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Latest Questions

Q. Hello?
A. Heyo! I’m back!
 Jun 14th 2021 17:52

Q. Does that mean you already started it?
A. Yeah, I haven't finished it though. Im a little confused on how to do it, I really want to make him look exactly like you described him in the rp.
 Feb 23rd 2021 16:36

Latest Comments

Ok I responded. Its been a while so I hope we can get a couple of responses in tonight and tommorow
May 19th 2021 22:15

um hey
Apr 30th 2021 07:36

Hey whats up?
Mar 28th 2021 11:37

Mar 13th 2021 15:29

Mar 6th 2021 20:49

Feb 22nd 2021 23:20

Feb 21st 2021 11:55

It ok. Glad your back! Think you could maybe draw Zion? That would be cool
Feb 21st 2021 11:48

Feb 17th 2021 16:13

Alright everybody! I'm going to bed now♥ I will get back to all of you in the morning~!
Jun 30th 2020 00:48