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-Witcher-'s Blog

The prince

Name: Endell Lukia
age: 17
bio: The prince of a relatively small kingdom located in the northern regions of the earth, being the younger brother of the current wing commander, the eldest son is always the one to go on to lead a battalion whilst the youngest goes onto becoming the king, though he is a bit of a problem child at first glance, he retains everything his teachers have taught him, giving him the element of suprise for those who see him at face value
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2 | 0 Comments | Feb 6th 2020 21:38

The Demon prince hero

Name: Ruao Temus
Age: Unaging, looks to be mature 30 year old with a light stubble
Bio: One of three princes of hell, of two sisters he is the only son, along with being the middle child he was never up for the position of ruler of hell so he thought of other ways to make himself stick out, finding humans fascinating he decided to study their culture, what they liked what they worshipped, he decided ti become a hero of the people, though it did not last very long as the priests of a church almost imeadiatly identified him as one of the demon princes, seeing him as evil word spread fast, instead of gratitude people would show resentment for him, though he doesnt seem to care, he simply wishes to take care of the humans which enticed him so long ago.
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3 | 0 Comments | Jan 23rd 2020 22:07

The wing commander

Name: Tuziel Canro
AGge: 26
Bio: The Commander of the Wing company, a primarily spear wielding company that is known for their use of large falcon-like birdsthat they tame from high in the mountains of their kingdom. Tuziel became the commander only a year ago but he has already shown himself to be a prolific commander, one that can lead his men to victory. Though currently he is looking for his right hand , one that he can personally train to lead his men to baftle in his absence, question is who will step up to the plate?
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2 | 0 Comments | Jan 23rd 2020 20:54

The Wanderer

Name: Angela Terama
age: 24
Bio: A wandering warrior who constantly travels the world, Angela has been doing this since she was Sixteen, helping in hunting monsters, defending villages against raiders and selling off what she finds along the way. A good friend of Dener and a former witcher candidate though she was instead picked up by a sorceress who was married to a knight in a nearby kingdom, being trained by them both before heading out into the world.
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1 | 0 Comments | Jan 21st 2020 18:36

The Ancient Warrior

Name: Undrik Van Heim
age: Unknown
Bio A warrior from a bygone age whose dimension in which he lives exists in all timelines, deep within a bamboo forest lies his domain if one wishes to enter they can. He is one which can be asked for his power, though he does not give it to just anyone whether it be him taking a liking to the person that requested his service or by the items that they offer to him.Now he waits, waits for his next "Appointment" as he calls them.
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3 | 0 Comments | Jan 18th 2020 00:16