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(Uhhhhh. [Insert funny joke here])
20 / Male / Forever Alone
My bedroom, Georgia - United States
Quick note: I will not be able to get on Monday through Friday. I’m not sure when I’ll be getting back to my usual schedule of just getting on any day I can/want, but for now, that’s just how it’s gonna be. I apologize T_T

ねえ !自分を愛することを忘れないでください〜 !

Oh, hey there stranger, thank you for stopping by my profile! I’m 0_SunSet_0, But you can call me Sun, Sunny, or any other nicknames you can come up with. I love to role play, It’s just so appealing to my brain. Making fun and compelling stories with other people and just having all around fun. I absolutely love it, and I wouldn’t want to trade my passion for it for anything else in the world.

So, if you too—dear person reading this—enjoy it in the same way I do, I would love if you were to send me a friend request and hit me up so we can plan a roleplay together! I would love to see what ideas you have in that great head of yours, so don’t be afraid to share your ideas as well, don’t worry, i’m very open to ideas and not at all judgmental. I can’t wait to get some roleplays started with you all!❤️

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Latest Questions

Q. Hello?
A. Heyo! I’m back!
 Jun 14th 2021 17:52

Q. Does that mean you already started it?
A. Yeah, I haven't finished it though. Im a little confused on how to do it, I really want to make him look exactly like you described him in the rp.
 Feb 23rd 2021 16:36

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Ok I responded. Its been a while so I hope we can get a couple of responses in tonight and tommorow
May 19th 2021 22:15

um hey
Apr 30th 2021 07:36

Hey whats up?
Mar 28th 2021 11:37

Mar 13th 2021 15:29

Mar 6th 2021 20:49

Feb 22nd 2021 23:20

Feb 21st 2021 11:55

It ok. Glad your back! Think you could maybe draw Zion? That would be cool
Feb 21st 2021 11:48

Feb 17th 2021 16:13

Alright everybody! I'm going to bed now♥ I will get back to all of you in the morning~!
Jun 30th 2020 00:48