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Hiroki Hoshi (OC)

Name: Hiroki Hoshi

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Human

Bio: Hiroki is a great guitarist, working on becoming the next best one. He spends most his time either hanging out with new or old friends or working on new albums, selling new CD's online, or practicing his playing, also with vocals. While working, he has a great friend who helps with all the technology in the work space Hiroki uses. Hiroki lives alone in his own home, happy and well.
This character is used for either romance or slice of life roleplays
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8 | 1 Comment | by Nowel | Aug 15th 2015 01:30

Haikyuu OC #1

Full Name: Shiro Umazaki

Nick Name(s): "Queen", "Uma-Chan", "Kitten", "Kuro"

Gender: Female

Age: 15 years of age.

Ethnicity: Japanese, mixed with German.

Birthday: October 15th

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Blood type: B -

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 124 lbs

Education: High school student

Year, Class: 1st year, class 3

Family: Mother (Unnamed), Father (Deceased)

Eyes: Shiro has red eyes, that have a cat-like pupil, and are always glaring at people.

Hair: Her hair is a little past shoulder length and is full white. It is usually kept in either a messy bun, or down, parted into two sections, One on either side of her head.

Body Type: She is a normal sized girl, not too heavy, not too skinny. Shiro is just the right size, you could say, and she is quite proud of the way she is.

Clothing: Outside of school, you will find Shiro wearing skinny jeans, and a band t-shirt, along with an oversized hoodie. During school, she is in the usual Nekoma high school uniform, a short, brown skirt, with a black blazer, white blouse, and a red bow tie. During her volleyball practice, she can be seen wearing a blue Jersey, and black shorts, with spandex, but during her games, she is wearing the Nekoma highschool volleyball uniform, which is a red Jersey, and red shorts, with black and white here and there.

Miscellaneous: Shiro has a mole on her right cheekbone, and her birthmark is on the underside of her left wrist, in the shape of a heart.

Personality: Shiro is honest, but super mean, and cold towards people. She is never afraid to speak Her mind, and will gladly Fight someone, if need be. She tends to snap at people, and make harsh remarks towards them, unless she trusts them, or deems them worthy enough to be okay with. If she does trust someone, she will be a little nicer to them, but not entirely.

Background: When her father was murdered from an assassination, the child was only around 6 years old. Shiro was very upset, and swore that she wouldn't let herself get too close to people, in fear that she would lose them as well. So, she became harsh to people, closing them out. As she entered school, she was one of the most feared- due to her meanness-, and she liked it that way. Once she finally got into highschool, the volleyball coaches saw that they could use her to scare the team into practicing daily. So that's what they did. Though, it took awhile for everyone to adjust to, she finally grew used to being with the team.


Team: Nekoma High

Position: Manager, Libero

Power –4 /5

Jumping –4 /5

Stamina –5 /5

Game Sense –5 /5

Technique – 5/5

Speed –4 /5

[Total –27 /30]


Kuroo Tetsurou: Kuroo is like a big brother to Shiro. They hang out together all the time, but constantly get mistaken for a couple. Neither of them seem to care, and they tend to just shrug it off. The two tease and mess with each other, all of the time, but its normal f9r the two.

Haiba Lev: Shiro really adores Lev, seeing as though she has a crush on him. Despite the fact that she likes him, she is more rude and harsh to him, due to Her tsundere personality. She sometimes will show her caring side to the tall boy, but doesn't usually.
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1 | 0 Comments | by CuteLittleTsundere | Aug 15th 2015 01:10

Masaki and Michiko Hayashi {The Hayashi twins} (OC

(Masaki Hayashi)

Name: Masaki

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Bio: Masaki is a kind and caring boy and is almost the opposite of his sister, Michiko. Masaki likes to meet new people and try new things. He has an interest in anything fictional and loves to read, mostly to other people.

(Michiko Hayashi)

Name: Michiko

Age: 16

Gender: female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Bio: Michiko is a person who prefers to keep to herself and likes secluded areas. Michiko is practically the opposite of her twin, Masaki. She likes to stay alone and has in interest in the world that isn't fictional. Michiko can get... kinky in specific situations or who she's around most.
These characters are used for either romance (how far the other roleplayer wants to go) or school roleplay
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6 | 0 Comments | by Nowel | Aug 14th 2015 22:38

RP Character #1: Sasha

Name: Sasha Chambers (Name changes, depends on the RP)
Age: 19
Height: 5'4''
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Curly and Blonde

Sasha is one of my template characters that I use. She changes quite often, depending on who I'm RP'ing with and what the story line is. She is most often shy and sometimes even immature. I mostly reserve her for more basic RP's, such as a reality that could exist in our world today, or historical settings. I don't usually use her for supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy RP's. Her character is usually average by society's standards, with captivating looks to accommodate. She has an old soul, always kind and lost in thought.
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2 | 0 Comments | by sun-rise | Aug 14th 2015 21:01


does anyone want to rp im bored i will go for any rp just one request and thats to not have any like sex slavery
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0 | 0 Comments | by zalandra | Aug 14th 2015 18:04