably remember an hour later. "For sure, we can just go to my house, no biggie, easy breezy, bruh. Wait, let me warn ole Flash." He carefully handed the bass back and disappeared off down the path. This time was even quicker than the last. It was the usual conversation.

'Hey pops, can I bring a friend over?'
Obvious puzzlement from the elder flasher, but amused nonetheless.
'I don't see why not.'
'Thanks, you're the best!'

And then he was off and back to his punker spidey friend in seconds. "My set is just the garage. That's why I don't do it as often anymore, that and I've been on some missions lately... which is uber exciting. You go on missions?" He began to walk in the direction of his house.
Oct 22nd 2020 06:58

He had forgotten all about condolences half from literally forgetting about them right after pushing everything away. He had to check up on his manners half the time, fixing the little things but forgetting the bigger. It's not that they didn't have manners in the future or anything, it's just how his brain worked, which funnily wasn't that old. His brain was actually like, 11, but his body and soul was sped up.

In attempt to push any thought of death away, his arms literally couldn't help but wanna hug the dude, even from afar, jeez. Anyhow, eventually he got permission and went looking and of course it took no time to find him. Once he did, he tilted his head at the guitar.

"That it?" The sides of his mouth turned up at Hobie. Was internally gearing up to give a hug.
Oct 21st 2020 22:36

Boy did he know that too well. The only reason they could even talk right now was because of how well he knew it. Saving the future from enslavement wasn't all hugs and kisses, he was lucky he could even build the time machine in such ruins. He stayed quiet on the subject. "Hey, not boss, cousin. Boss makes it sound like it's a really, really bad thing. Oh hey! That must've been on purpose. Heh."

But it was actually a super good thing and he loved his suuuper cool cousin. "Totally true. I'll see ya in a flash!" And there was the horrible pun that didn't even match with his own name, he just really liked it. With that, he was off to get permission. At this point, Wally/Kid had to be at least a little irked that he'd ask for permission to jam with a stranger but not permission to go on his own whole adventures. Ah well, at least he still asked for something.
Oct 21st 2020 22:02

"Kicked it? Like, died, or left the band?" Oops, was that rude? Well he'd have to see. "But we will jam and that's all that matters, right?" Optimism at its finest. Oh, shoot, sudden remembrance. He puts on a thinking expression; "Hopefully no Big Bad Mentor will get in the way. I'm a sidekick, not for long, but still a sidekick. Kid Flash is suuuper cool though, you'd really like him I think, he's pretty funny and crash. Say, if you're teaching me all this punk stuff, I gotta teach you something too, right? Hmmm..."
Oct 21st 2020 21:34

Holy sh*t, so forward, whatta punk. His eyes darted around his patches as they shook hands, seeing if he knew anything. "Oh I'm totally down!" He snaps and points. "Not to brag or anything, but I already play the drums. Pretty radical and punk, huh? Hold on! Let me show-" After that, he was gone and back faster than he left. He held out his drumsticks for his new found friend to look over. "I don't really play them anymore though." He tilted his head and closed one of his eyes in painful remembrance. "But yeah, we can be soooo evil." Pfft. What garbo.

// Thank u sm.. I do vibe with ur boy too, feel free to interact on posts n stuff in the future!
Oct 21st 2020 21:02

"Thrifted? Oh yeah, like stick it to capitalism and stuff right? Fast fashion is bunk? One of my buds is supposedly going through a phase and says that stuff all the time. It's good stuff though! Really makes you think... well anyways, let's hang sometime, you seem cool." Bart ran in front of him and held out his hand for him to shake. Yes, manners, of course. He was getting better at those. Not that teens his age would really care.
Oct 21st 2020 20:22

A straight up flash of red and yellow circles around the spiderboi, stopping behind him to get a good look at him. "Hey, sick jacket, dude! Totally crash! Where'd ya get it? Reminds me of my buds."

// I'm really into punk, never knew there was a punk spidey! Thanks for accepting!
Oct 21st 2020 19:39