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21 / Male / Single
Vermont - United States
Hello there! Few things to know about me below
BIG THING: I am sorry but I am prone to spamming in early stages of talking to someone when i'm excited about an rp (Unless their profile says to not spam) simply because of a lot of bad past experiences, if I annoy you PLEASE do say so and just give me a warning, it would be greatly appreciated.

1. I am straight and primarily play males with romance being mxf , though i am willing and will most likely add female characters to my roster
2. Characters can be found below in my blog
3. Big fan of romance, fantasy and action, though i am perfectly open to other genres
4. I like to plan out with my partner and for me at least i set up characters then the plot a lot if the time
More to come

Fandoms i rp

Demon slayer
Danmachi/Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon
One punch man
Nier Automata (Been a while)
Highschool dxd
Others to come as i remember them

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Gotta love when your bad habit of spamming sometimes pushes someone to unfriend you
Mood: bummed
3  Mar 29th 2020 21:08

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Thank you for contacting the NTGA, we look forward to hearing from you
Mar 11th 2020 22:23

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Same here :)
Mar 1st 2020 12:16

Hey. What's up?
Mar 1st 2020 12:13

Thanks :)
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Feb 8th 2020 17:29

How Are You?
Feb 8th 2020 17:11

Thanks For The Add ^^
Feb 8th 2020 17:04