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"When your mother tells you your Harley obession is too much"
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0 | 0 Comments | by MissHarleenQuinn | Aug 15th 2015 07:03

Suicide Squad

I'm absolutely excited for Suicide Squad, and to see how certain characters play off their iconic roles. Margot Robbie will kill as Harley..Though at first I wasn't too sure about Jared Lego as The Joker but I think he'll do good.
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0 | 0 Comments | by MissHarleenQuinn | Aug 15th 2015 07:01

More starters:

money on my mind ;; despite being a celebrity, muse a doesn’t do what they love for the money. whenever they get their paycheck, they cash it in and give the money to their neighbor, muse b, who’s struggling with money. eventually, muse b has enough money to give back to muse a, and it continues on from there.
good thing ;; muse a has been friends with muse b for years, and they developed a crush on muse b. muse a spends their time with muse b all of the time, and they end up dating. after a few months into the relationship, they begin to fight constantly. muse b calls it quits, and muse a ends up trying to win them back.
stay with me ;; muse a has been lonely for as long as they could remember. after deciding to call a prostitute, { muse b }, they spend the night together. during their time together, muse a falls in love with the stranger, much to their surprise. the next morning, muse a talks to muse b, telling them how much they deserve love and a better life. muse a tries to convince muse b to stay with them.
leave your lover ;; muse b is in a relationship with an abusive, drug using oc who is terrible to them. muse a is muse b’s best friend who is always there for them during their times of hardships. muse b tells everything to muse a; how their lover treats them, etc. one night, muse b takes a brutal beating, and runs away to muse a’s.
i’m not the only one ;; muse a & b have been together for many years. muse a, a wealthy business worker, sneaks out of the house nightly and is always going out for ‘business trips’. muse b finds this suspicious and begins to talk to some of their co-workers. after discovering that muse a has been sleeping with one of their co-workers, muse b confronts them.
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0 | 0 Comments | by FemmeFatalRichtofen | Aug 15th 2015 03:31

Storyline 1 Military Rp any era

Dear Soldier

Muse A picks up the address of a soldier, Muse B, stationed overseas in a local charity program. They send a care package and a letter, but don’t really expect to hear back from them. Weeks pass, they forget, and then in their mailbox they find an envelope from the soldier.

It goes from there, and sooner or later, that random soldier, becomes, to Muse A, their soldier. Letter writing leads to phone calls, phone calls lead to skype sessions, weeks folding into months. Muse B excitedly let’s Muse B know they’ll be coming home, and now they face the decision, will they meet?

Possible Twists:

1) Muse A or Muse B is in a relationship already.

2) Muse B gets injured and is sent home, with Muse A deciding to help care for them.

Source: Littlemissalice tumblr
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1 | 0 Comments | by FemmeFatalRichtofen | Aug 15th 2015 03:20


I'm Aki and I love to roleplay. I tend to roleplay as the same character most of the time because it's easy for me but I also do other characters. I will try to draw my own characters instead of using the ones off the internet but oh well!!

• love manga and anime
•love k-pop and j-pop music
• I love to dance and sing
• I love sleeping as well
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1 | 0 Comments | by Aki-Chan | Aug 15th 2015 02:36