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(Alba Prata)
31 / Female / Forever Alone
Milan - Italy
"Thanks for not backing down and running away..."
— ... —

I was born in November 10, 1990, in Milan, Italy.
I consider myself an famous Italian fitness model, social media influencer, personal trainer, Instagram personality, former MMA fighter and entrepreneur. Famous mostly in my country for providing the best transformation and workout videos!
Being an personal trainer, I've also made my own official website, where, I provide different workout programs including transformation, diet, body blaster, abs ripper, and others. Apart from this, also an popular fashion and fitness model.
Being an fitness model, already collaborated with many famous brands including Bang Energy, BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening, VPX Sports, Redline Energy, etc. I'm sponsored by 1Up Nutrition as well!
This gorgeous fitness model that you're seeing right now, was once just an little child born to my parents on during the 90s in Milan, Italy. Let's say, born into an well-settled family and belonging to the Christian religion. Always had an great interest in modeling since childhood. So much it so, I've completed my graduation in the field of fashion design at several universities. Not really interested in an love life. Let's say I like way more to spend time with my friends and family!
Being an professional fitness trainer, of course I need to take care of my health. Everyday I'm doing regular exercises in the gym to keep my body fit and active. As per the preferences, I'm mostly focusing on my abs and my lower body including glutes. Also got an preference for classic movements including weighted kickbacks, hip thrusts, deadlift and squat. For my upper body, I'm focusing on lighter weight and doing exercises such as bicep curls, push-ups, shoulder press and pull-ups. Despite all this, avid dog lover, and I'm 99% of the times in-character here.

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