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Yuro the Unstoppable

General Information

First Name: Yuro.
Middle Name: D.
Surname: Shadow.
Nicknames: Yuro the Unstoppable.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human/grim reaper.
Birthday: unknown.
Age: 17(biologically) real age unknown.
Sexual Orientation: Strait.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'6
Hair Colour: Dark Green.
Eye Colour: Dark red.
Right Handed or Left Handed?: Right.
Scars: Scar going down left eye and almost all over his body.
Accessories: fingerless gloves and poket chains.

General Attitude

Personality: Joyful, friendly, calm, understanding
Good Habits: Helps anyone in need, is always smiling no mather what.
Bad Habits: Hugging people or stuff at night.
Strengths: Dark powers, skilled master in any fighting style or powers, vision learning, pain tolerance.
Weaknesses: Naked woman.
Likes: Making new friends, a good fight, having fun, and singing.
Dislikes: Mean people.
Fears: losing control of his anger.


Mother: Akame D. Shadow
Father: Shadow D. Shadow
Brother: Flame D. Shadow
Sister: Mika D Shadow


Best Friend: Sayuri.
Friends: Many to name.
Rivals: Flame Dragon
Enemies: Anyone whi gets in his way.
Love Interest: None.

Rating (Out of 10(10 being the best))

Intelligence: ??/10
Confidence: ??/10
Wisdom: ??/10
Agility: ??/10
Power: ??/10


Favourite Food: Chocolate.
Favourite Colour: Dark green.
Favourite Drink: Water.
Favourite Place: Open green land.
Favourite Animal: Wolf.

Bio: Not is much known of this guy ir just how powerful he is but it is known that he is the original yuro from all the three and the most powerful of all of them, as well as the man that takes care of both of them to not make the world a living hell if this two where to turn evil.

Quote: "Its quite nice having a giid friend around."

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0 | 0 Comments | by TheThreeYuros | 13 hours ago

lameass cammy part 2

you underestimate yourself so f***ing much, like why. honestly i cant name a single time you've ever annoyed me or done something to upset me in the slightest. all you've ever done is made me happy or really excited and hyper. but never ever will you annoy me. and that's a promise.

our conversations are really random. but i love them. especially the one about bugs and aids/ ebola. or how you went skinny dipping without me :(

you're a thot. but you're my thot if that makes sense. i cant see myself not being friends with you. it'd kill me slowly. do you see what you do to me mila? you drive me crazy in a good way. we drive /each other/ crazy in the "bad" way. not that i'm complaining, i'd go crazy with or for you any day. but that's none of my business.

for cereal, i love you a lot cammy. i even matched your name to mine to be cute. and gave you flowers. and a really really cute picture that you reposted 30 times. i think i still need to teach you how to spell you name for when you make me deaf, but who's keeping track of that stuff.

i love you mila
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3 | 6 Comments | by hoodies | 13 hours ago


Renesmee Sapphire (me ^~^)

Info/Bio: Adopted Sister of Haven Sapphire. She is blind as well but can feel a presence easily.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The rest is unknown.
Age: 15
Likes: Flowers, Dark magic, and her secret lover.
Dislikes: Anything that threatens her town, and herself.


Additional info:

Renesmee's parents were known throughout the kingdom, but...
Many people didn't know Renesmee's mother.. was pregnant.
Her mother and father had both died the day she was born after trying to protect her.
Haven had found her while she was training. She had begged her parents to adopt Renesmee. It took three weeks of begging before her parents had agreed.
Renesmee got along with Haven well, but there were some disagreements.
When She had turned 15, Renesmee started sneaking out to see her lover. Haven had found out and it put a tore in their relationship.
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0 | 0 Comments | by LeUnknownEmo | 13 hours ago

Safe And Sound

Name: Sora Lyn

Age: 16-25

Hair Color: Faded Black

Hair Length: Just past shoulders

Eye Color: Blueish Grey

Race: Human

Height: 5'4"

Preference: Straight

Clothes: She wears anything that she finds comfortable

Family: ----

Personality: Sora is obsessed with the feeling of safety, since her family if anything but safe she tends to shy away from people and rarely lets people get close to her, physically and emotionally. The best thing she has been able to find that makes her feel safe and sound is her music, anytime she can she will have her headphones on just to try and help with her anxiety. If she can't have her headphones she tries anything else. If someone makes her feel safe she will often hold their hand or grip onto their sleeves. When without someone she trusts or her music she with often bite on her lip to try and calm down.
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0 | 0 Comments | by CrushLove | 13 hours ago

Luciano: Un Perfil (Luciano: A Profile)

Nombre: Luciano Ángel


Luciano- "Light"

Ángel- "Angel"

Apellidos: Abaroa Chavarría


Abaroa- "Refuge"

Chavarría- "New House"

Apodo: "Angelito", "Lito"

Meaning: "Little Angel", "Dear Angel"

Race: Half-Human, Half-Demon

Nationality: Spanish

Birthplace: Seville, Spain

Languages Spoken: Spanish- Fluently, as it is his mother tongue. He speaks with the distinctive ceceo fricative that affects C's and Z's in his Spanish. For example, he pronounced the word "azucar" (sugar) as ah-thu-car.

English: His English is not fluent- he speaks it well enough to get by. He carries over grammatical rules from his native tongue of Spanish, such as his tendency to place adjectives after nouns. If he wanted to say "red car" in English, he would instead say "car red". He rolls his r's in consonant clusters, at the begining of words, and when "double R's" occur, such as in the word "embarrassed". He uses the Spanish vowel system in his English as well, (ah, ee, oo, eh, oh sounds for all vowels). For example, the word "apple" is "ah-pehl". His accent is smooth and musical, pleasant and seductive to the ears.

Age: 25 Years Old

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Grey

Skin Tone: Fair, with a touch of creamy color.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150lbs

Build: A pleasing mix of thin but muscular. His arms and legs are long, but with well-developed biceps and triceps. Due to his active lifestyle he has very little fat on the bones, his 6-pack is evidence of this.

Clothing Style: He wears rather heavy clothing as a function of his job as a demon-slayer. Trechcoats, leather jackets, high boots, closely fitted pants. He needs to be able to both transport and conceal his weapons, and his profession often takes him to extreme environments. His clothes are practical in their function.

Occupation: Slayer, focuses mainly on the killing and exorcising of demons due to his own personal issues with them.

Habits: Drinking: He has a strong taste for alcohol and drinks often, be it with others or alone.

Smoking: Luciano is a "pack-a-day" smoker. He rolls his cigarettes himself using "tabaco negro", or "dark tobacco" and black cigarette paper.

Snorting Cocaine: Ángelito is ashamed of this, but when tired he will dabble in this drug for a very temporary energy boost.

Likes: Men, Whisky, Dancing, Sweets, Rain

Dislikes: Dogs, Demons, Limes, Showing Weakness to Others


Outgoing: He's not outwardly afraid of starting a conversation or cracking a joke. Keeping up a good social image is his way of compensating for his perceived shortcomings, though he is quite insecure on the inside.

Charismatic: He's a rather beautiful man with a friendly disposition. It tends to have a positive effect on how he is perceived by others. In a room, all eyes will be on him, ears intently listening to what he is saying.

Inconsistently Pious: His sexuality, profession based in murder and relationship with cocaine and whiskey call his faith into question. However, he really does believe that bringing God to others and eliminating demonic influences on Earth will make the world a better place. He happens to make choices at times that are questionable, as, at his very core, he is a lost person seeking acceptance that he doesn't have for himself.

Self-Interested: He is a cunning creature and he gets what he wants. Despite the denial of his demonic nature, at the end of the day, he is truly looking out for himself, and he has a lust for the spilling of blood that is never satisfied for long. Getting Luciano to acknowledge this is an uphill battle, however.

Streetwise: Lito's neglectful upbringing left him on his own many times as a youngster. He's learned things the hard way, and his personal knowledge bank is geared more towards the harsh reality of being a pariah rather than what one learns from books.

Sexuality: Homosexual, however he is in great denial about it due to his religious convictions. Publicly, he masquerades as a straight man, a flirty, confident fellow who could have any woman he wants but refrains from adultery instead choosing to talk to the women about God.

Privately, he checks out men, sleeps with them and forms discrete relationships with them. He tends to be cold towards his lovers, which tends to drive them away from him.


Born to a human casual lover of a high-ranking goetic demon, Luciano was raised in his mother's native land of Spain. His mother was less than thrilled at the prospect of his birth, and as such she tended to leave the boy to fend for himself. His father, while not proud of his "low" lineage, made sure that there were demons under his jurisdiction to protect him.

Young Luciano detested his hapless caregivers. They were low-ranking demons who were disgusted by the concept of a mixed mortal heritage child, and were often emotionally detached from the needy boy.

Growing up, Luciano found hope in religion, Christianity specifically. Though he knew that God was less than kind to demons, he found the accepting nature of Jesus Christ comforting. The more rejected he felt by those tasked to care for him, the more he buried himself in the scriptures and teachings of the Bible...

After losing his mother in his early teens, Luciano felt hopeless. An opportunistic agent scouted the young demon, who then underwent training for years to be a slayer in their company. Since his debut 6 years ago, he has slain many a dark creature, and continues his work dutifully to this day.
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0 | 0 Comments | by halfbreedabomination | 13 hours ago