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OC: Ava Cavalron [AFAD RP]

Roleplay Forum Link:
** Form sent on page 9 on 3/22/17 at 8:18 PM.

**Ava was made for the Academy for Angels and Demons RP, but she is an open character for one-on-one roleplays as well!

Name: Ava Diz Calvaron
** (Pronounced "ey-vuh," "diz" as in dizzy, and "cahl-vuh-ron")
Nickname(s): Dizzy
Age: 18, almost 19
Birthday: November 14th (Scorpio)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Demon
Height: 4' 11"
Personality: Very quiet, yet not shy. She's very outgoing once she feels like talking, but she's always distant. She's always daydreaming about something, which is most likely food. She'll literally do anything for food, except for hurt someone she cares for for it - strangers, though? She'd destroy them for a Klondike bar.
Background: It's pretty simple. She grew up with her parents and a little brother, but her little brother was actually adopted. They found him outside their house one snowy night and took him in - that is, until they realized he was an angel. They kicked him out when they thought he could take care of himself (at age 10), and Ava still worries about him from time to time. She always made her parents busy with trying to spoil her, but she never let their attempts turn her into a bitter person. She's very kind, and only gets upset with angels when they get upset with demons - her little brother was the one person she ever cared for, after all, despite his species.
Likes: Food, especially sweets; quiet days; clear skies; cookbooks; antique dining utensils
Dislikes: Loud people, anything sour or spicy, people who can't accept others, storms
Fears/Phobias: Heliophobia (Irrational fear of the sun, bright lights, etc), Claustrophobia (Fear of tight spaces/suffocating)
Extra Info: She has a baby Australian Chameleon as a pet, and his name is Macademia, but she calls him Mac or Maccie. He only knows how to change into a few colors right now.
Appearance: Picture
Pink hair, one red eye and one black one (left is red, right is black), normally wears dark blouses and black laced shorts with heart designs on them, usually seen either barefoot or wearing mismatched knee-high converses (usually she goes with her lavender and baby blue pair). She also has very sharp canines - which can be considered fangs, really - and her claws are sheathed under the beds of her fingernails. When she gets angry or feels threatened enough to unsheathe her claws, her claws shoot out from the fingernail beds and replace the fingernails themselves. When she sheathes her claws again, her regular nails come back out - it's kind of a weird process of pushing/pulling on her fingers that's triggered by emotions and natural reactions (an example of a natural reaction could be jumping back after being scared or pulling your hand back after touching something that could potentially harm you).
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0 | 0 Comments | by slaycier | 6 hours ago

Cassie Taylor

- dyed hair, usually red
- blue eyes
- curvy
- 5'6
- 157 lbs.
- shoulder and stomach tattoos

- sweetheart
- trusting
- falls in love easily
- is easy to manipulate, hard to refuse people
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0 | 0 Comments | by queerqueen | 6 hours ago

Salena's equipment and name bio


Holy Sword:
A weapon once wielded by a priest of an unknown origin. Salena now has it and keeps it by her side. While unsheathed it emits a faint holy glow that pushes away the darkness with it's light. It's rumored that it contains power to allow the wielder to use miracles, but it cannot be tested on Salena as she didn't possess any of her own.

If it was a weapon in game I would like to say it would have a B scaling in strength and faith. It would be used like a straight sword.

I don't have a name for the clothes she wears, but their at best can be labeled under the magic clothing in game. Resists magic okay, but it will not absorb at all any physical impact.

Salena is able to travel and get by due to her past experiences of serving as a knight before becoming sort of a guide for those who needed her assistance. However it can be debated that as time passes that she could be succumbing to slight corruption.
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0 | 0 Comments | by The_Holy_Walker | 6 hours ago

My Pairing Ideas

European Knight/Samurai
European Knight/Female Shogun
Boss/Employee's Wife
Friend/Best Friend's Wife
Affair/Cheating RPs
Dragon Butler/Princess or Queen
Greek God Athena/Greek Warrior
Alien Bounty Hunter/Human Bounty Hunter
Alien Soldier/Human Soldier
Cheating Girlfriend
Cheating Wife
Norse God/Female Viking
Male Norse God/Female Norse God
Anthro Experiment/Opera Singer (Phantom of Opera)
White Rabbit/Alice (Wonderland)
Red Riding Hood/Wolf
Belly Dancer/Sheik
Belly Dancer/Foreign Guest
School Nurse/Student
Female Orc/Male Knight
Explorer/Female Frost Giant
Gnoll Female/Male Knight
Female Centaur/Male Knight
Monster Girl Maid/Master
Jungle Woman/Anthro Jungle King
Undead Outlaw/Female Sheriff
Undead Outlaw/Burlesque Dancer
Female Police Officer/Criminal
Anthro Jungle King/Explorer
Football Player/Cheerleader
Trapped in Video Game (Sword Art Online)
Disney Theme Park Workers/Mascot Workers
School Mascot/Cheerleader
Panda Lord/Human Princess or Queen
Chinese Warrior/Lord's Concubine (Three Kingdoms Era)
Chinese Warrior/Opposing Warrior (Three Kingdoms Era)
Gnoll Bandit/Village Girl
Bull Rider/Bull or Cow Anthro
Cowgirl/Equine Anthro
Outlaw/Burlesque Dancer
Outlaw/Sheriff's Daughter
Aquarium Exhibit/Diver
Tourist/Surf Instructor
Dullahan Knight/Queen
Dullahan Knight/Monster Hunter
Mobster/Club Singer (1920's)
Mobster/Police Officer (1920's)
Mobster/Boss's Daughter (1920's)
Brothel Owner/Guard Captain
Brothel Worker/Guard Captain
Dinosaur Anthro/Archaeologist
Pokemon Trainer/Pokemorph
Farmhand/Farmer's Daughter
Zoo Keeper/Exhibit
Crime Lord/Debtor's Daughter
Crime Lord/Mistress
Safari Guide/Wild Anthro
Baroness/Anthro Slave
Caveman/Dino Anthro
Cavewoman/Dinosaur Anthro
Baron/Anthro Slave
Mail Order Anthro Groom
Mail Order Anthro Bride
Wild West
Male Wrestler/Female Wrestler
MMA Fighter/Ring Girl or Spectator
Pet/Owner(Pet Shape-shifts Into Anthro)
Rich Woman/Anthro Mechanic
Rich Man/Female Anthro Mechanic
Martial Arts Trainer/Student or Outsider
Truck Driver/Hitchhiker
Female Police Officer/K9 Partner Anthro
Anthro Activist/Police Officer
Female Gang Leader/Male Runaway
Mech Pilot/Mech Pilot
Mech Pilot/Mechanic
Mage Knight/Queen
Mage Knight/Princess
Duke/Battle Maid (Bodyguard RP)
Mad Max Setting
Male Wrestler/Female Wrestler
Male Wrestler/Female Manager
Legendary Knight/Squire
Legendary Knight/Rookie Knight
Evil Queen/Kidnapped Prince
Evil Queen/Orc Bodyguard
Evil Queen/Warlock Adviser
Royal Snob/Peasant Girl
English Knight/Scottish Girl
Demon Queen/Human Hero Bodyguard
Demon King's Daughter/Human Hero Bodyguard
Demon King/Female Human Bodyguard
Furry Cosplayer/Con Attendee
Furry Cosplayer/Furry Cosplayer
Werewolf Queen/Baron
Muscular Girl/Small Guy
Japanese Male/English Female(Ancient Japan)
Bodyguard/K-Pop or J-Pop Singer
Knight/Warrior Nun
Spider Queen/Knight
Scorpio Queen/Assassin
Goblin King/Fairy Princess
Goblin King/Human Princess
Outlaw Biker/Police Officer
World War II Zombies
Orc Female Chief/Human Prince (Arranged Marriage)
Angel/Devil's Mistress
Dark Elf Queen/Human Knight
Dark Elf Queen/Orc Bodyguard
Dark Elf King/Human Princess
Dark Elf King/Ogress Guard
Alchemist/Countess Daughter
Butler/Countess Daughter
Maid/Baron Son
Female Angel/Devil's Son
Skeleton King/Mistress
Skeleton King/Princess
Skeleton King/Female Knight
Skeleton King/Evil Queen
Plague Doctor/Plague Victim
Plague Doctor/Baroness or Baron
Necromancer/Reanimated Female
Necromancer/Reanimated Male
Dwarf Female/Orc Male
Dwarf Female/Human Male
Ogress Commander/Prince Captive
Queen/Conquering Orc Warchief
Princess/Conquering Orc Warchief
Werewolf Queen/Baron
Werewolf King/Baroness (Victorian Era)
Werewolf King/Vampire Queen (Victorian Era)
Werewolf Queen/Vampire Prince or King
Male Gladiator/Female Gladiator
Android Servant/Master
Female Demon/Priest
Female Demon/Demon Hunter
Orc Warrior/Human Mage
Female Orc Warrior/Elven Scout
Female Orc/Elven Prince
Centaur/Human Female
Female Teacher/Male Student (Secret Marriage)
(Harlequin Male)/Princess
(Harlequin Female)/Prince
Lingerie Model/Photographer
Male Monster/Female Human
Sentient Robot/Creator
Sentient Robot/Creator's Daughter
Executioner/Evil Queen
Monster Girls
Orc/Elven Princess or Queen
Orc/Human Princess or Queen
Country Singer/Pop Singer
Stranded Crash Survivors
Samurai/Nine-Tail Fox
Monster High School (Rosaio + Vampire Type)
Human In All Monster School
German Soldier/SS Commander's Daughter
Wounded German Soldier/Jewish Girl
Female Crime Boss/Bodyguard
Casino Owner/Cocktail Waitress
Villain/Hench-Man or Woman
Butler/Master's Daughter
Car Mechanic/Rich Woman
Police Officer/Lady of the Night
Personal Trainer/Client
Zombie Apocalypse
Dragon King/Human Queen
Dragon Rider/Dragon
Nazi/French Resistance
Greek Warrior/Greek Goddess (Athena, Hera, Aphrodite)
Warrior/Naga (Female)
Naga (Male)/Shrine Maiden
Student/Exchange Student
Cosplay Cafe
Female Teacher/Male Student
Dragon Queen/Dragon Slayer
Dragon Queen/Dragon Guard
Police Officer/Police Officer
Club Owner/Dancer
Singer/Band Manager
Band Member/Band Member
Villain/News Reporter
-Sky Captain/Mechanic
-Sky Pirate/Gypsies
-Sky Pirate/Sky Captain
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