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perfect genrae

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Shiina Mibu

Shiina Mibu


Grim Reaper


145 cm (4'9)

41 kg (90 lbs.)

Blood Type:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:


1. Hades - Shiina's personal death scythe. It is a weapon forged from Hades' bones. It also could wound his opponents and would shorten their lifespan with a special type of curse which was much stronger than that of the other Grim Reapers.

2. Death/Decay - Shiina can instantly disintegrate most forms of material including metal, wood, fabric and flesh.

3. Master Scythe Wielder - Shiina was very skillful of wielding his scythe.

4. Immense Strength - As an Ultimate-Class Grim Reaper, Shiina's strength is so high that he could fight on par with Azazel when the latter had the Down Fall Dragon Spear Armor on him.

5. Immense Speed - Shiina is also extremely fast, being able to create after images of him at battle.

Terumi Mibu (Adoptive Father)
Shinra Mibu (Adoptive Mother)
Orcus (Father)
Bennia (Sister)

Mibu Clan

Ultimate-Class Grim Reaper


Shiina is an average height and has a slim frame. He has messy silver hair and grey eyes. Shiina is one of the rare characters seen to change his outfit on a regular basis. This ranges from female clothes (always forced by family members or others) to an outfit resembling a military uniform of the Mibu clan.

Shiina's name literally means death. Due to the overwhelming power of his ability, he is dubbed "Hades Incarnate." Shiina dislikes violence and has expressed extreme remorse for hurting those he's defeats. He has been seen crying by the side of the people he has defeated. Shiina is also very calm in contrast to his family's brutality to the other beings to the point where he feels sorry for them. Shiina's feelings of inferiority to the other members of the Mibu clan makes him obedient and very easy to control. An example of this is that the female members of his clan as well as other females have gotten Shiina to wear female clothing on numerous occasion which means he's easily convinced, but this can also just be his love for others has no limits or he is terrified at the fact of being ambushed by others. His submissive nature is also evident in the fact that he allows himself to get possessed by Terumi Mibu. Despite this nature, Shiina's powers are extremely dangerous and powerful, powerful enough to have inspired a wildfire of rumors about the merciless, god-like "Death Bishonen" (which is just an over-exaggerated version of Shiina himself).


((Modeled after Shiina of the anime: Sekirei))
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BAsic bio: i have a strange stone....anything i wish while holding it, will come true within a day

Height: 5'7
Weight: 100lbs
Age: 15-20
Gender: Male
Weapon of choice: Greatsword or daggers
Storyline 1:
My father is abussive and beats me at night, what makes matters worse is that people constantly mug me for my amulet...all i want is a friend i can trust
Storyline 2:
my faher is the headmaster of the school both me and your chararter go to, because of this i got a super hot girlfriend for some time, for she ended being a huge bitch, so i dumbed her, however she's not over me...she constantly attempts to steal my amulet to wish for me to love her...
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