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0 | 0 Comments | by Benjamin_II | Jun 6th 2015 05:56

Roleplay ideas?

Okay im still working on adding some i just have some empty genre pairings because i want something in that section, but i have no idea what. Most have been inspired by past roleplays, but i'm pretty sure most people don't give a shit if i would like another roleplay like the one we had. Btw i may repeat a few genres for each group's title because there is different types of a certain genre. I am willing to be in either role, just tell me what role you may prefer.

‣ A town of the future, covered with a blanket of smoke, and on a bed of trash and rotting things which have been dead for so long its impossible to tell what they are anymore. Over years the middle class died out, and it was left to the filthy rich and to the poor. A poor boy/girl meets another of the higher class, although many people blame the rich for the dying of the middle class and many poor children are told not to talk to the high class.

The two bond and depending on how it falls out, it could come out romantically or two close friends.

‣ A maid had been recently hired by a rich man who lived alone in a large estate. The maid is a shyer, quieter girl who was just looking for a nice job she could look forward to, and the man shows her a bit of fun while working.

This roleplay doesn't have to be ertoic, romantic if wanted. i'm open to tweak at the small idea, also the genders could be switched, where it is a butler and a woman, or it can be same sex.

‣ A young girl lives on the sides of the roads, lonely and poor after being abandoned by her parents. She finds herself begging for food and money, when she meets a shadowy person who is a serial killer/insane but chooses to spare her, only to show her the dark side of the world. The person teaches the girl how to kill others, and shows her how to make 'art' and the fun of being able to scare others. The girl is completely naive to how terrible what she is actually doing but finds it amusing to make others bleed red until they 'sleep'.

I think the idea of it being a little girl makes it more interesting, but the sex of the older character doesn't matter. also, i had no idea what genre to put it under so its just going to be here.


‣ An insane teen male/female ran away from home, only bringing money they stole and a mask, to search for a new life trying to get away from the crazy problems and thoughts they dealt with at home. while out on the streets,he spots their next victim and begin to follow them. The male/female chooses to 'play' with the victim

Everyday life/Casual
‣ A young male/female finds themself being bullied constantly do to their figure, appearance and their common interests. While at school, they meet a person who changes that completely, and helps her pull through.

once again, completely non gender specific. I don't have much on this story, but i feel like it could be more? it came from an old roleplay, which turned out pretty good surprisingly.

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1 | 1 Comment | by GaucheCreator | Jun 6th 2015 03:40

Milo OC

Milo is a boy at age 18. He reaches a height of 6'0. He has brown hair and green eyes. He's a thin boy who you'll constantly see running. He's a sill and soft boy. He's always looking for ways to make others smile. He is quite shy so you'll have to break his shell. He likes watching others from a distance rather than joining them. He is gay too. He is always smiling for the most part. He just recently came out as gay, so you've got to cut him some slack. He's still quite shy about the topic and would rather stay away from it for awhile. He enjoys talking to close friends and the one he loves most which will be determined in roleplay!
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0 | 0 Comments | by KolemanKitty | Jun 6th 2015 03:28

Skylar OC

Skylar is a boy at age 16. His height is 5'11, he is quite short. He has blonde hair and blue-ish green eyes. He is a quiet and melancholy type boy. He draws silently in class and never pays attention but still manages to make decent grades. He's gay. He tends to doze off into his own world if you talk to him for to long. He can be a bit too honest at times. He likes hugs a lot though. He is always hanging around the park on benches, drawing things. Getting to know him can be tough but it pays off in the end.
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0 | 0 Comments | by KolemanKitty | Jun 6th 2015 03:21

Kris OC

Kris is a boy at age 19. He reaches a height of 6'0. He has black hair and grey eyes. He is a study bug. He has high grades in all his classes but doesn't really care about that. You'll always find him reading or studying. Whenever someone invites him somewhere he declines. Whenever a girl confesses to him he rejects. He is a party pooper for sure. He dislikes being around others. He is Bisexual. He always wears a coat even when is over 80 degrees outside. He is somewhat off... When you really get to know him he's a nice guy. He's way to blunt and honest though.
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1 | 0 Comments | by KolemanKitty | Jun 6th 2015 03:15