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About Komaeda!

-There's a link to his wiki if you want in-depth information.~

Komaeda is an avid supporter of hope and everything that evolves around it, and will become absolutely obsessed with anyone to whom he thinks is a symbol of hope. He absolutely despises despair and will treat those who represent it ill, but that isn't to say he wouldn't develop an unhealthy, mixed attachment towards them either.

He is very self-loathing, thus will constantly insult himself and put others on a pedestal. He sees himself as inferior and irritating, and I don't believe anything could change how he views himself. It's just how he is.

The low self-esteem and obsession with hope/despair create his erratic and strange personality, which may either frighten, interest, or outright bother others.

[Servant!Komaeda is basically Komaeda but with somehow an even lower self-esteem, and obviously, a servant who'll bend to your will and do anything you choose.]

[Despair Fever!Komaeda is Komaeda's opposite personality. He snarls and spits and insults everyone around him, putting /himself/ on the pedestal instead of others. He is cruelty, sick cruelty.]
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0 | 0 Comments | by komaeda | 13 hours ago


1. Please be literate. Capitalize your sentences, use punctuation, etc. I probably won't respond to you otherwise.

2. I don't really enjoy one-liners, so please refrain from using them unless you've absolutely nothing else to write. They hardly advance the plot...

3. Do not control my muse, please.

That's all I can think up for rules, I might add more as time passes, though.

Also please keep in mind that it might take me awhile to respond and I might drop onto unexpected hiatuses. Most of the time, it's due to my mental health so I would appreciate if you respected that. If you constantly spam me to respond or get angry, I won't be afraid to lash out.

Things I won't RP :

Shota/loli. In fact, if you enjoy that then please leave me alone. That's illegal 'n' pedophilia.

Full-on NSFW. I can do suggestive and we can.. drop hints, if you catch my drift, but no full on intercourse.

Fighting. It's perfectly okay if your muse beats mine up [he'd enjoy that~], but don't expect a full on brawl. He won't fight back, because that's just not the type of guy he is.

Also, I do not RP romances with characters that are girls. Komaeda is pretty much canonically gay, and I'm not going to disrespect that.

Also, I really love RPing Servant!Komaeda and Despair Fever!Komaeda, so pretty please tell me if you want me to RP as either of those! It'd be a pleasure.~
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0 | 0 Comments | by komaeda | 13 hours ago

A Little About Me.


Name: Eloise Byrne
Nicknames: Ellie.
Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 5th March 1994
Place of Birth:London, England UK
Hair Color: Brown usually, but varies.
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5`10

1. Literate, descriptive writers, preferably multi para or above.
2. You must be over 21: I incorporate adult themes in my stories so please be of legal age.
3. No Furry, Anime, Wrestling, Incest: They don't interest me at all. No power playing: You play your character and I'll control mine.
4. No god-modding: E.G:- You're all powerful and can wipe out any one without ever being harmed and use ever-expanding abilities to constantly top others.
5. No killing or abusing my character without consent'
6. No spamming: As hard as it is for me, sometimes I won't have the time to reply.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Beautiful_Disaster | 14 hours ago


*I'm only willing to do er*t*c roleplaying in context. If you've added me because you want a strictly er*t*c line or just PWP, kindly go the f*** away.

*I don't do extreme or disturbing things. I don't do pregnancy storylines, furries, rape, things with she-males or anything like that. While aliens don't care about age differences, common sense matters. She's not going to take up with a 15 or 16 year old kid. As far as incest goes, it's strictly cousins. It's not uncommon for them to marry cousins in the past and if there's a logical reason, like they fell in love on their own, then cousins is fine.

*I hate, hate, hate one-liners. I'm a writer and the idea of someone barely putting effort into anything drives me nuts.

*My character is violent and I'm more than happy to get graphic, but I don't like things for shock value.

*My character likes people despite their gender, but she usually prefers males. Her people believe in polygamy, so she has more than one man in her life. She's also polyamorus,so she can't be with just one person. She's in an open marriage and expects anyone she's with to understand that. She believes that you can love more than one person equally, but in different ways.

*If I piss you off or offend you, then tell me. Don't just block/unfriend me. Don't ignore me and not just say anything, either. It's childish and unnecessary. Tell me about your concerns and we'll work it out.

*I'm not going to be friends with anyone who says offensive stuff and if you do, I'll unfriend you.

*Real-life happens, but if real-life means that you need to take a break or stop a storyline, let me know. I don't want to wonder what happened or bug you, either.

*If you take things my character says personally, that's your problem, not mine. She's not a fluffy bunny and has some colorful opinions, as well as language.

*If you add me and we discuss something once, but I never hear from you again,I'm cutting you loose.

*If you're stupid enough to think that two people are their characters and that they're also in a relationship, that's on you. I won't hesitate to unfriend you.

*If you have limitations, triggers and stuff, let me know.

*I'm usually online every day, but if I haven't answered you, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you. I may not be able to think of something and need some time to post a reply or I need time to plan something.

*I don't put selective adder because I'm already selective when I look. If I add you, it's because I'm curious as to what you have to offer or what from my character.
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0 | 0 Comments | by dragon_warrior | 14 hours ago

Jacob Wood

Name: Jacob

Nickname: Jake

Height: 5' 5

Looks: Shaggy blonde hair. Partially fit. Blue eyes.

Sexuality: Bi

Age: 19

Species: Prophet

Personality: He is a bad listener and can't concentrate worth a damn. He has ADD and short term memory loss. (He gets distracted and forgets the previous subject)

Greatest Weakness: Gore (Blood)
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0 | 0 Comments | by OcxRoleplayer | 14 hours ago