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( Emily Corvus)
23 / Female / Single
California - United States

the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.
"he committed the theft to finance his drug addiction"
synonyms: dependency, dependence, craving,


This account isn't for the faint of heart.
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Gore, Triggers, and other sensitive topics -

If you are 18 + and can handle darker themes. Don't be afraid to add. But fair warning, this isn't all rainbows and sunshine.

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"Is that a promise?" he retorted with a bit of a suggestive smug tone, his lips curling up on the side, brow raised.
Sep 21st 2019 22:53

Harry turned his head to look at her as she pleaded to him, looking down at their hands as she grabbed onto him. His eyes softened as he looked at her, nodding his head softly.

"Okay, babygirl.. Let's go."Harry says softly, coming to her side. It was like all of his anger had melted away just like that, and she became his only worry.
Sep 17th 2019 12:33

The moment he saw he jumped from his seat, watching the scene display before him.

He pushed through the crowd trying to get to her, shoving people out of his way.

The moment she got to him he wrapped his arms around her, holding to tightly in attempt to keep her safe.

He felt so angry, like a balloon that was about to pop. He lead her to the doors, taking off his suit jacket and wrapping it around her shoulders.

He turned, opening his mouth to say something but, was it worth it?
Sep 17th 2019 04:23

"Don't make me come over there," he teased, blowing the cigarette smoke outta his lungs as he glanced over to where she was standing, mouthing off about something- he was half listening.
Sep 17th 2019 04:07

Harry smirks as he watches her walk away, mingling amongst others as he attempted to entertain himself while she was busy. He made a few new allies for the company. He mostly wandered around drinking and talking to people.

The amount of girls who endlessly attempted to flirt with Harry was shockingly, all of them lacked the same personality Emily had. They lacked the same sense of humor she had, they only giggled at his comments instead of snarking back at him. He sighs and sits at the bar, bored out of his mind.

It wasn't the same with them as it was with her.
Sep 17th 2019 03:20

Harry gave a low chuckle at the girl's fiesty attitude, it was one of the things he loved most about her. He got himself whiskey over ice ordering a redbull on the side, reaching into his pocket to pull out his wallet. He paid for his drink and skillfully dropped a couple pills into the can, tucking the black leather wallet back into his pocket once he was done.

He downed the full cup of whiskey with ease, sucking on the ice cube while he waited for the pills to melt into the energy drink.

"Go do what you need to darling, I'll meet you here,"He handed her the can, kissing her cheek.

"Something to get you through it,"Harry whispered into her ear, hinting at his surprise.
Sep 17th 2019 01:05

Harry chuckles softly,"F***- reading me like a book. How do you always do that? I don't get it." He loved going back and forth like this with her, it came so natural and their sense of humors matched so well.

Harry was growing comfortable until his eyes found the eyes of the NYPD. He swallows hard and diverts his eyes down, his stomach churning.

"Hate being in the same room as cops."He mumbles softly, looking at the bottles as they approached the bar.

"God a xan would be great.. I have percoset on me."He mumbled to her.
Sep 16th 2019 22:49

"Fifty shades huh? You should see my dungeon."Harry says to her with a soft chuckle and a smirk, looking down at his shoes. She wasn't wrong though, he did give off that vibe.

It was part of the reason why girls chased after him, he was dark and mysterious; they wanted so badly to know more about the man in black.

He reaches over and links his arm with hers, "Absolutely, I'd loved too. Got nothing better to do then spend time with you."He said to her, his normal charming smile playing at his lips as he looked at her.
Sep 16th 2019 22:19

"Of course I'm making an appearance, they said it'd be good for the company for me to mingle against other wealthy folk,"Harry tells her as he slips his hands into his pockets,"I was supposed to be out drag racing tonight downtown but, here I am."

He glances over at the crowd of people, they all look like they fit the crowd but both he and Emily stuck out. He chuckled softly, glancing down at himself.

"Maybe I shouldn't have gone with all black, I feel like a super villain about to plan my attack."He was joking around, trying to lighten her mood in what little ways that he could.

He knew that she had an appreciation for his stupid sense of humor.
Sep 16th 2019 21:28

As much as Harry fit the rich boy stereotype he hated attending events like these, they were utterly boring and he had so many better things he'd rather do. The pale blue of his eyes are barely visible, his pupils blown out wide as he wanders around weaving around people.

From his position he spots a familiar face chuckles, standing for a moment admiring her. He'd known Emily for a short time but, it was obvious she didn't enjoy being dressed like. She was beautiful, but clearly uncomfortable.

Having not expected to see her tonight Harry steps over to her, gently setting his hand on her shoulder."Hey there, shortstack."He greeted her with his usual charming smile, but it's clear he's somewhat intoxicated. Despite the cheeky grin , Harry looks dashing.

The suit was completely black and such a high quality it almost looked out of place, his normally unkempt dark brown hair had been neatly styled. He looked odd without his usual pair of dark sunglasses.

"Wasn't expecting to see you here."Harry says to her, standing beside her as he looks over the painting in front of them. He glances down at her, his face softening. He could tell she didnt want to be here.
Sep 16th 2019 20:46