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Open Roleplay

Jace was bored at home and he decided to go to the beach to surf some waved and to see a nice and beautiful girl in their tiny bikinis. And when he got there, he dressed his surf suit, and with his board, on his hand, he ran to the water.

And he started to swim on his board more further to the sea where it was calm and quiet. And when he was in the middle of the sea he just stopped and stood there waiting for a wave to surf listening to the waves and feeling the water underneath him and feeling his feet on the water. The whole world stopped and the noise just disappeared, all was quiet and peaceful and he loved that feeling.

After a while a big wave came and he swims towards her and he surfs her like a pro and he enjoyed it a lot. When he was done he got out of the water and he walked towards his towel and he sat on the sand looking around eating the sandwich that he has brought and looking at the girls on the beach "Best hobbies ever". Newport Beach girls are really beautiful and sexy and he enjoyed being there on the beach looking at them.
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Michael White

Michael White born at 23 April 1992 and he lives in Los Angeles, California, he comes from a healthy family, White Enterprises is a powerful tech company with headquarters in LA. His parents are Charles and Patricia White and he is an only son. So, the only heir to the company, after his dad died.

Michael had a really good childhood, typical of a healthy family and he grown into a good and nice young man. His parents gave him everything he needs, he went to college and specialize on tech, and also he loves soccer, so if the tech business doesn't pay up he can concentrate his focus on soccer management. Despite his good looking, James is a shy boy and in terms of girls he only dated once, and that relationship was very painful for him, he is a good guy, too nice even and he got cheated. But he is focused on finding his true love and he is kind of a romantic when he feels that the girl he is with deserves the effort.

Michael and Jace know each other since kindergarten and they were the dynamic duo, where one was the other followed. They grew up together and they did everything together, the soccer team was one of the things, they both made the team. Jace was more center forward and Michael was a winger. Since little boys they trained in a small park near their houses, every single day, they were there practicing and one day they achieved to enter the soccer team. And that's the day that they become popular.
Before entering the team Michael and Jace struggle a bit with bullies, Jace was always running from a bully that was always beating him up and making fun of him but Michael was always there to defend him. He actually o thaughts Jace how to defend himself against the bully. And one time the bully came and Jace was ready to kick his ass. They were a lot different from each other. Jace was the guy who could get any girl he wanted and Michael was the guy who always was there to help someone in trouble, a skilled fighter, and a brave boy. Jace was good looking and always wanted to party with girls but we can say he was a good guy too.
One day Michael told Jace that he liked some girl at school and Jace gave him the courage to talk to her telling her how he felt without being afraid and to tell her that she was the cutest girl in the school and that he wanted to know her well. And he did that and that worked so well that he dated her for two years.

Of course, that high school love doesn't last forever and they broke up after two years because she cheated on him and he found out about it but Jace was there teaching him everything he needs to know to act around girls and to be charming and getting the girl he likes.

Michael wanted what everyone wants, a love for life, a marriage, and a family. He was different from Jace because he wanted just one girl and he wanted more than a stranger on the bed every night, he wanted a love that lasts.

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Full Name: Michael Hardy White
Nicknames: Mike, Mikey
Full Age: 28 years old
Current Location: Los Angeles, California
Birth Place: Los Angeles
Species: Human
Occupation: Intern on White Enterprises
Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Language: English/Portuguese
Fav Food: Italian and Portuguese
Fav movie: Charlie St Cloud
Fav Person and Best Friend: Jace Queen
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Abby, my beautiful party girl *-*

We met on a party that I did in my house and you caught my eye and we had something together. You are a nice girl that from now on I want to know better besides our "Benefits" I wanna to know the girl you are ❤

We have a chemistry together so I am sure that we will be pretty close from now on and you're beautiful as f*** ! ❤

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My high school bestie ❤

- On high shool we were inseparable we did everything together, homework, we told everything to each other and we were the best duo on the school. Where she was, I was. Her friends was my friends and vice verse.

- She was my prom date and that was one of the best nights of my life, it's prom after all. She was there every step of the way.

- After high school our ways drifted apart until now..


My Bestie *-* Love you ! ❤ @NicholeRP
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My Blondie *-*

Candice, you came into my life in an unexpected way and I ask you on a date and you, to my surprise, said "yes". We went to eat in a nice restaurant and then we went to see a movie and we end up at my house drinking.
Restaurant, movie, and drinks at my place? ❤ Damn... For a long time that I haven't on a "romantic" date like this! I had the best night, and you are a great company, and a really cute girl, and a really good kisser, I have to say. Sorry, I know you will blush when you read this !! :$ ❤
Our night but I am sure after that night will be really close and we will build a beautiful friendship !! ❤ ❤ ❤ (still not over our date).

I know that I can trust you with all my craziness and I know that you will be there for me if things go wrong. And you know that I will be there for you too.

Depends on how our date will end, you have to know something: You will always be, my favorite Blondie ❤ @CandiceSwanepoel

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