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17 / Female / In a Relationship
Missouri - United States
Hey I roleplay fandoms only (OC x Canon I play your crush you play mine) don’t message me random starters. No sm*t. Check my blog for my OCs. I have 6+ years of roleplay experience under my belt so I don’t bullsh*t when it comes to bad OCs and grammar. Do NOT send me random starters or weird sm*t and incest starters that's f***ing weird. If you're out here trying to have a roleplay with good grammar, good OCs, doubling up, and only fandoms then hmu I have many

Latest Questions

Q. Hey, Are we still role-playing?
A. No sorry I'm too busy to maintain roleplays right now.
 Jun 3rd 2019 01:54

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//you do AHS crossovers?
Oct 30th 2019 23:16

Thanks for accept ^^
Aug 25th 2019 03:36

Heya! Thanks for accepting me love! You wanna rp? If so inbox me
Jul 6th 2017 03:30

Yas Evan Peters is such a legend
Mar 5th 2017 16:38

Hullo! Thanks for accepting. :3
Feb 26th 2017 14:46