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Introduction to Phoebe

Phoebe Holloway is nineteen and miserable. She resides in a crumbling apartment in downtown Chicago, attending university and learning, well, fück if she knows. Part time, she works in an anarchist bookstore down the street from her place – she quite likes politics, and she's all about those anti-establishment ideals, so bring the topic up and she'll likely blow you or something. Along with politics, Phoebe likes stealing things and playing with fire, but she's less vocal about these hobbies for obvious reasons. You ought to keep matches and your valuables out of her reach if you want to get on with her. She also has mild anxiety and smokes a cigarette or two (or five, probably) a day to keep herself in check. And, to address the only things that anyone cares about: she's single, bisexual, and enjoys casual sëx just like any average person. For now, Phoebe's main priorities are to get her rent paid on time, not fail out of college, and maybe try to avoid killing herself.
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Akio Yuichiro

Name: Akio Yuichiro
Age: 19 years old
Description: Yuichiro is a fallen prince from a fallen kingdom to the east. They were attacked by another kingdom and his family perished, though he escaped his kingdom was destroyed. Upon his life in the road, he stumble upon a cave and went in to rest. He heard a voice and went looking for it, he saw a sacred sword. He pulled the sword and upon doing so, a dragon appeared and made Yuichiro its master.
Appearance: (Photo Below)
Likes: His dragon Ko, Food
Dislikes: The Kingdom of Rolk
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Aerith Enwynn

➤ General Information:
First Name: Aerith
Middle Name: rose
Surname: Enwynn
Nicknames: dragon girl
Code Name: unknown
Gender: female
Race: elf
Species: human
Birthday: June 4th
Age: 24
Sexual Orientation: straight isn't afraid to try new things.
Nationality: elf
Languages: English, elfish, greek,

➤ Physical Appearance:
Skin Tone: beautiful tanned complexion
Height: 5"8
Weight: 200 lbs
Blood Type: 0
Hair Colour: raven
Hair Length: long and straight
Hair Style:
Eye Colour: emerald green
Right Handed or Left Handed?: right handed
Scars: none
Tattoos: Aerith has a dragon symbol on her left shoulder
Piercing: none
Alignment: lawful good

➤ General Attitude:
Personality: calm, kind hearted, caring, easy going, gets annoyed easily, can be moody at times, she was a habit of snapping at people when she gets frustrated.
Normal Mood: calm at times. She's mostly chilled back until someone really gets under her skin to annoy her. She will snap at the person with rage or even annoyance.
Good Habits: doesn't really have any good habits in general
Bad Habits: When Aerith gets really annoyed she'll snap at you with rage, and you don't want to see her angry.
Strengths: She has the ability to control any element she Desires, for an example she can control water and fire she also has the ability to control creatures.
Weaknesses: With great powers comes with great weakness Aerith can not control the element eath, wind, ice. She also is has a weakness is mortal combat fighting she's can not touch her opponent without injuring herself in the progress, for an example when Aerith goes and punches someone the opponent will get punch and so will herself. Let's say she kicks someone in the stomach she can feel the pain that she flits on others.
Likes: animals in general, creatures in general, nature in general. Drinking beer, hanging out with friends or other people, she enjoys company. Aerith likes going on long walks on the beach she enjoys watching the water, sometimes she enjoys reading. Unless she's being forced to read she dislikes it.
Dislikes: being forced to read something, sometimes she doesn't like other's company if there's too many people like a crowed she'll leave, Aerith has a love and hate relationship with the weather.
Fears: Aerith afraid of the dark
Why?: Ever since Aerith was younger she dislike the darkness that held her every night, Aerith tried telling her parents about the "darkness" she prefer them as a person. Aerith parents tried everything to make sure she was safe but there wasn't any progress, Aerith still hates being afraid of the "darkness" that's the reason why Aerith doesn't sleep at night she stays awake until the sun comes out.
Soft Spot: Aerith doesn't have a soft spot for anything expect her pet dragon Draco

➤ Dress Sense: Aerith prefers to wear elfish armor pacifically made for her.
Accessories: sometimes Aerith carries around a elfish blade called speedstinger

➤ Family:
Mother: deceased
Father: deceased
Brother: decreased
Sister: Sasha Enwynn
Any Other Relatives?: deceased
Pet: Aerith has a pet dragon named Draco

➤ Childhood :
Life Story:
Birth town:
Favorite Childhood memory:
Worst Childhood memory:

➤ Dreams and Interests:
Favorite Class:
Worst Class:

➤ Ratings:
Intelligence: 10/10
Confidence: 8/10
Wisdom: 7/10
Agility: 5/10
Stamina: 9/10
Cooperation: 10/10

➤ Yes or No?:
Smoker?: nope doesn't smoke unless she's put under a lot of stressed
Drinker?: yes she enjoys drinking with friends, or drinking by herself
Nail Bitter?: No unless she's nervous
Athletic?: yes
Bookworm?: sometimes
Kleptomaniac?: nope
Party Animal?: sometimes only if she's out drinking with her closes friends
Vegetarian?: no
Workaholic?: no
Glasses?: no
Contacts?: no

➤ Good or Bad?:
Sense of Humor:

➤ Or?:
Optimist or Pessimist?:
Introvert or Extrovert?:
Daredevil or Cautious?:
Logical or Emotional?:
Disorderly or Neat?:
Working or Relaxing?:
Confident or Unsure?:

➤ Self-Perception:
How he/she feels about himself/herself?:
One word the character would use to describe self:
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self:
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait?:
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait?:
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic?:
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic?:
How does the character think others perceive him/her:
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself:

➤ Favorite // Hates:
Favorite Food:
Hated Food:
Favorite Color:
Hated Colo
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Kenji and Mamuro

Description: Kenji and Mamuro are brothers, though Kenji chose the dark side and Mamuro chose justice. Each time they see each other they always fight to see who's stronger.
Age: Kenji-18 years old, Mamuro-19 years old
Appearance: (Photo below)
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Saturo Takio

Name: Saturo Takio
Age: 19 years old
Description: Takio is music loving genius, although some people thinks that he's full of himself. Takio lives alone since he bought his own house, aside from music he also loves to do some programming. Takio get money by selling some computer software or helping some programming company, he's also into stuff toys.
Appearance:(The Photo Below)
Likes: Stuff Toys, Musics, Programming
Dislikes: Dogs, Allergic to feathers
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