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-Witcher-'s Blog

The Elder Vampire

Name: Draca Alton
Age: Thousands of years old
Bio: Once a prolific vampire, armies of the dead, creatures of the night, you name it, science, alchemy, warfare, medicine, he did it all though his lust for conquering was boundless and he was determined to take on the world, that was until one decisive battle, the humans had all banded together, something he had never seen before, beating back his armies, though instead of try again, he stopped, pulling back and decimating his armies, the humans they interested him they wernt cattle to be herded now they were creatures to be studied in his eyes, course he still needs to drink blood though he does it humanely now, no killing just a simple bite and suck, something that the other vampires arent too happy of.
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2 | 0 Comments | Mar 28th 2020 02:17

The soldier

Name: Edward Ewina
age: 20
bio: Edward is a foot soldier in the first infantry platoon, In his world, the earth has been taken over by an unknown alien race, being just able to live in space, the earth was evacuated, the alien threat taking it over and forcing the humans to hide behind the moon, managing to set up a base of operations though their time was limited, sending down mechs in order to harvest resources from the moon and earth, slowly their civilization thrives, though now they turn their sights to earth with their new force, each platoon of foot soldiers are headed by two pilots using large advanced mechs, the mechs share a partnership and are initially a one man unit until the leader chooses a partner who they see as a perfect fit to be their second in command, with these platoons they wage war on the aliens that took over earth.
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2 | 0 Comments | Mar 15th 2020 16:23

The kingdoms Assassin

Name: Luka Anria
Age: Unknown
Bio: One of the kings 3 branches of the kingdom, with those being the Church, the Military and the Assassins, the assassins being used for scouting, drawing maps, giving platoons the best route to attack an enemy and of course assassinations, the assassins only being allowed into service by three separate families, the ones who have been in servitude to the kingdom the longest and have proven their loyalty. Luka is currently the youngest of the three, the eldest taking on the responsibility of training his youngest brother, with Luka himself ready to take on an apprentice.
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2 | 0 Comments | Mar 15th 2020 15:18

The first hero

Age: unknown
Bio: a once great hero, one who possessed the initial fire that stared a long lineage of heroes, he created the example that the hero should be, though after years, the idea has been perverted, twisted into whatever the hero wishes. He now follows the hero step by step, looking to take back that soul to start the process over as that is the curse of the first hero.
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2 | 0 Comments | Mar 8th 2020 00:30

The wing commander

Name: Tuziel Canro
AGge: 26
Bio: The Commander of the Wing company, a primarily spear wielding company that is known for their use of large falcon-like birdsthat they tame from high in the mountains of their kingdom. Tuziel became the commander only a year ago but he has already shown himself to be a prolific commander, one that can lead his men to victory. Though currently he is looking for his right hand , one that he can personally train to lead his men to baftle in his absence, question is who will step up to the plate?
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5 | 0 Comments | Jan 23rd 2020 20:54