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(Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr (Form 1) Necrosis The Blightful (Black Hand Leader))
28 / Male / Single
Chamber of The Black Hand, The Void - Andorra
((A Cfriday101ArtsReborn Account.))

This account belongs to Cfriday101ArtsReborn


Hello and welcome to another Cfriday101ArtsReborn account!

My name is Christian Vince Friedman, or you can just refer to me as Chris.

I am always experimenting with new accounts and all if not most will be different then all of the other ones. I have been roleplaying ever since I was 7, and have 10 years of EXP under my belt, so yeah.

Let me explain what I do.

My job here is to provide active accounts for people here to roleplay with, and just recently have I really hammered down on info and stuff like that cause I've been busy. But don't worry about that, dude, I'm an all around nice person who has 30+ accounts. Now why so many?

Here's another thing..

I have a Tournament Profile Hub and page that you can look up, it is a custom roleplay called "Concept Titlements/AU World Tournament.

Now back to info. I am willing to do almost if not any type of roleplay besides fetish role plays that include stuff such as sh*t and things of that nature, so please keep it clean. Other than that, DM me and let's have another fantastical role play together!

((Side Note))
A major update has hit all my accounts with new updated info,biosheets,pictures,etc. Do have a look.

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Q. whats your opinion on amalgams (in undertale) i think they are underrated in my opinion
A. ((You mean aus? )) ((I kinda like most of them, and I kinda don't like some. ))
 Jan 10th 2023 18:19

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((Welcome Indeed!)) ((Names Cfriday101, I hope we can be best of friends, always good to see Undertale rpers! ))
Jan 10th 2023 18:06

i am new to this site lmao
Jan 10th 2023 18:04