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Please, no one-liners; I hate them. Keep the comments, at the very least a couple of sentences long and I will do the same.

Story-lines can be sorted out before hand with me, or we can just 'go-with-the-flow'.

I am a role-player who isn't embarrassed to go into details involving sex, births etc. so if you feel you're finding it too much, we can mellow it down.

I will NOT do rape. That's probably my only concession to what I will not do.

I prefer to do 'real life' roleplay but I'll make an exception when possible.

The last thing, I can play my character at any age ranging from late teens to early thirties, depending on the roleplay.

That's it! So, I'm a friendly person and am happy to go along with any ideas you've got, all within a little bit of reason [though I am up for most ideas, so shouldn't be a problem].

- H
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1 | 0 Comments | by Luke22 | Jan 31st 2015 23:54

Rules And Information!

1) First and Foremost: I am a human, with a real life situation going on behind me as I type away and bleed in Roleplay—hence me not being able to respond at the blink of an eye. You’re going to freak out because I don’t answer quickly? Then please do proceed for the browse people page because I am not for you!

2) I have school so I must not be available for a long period of time from Mondays 'till Thursday.

3) A very common thing I like to let out clear is that I am still rather new to the Roleplaying ground—If you simply bear with me not knowing a lot of terms and me not knowing how to respond to certain descriptions.

4) I do Semi-Para to roughly a Para or so. Multi-Para for me is impossible, and so is One liner. However I am not strict about it if you don’t accomplish 4+ lines—if you’re not feeling so creative, it’s OK try to respond with your best and I’ll do the same~

5) Did I mention that I am actually Bilingual? That’s correct Ladies, (and maybe gentz?) I speak both English and Spanish—it’s odd how people still think English is the native language, but it isn’t. It’s Spanish. I’m planning to become Polyglot one day… eventually.

6) This brings me to another Rule: I may not have excellent grammar and I make stupid basic mistakes. (Example: “I didn’t knew about that!” Of course this I avoid it as much but you get the general idea) So please be kind to this poor soul. I will do the same, as I barely care about it anyways—As long as I understand the content and I respond to it with no problem, we’re good.

7) As for RP starter topic I am not as good with that since I am not as creative unless I get inspired. What inspires me? Roleplaying. Simple. So if you ask me for a RP starter do not expect a very concrete one—maybe you shall expect a “;_;”

8) Do let me know with which version of the character you want to roleplay with.

9) My character NOW has a Biography-- if you want to work something out with it, go ahead.

10) What do I roleplay? Most things, except gore and rape—OH and something else but I’ll get to that in a minute. You can Private Message me and begin a conversation or just get the starter right in—if I am not too busy I respond and if I am I respond with a “I can’t do RPing for now sorry”. As far as deciding a RP scenario for the both of us—I am open to try settings, development and everything.

11) I DO NOT ERP. As much as I would like to do a very loving and crazy scene with some of the great and most magnificent Roleplayers of them all, I am not allowed to. Why? I am underage. In real life I have been living for almost seventeen years! I still need to hit my birthday to fully call myself an “Young Adult”.

You may ask: “But, it’s not like you’re being raped or watching porn and lalalala.” Well, here let me prove you otherwise. It can be Ilegal—and who’s the part that’s mostly affected by this? Say that I roleplay with you and you’re 18, while I’m underage and my mom catches me doing this—she’s going to sue the shit out of you.
You’d be sent to prison for years and wasting them there in a cell where REAL criminals should be. I feel the need to specify this and people might think I’m overreacting to this, but seriously I would rather go to sleep with a clear conscience rather than being like “I need to log off from that page and erase the history—Mama will know.”
I respect my mother’s rules since she’s the only parental figure I have left and I understand her concerns—last I can do I accept and obey the rules. So please, do not force me into ERP. We can make-out and caress each other (not 18+) and then do a Time Skip to the morning or time after—that’s completely fine and you won’t be in trouble—Gotcha?

12) OOC or ICly, DO NOT Joke about Murder, Rape, Mental Illnesses or use derogatory terms lightly. This I find important—because if you do any of the above it means you’re pretty immature. ICly I can kinda understand it's the character, but if you pull this out of nowhere without telling me, I won't be pleased. Do tell that the character is a mayor twat if it is.

13) I sound like a massive bitch right now don’t I? I kinda am, when something in me is triggered—but overall I can be nice and polite and I will try it of course. I shall not offend the person RPing with me and if I do I apologize before hand.

14) I don't like to give out personal information, so you don't need to do so either.

SO! That's it for now-- let's have a lot of fun being creative, see ya next time!
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0 | 0 Comments | by JenniferMcCallister | Jan 31st 2015 22:00

Blair Shaffer

Name: Blair Shaffer

Age: 21

Personality: Blair is a very sweet girl, despite being a pirate. She is very persuasive in matters that she chooses to be, but can be ruthless in others. She is someone you can count on as a friend, as long as you don't try and hurt her 'family.' Or what she has as a family. Blair has trust issues, which are caused from the rare occurance of running into more pirates, and then attempting to steal the treasure in which her crew has been looking for. There are a few things that she hides from the crew, one in which is how sweet she truly is, and how caring. If she has no reason to, she will my harm you, and that's how she always has been.

Bio: When Blair was young, she belonged to a very rich family. They raised her to be polite, and act like she should as a wealthy person in the 1700's. Though, on the day of her fourth birthday, when there was a large ball going on, pirates had come in. Now, who were the pirates? The horrid, ruthless Davy Jones of course! He bursts in there, demanding money and fame, but when Blair's parents denied it, Davy Jones got mad. He snatched up the child in his large arms and fell back with his crew, taking the child aboard the ship and locking in the dungeon below deck. Her parents went looking for her, but soon gave up, knowing they would not be able to find their daughter. Though, Davy Jones did not know about the attack that was plotted on his ship. Blair however, sat in the dungeon, where she cried, fearing for her life. A few other stowaways in the bottom tried to calm her, but had no use. Suddenly, there was a large crash above, as yelling and gunshots emerged from out of no where! A man had come down into the dungeon, opening it up and telling the people if they want to live, to join his crew. They all agreed. All, except for the young Blair. She sat there, staring up at the man, who stood with a monkey on his shoulder. He knelt down, letting Blair touch the monkey before scooping her up and taking him aboard his ship. Now Blair recognized the captain, it was the feared Barbosa. She was raised by Barbosa, raised to be a pirate, and nothing less than the only girl at the time.

-Blair has a small kitten named Mittens that is aboard her on the ship to keep her company. It is a small black and white kitten with of course, small white Mitten like coloration on its paws. She also has a small monkey, one that Hector had given her. His name is Ash, and he is usually sitting upon her shoulder.

-Blair does not like to use guns, but will if the occasion asks for it.

-Blair has three tattoos. One, on her shoulder in the picture, one in her back with hibiscus flowers and the sign of Pisces on her lower back, and on her wrist is a tribal tattoo of two penguins forming a heart

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4 | 0 Comments | by Angelus_Veritatem | Jan 31st 2015 11:37

Internal rules

As you could have seen, the mun is above 18.

God mod is a real no-no. See, I won't kill you character/torture him in mind-blowing ways without your permission : it would be kind if you did the same.

If you want to RP : You can either drop a message : I'll blockquote it in a new post and we'll start right ahead
Or we can plot a bit longer if you want to

Multiverse blog : if you wanna talk about AUs, head up to my inbox

I'm okay with pretty much everything except dismemberment/mutilation.

This blog may contain blood/bodily fluids, undead/corpses, psychological/physical abuse, murder, mutation, alcohol/drug use, mental illness and crossdressing. Everything will be put under an appropriate tag.

I'm okay with shipping : if it happens, then it happens, no need to discuss it. It just has to have a bit of chemistry : if Alfred isn't into your muse, he'll make you know it in rather harsh ways.

Please please please. A bit of litteracy never hurt anyone.

All hail crossovers. But don't overdo it : I doubt I'll ever do an Anime verse, by example. Alfred in Sailor Moon, ha ha...

Are you shy ? So am I. I'll do my best to make the first step, but I may come off as clumsy...

You don't have a life outside of your computer ? Good for you, because I do. I'm at high-school 8/24, 5/7. I also need rest, and most of all, time to do my homework and to entertain myself. That doesn't mean I won't do my best to reply as fast as I can, but chivvy me along and you'll have the most frustrated RP partner you'll ever have, and I'll be rather reticent to go on a thread with you.

OOC =/= IC.
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0 | 0 Comments | by BloodyCraves | Jan 31st 2015 07:45

Rules for Partners

My rules are not ranked, so no one is more important then the other. Please sign with a comment when you have finished reading.

- Communication
I use Skype and AIM to commmunicate OOC with my rp partners. If my partner lacks this, I like to make a Chatzy, which is a very handy private chat room that requires no downloading or account to use. It makes for faster set up for roleplaying then using comments or private messages. I likley won't want to rp without one of these three options to clear the fog between us. That being said, I do not make calls on Skype, and I do not use webcam- so please do not ask.

- Literacy
I am more then willing to bend this rule for those willing to improve their writing skills. Paragraphing and punctuation are my main concerns, followed by past tense and third person. Spelling and vocabulary skills I also value, but I am not nearly as strict on those as I am on the previously mentioned elements.

- Respect
I believe all human beings are entitled to respect and equality. I believe that all human beings have a right to do as they please, provided what they choose to do, does not infringe on the rights of others. So, you are free to believe whatever it is you believe, but please do not infringe on my rights by pushing your beleifs onto me.

- Regularity
I am online frequently, and reply at least once a day. I understand that real life can be busy, sometimes very suddenly, but Irregular posts make it hard for me to hold an interest. If you're not online often enough, or not replying often enough, I may drop you altogether.

- Honesty
If you're going away for an extended period of time (2+ days), if you're uncomfortable about something in the rp, if you're losing interest, or just too busy to post; then just tell me! It only takes a moment to write up a message, comment, or whatever you use, to tell me not to wait on a reply. Believe it or not, it is better to tell someone 'I don't want to rp' then to ignore them for seemingly no reason at all.

That's all for now, I may edit later if I feel the need to add new rules.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Delphi | Jan 31st 2015 01:36