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Nicholas Bellamy

вaѕιc ιnғorмaтιon
first name: nicholas
middle name: luis
sur name: bellamy
nickname: mr. bellamy or nick
age: 151; appears 20
birthdate: december 17th, 1866
gender: male
species: vampire
orientation: straight
location: bradford, england [ currently ]
aberdeen, scotland [ formerly ]

pнyѕιcal deѕcrιpтιon
face claim: george harrison
hair color: black
hair style: kept short, parted towards the left, bangs swooped over his forehead
eye color: a pale blue
height: 5'11"
weight: 143 lbs
complexion: ghostly pale
body type: thin
imperfections: his eyebrows are rather thick
tattoos/birthmarks: he has a strange, cross-like birthmark on the back of his neck

shirt: a long-sleeved, black, collared shirt that he tucks into his pants
pants: black dress pants that fit him perfectly
shoes: black loafers that he gets
jacket: a black blazer that hangs a little below his hips
accessories: he wears a white tie on top of his shirt, a leather belt around the helm of his pants and a singular red rose in his left, coat pocket
weapon: his abilities

strength: 1/10
speed: 1/10
stamina: 5/10
magic: 0/10
intelligence: 10/10
powers: nicholas, unlike many vampires, does not hold the ability of extreme speed and strength. instead, he was gifted the art of manipulation, such as moving objects with his abilities. he's able to use his powers to disappear from an area, and then reappear in a different place. although, it has to be within a radius of four yards.
weaknesses: sunlight, silver and staked through the heart.

- intellectual
- gentlemanly
- polite
- considerate
- sneaky
- manipulative
- creative
- tolerant

nicholas is very gifted in the arts. in his large hall, he hosts art galleries for the public, most are from his own hand that include paints, conte crayon, watercolor or black/white fixtures. he also collects other paintings from other artists in town. other than painting, nicholas enjoys reading romance or mystery novels.

тнeмe ѕong

ғυn ѕтυғғ
favorite food: blood; he physically cannot eat anything but
favorite book: house of leaves
favorite music: classical
favorite movie: he does not watch films
favorite color: blue


Nicholas Luis Bellamy was born to Marcus and Fiona Bellamy on December 17th, 1866. He came earlier than expected by the doctors, but nevertheless adjusted easily to the new world. His father was a vampire, while his mother was a human who longed to be one of the kin. Marcus denied her request, wanting to keep her innocent. However Nicholas was born a vampire and didn’t have to worry about the other tribes in Aberdeen.

The Bellamys belonged to the vampire tribe called the Isole. They received this name because they tend to isolate themselves from others, hiding in the darkness of Scotland and rarely speaking a word. Several other families were secluded into the tribe, such as the Jaimesons and the Yules. There were other tribes, like the Ulti who lived in the Russian tundra and the infamous Alphas in England.

Nicholas’s grandfather was apart of the Alphas, and Marcus would tell him stories of the adventures he would have. Early in his life, Nicholas decided he wanted to move from an Isole to an Alpha when he became of age (usually around a vampire’s twentieth birthday) However, it was almost impossible to move from tribe to tribe. Nicholas had to be put into training and since he wasn’t given the power of strength, it would be hard for him-- considering he was also smaller than most of the male vampires.

Nicholas truly did not enjoy his life as an Isole. Everyone was too quiet for him, and he gained that trait as he grew on. The only thing he looked forward to every day was seeing the beautiful Victoria McGiggins who lived a few blocks from his home. She was a human, with pale hair and bright green eyes that seduced the young vampire into falling in love. Although, it was the sweet scent of her blood that attracted him.

One night, Victoria was being escorted home by her current lover, Ian Timothy who stood heads over Nicholas. He was out stalking her once again, until he felt something switch over in his body. Nicholas remembered his father telling him about the “change.” All newborn vampires would experience this when they were around 16 or 19. Nicholas was 18 when it happened. Basically, to put it into small terms, Nicholas had developed a blood lust so strong that he couldn’t help himself.

He viciously attacked Ian, snapping his head off of his fat neck while Victoria cried for help. Before Nicholas drew out her blood, he whispered in her ear that he loved her and that he was sorry-- then he dug his teeth into her small neck.

Nicholas felt dead after he did this to the only person he loved most in the world, while his family celebrated his instincts finally coming to him. He didn’t care about them; he just wanted to have her back. He stayed in his room for a little more than a month, until he finally decided to leave and become an Alpha. Nicholas was done with this life.

Nicholas was enlisted into the training program that summer, and bid his parents good-bye. Marcus was proud of his son, but Fiona was angered. She wanted him to stay in Aberdeen because she knew that Nicholas would never make it there. Ignoring his mother, the male vampire left in the automobile and arrived in Bradford, England in a few days.

Although he reached last in all of the speed race, Nicholas triumphed over every candidate in power testing and mind-controlling. He figured out he could not control another vampire, but anything else he could. The camp coordinator, Mr. Reagel discovered Nicholas’s power when he studied the classes one afternoon. He decided that he didn’t need to recruit any more strong vampires; he needed the classy and brainy ones. After a year and a half at the camp, making Nicholas 19 1/2, he was given a position in the Alpha tribe.

Excited, he phoned his parents and let them know he would not be returning to Aberdeen. They congratulated him, obviously happy for him.

Nicholas has lived in Bradford, England for nearly 131 years. He bought a large hall with a white roof, beautiful gold walls and about thirty rooms in the household. He invited most of his vampire friends over for art shows, or just for general chit-chat. Nicholas loves his new life, but still has those flashbacks from when he lived in Aberdeen. Maybe he would love again. Someday. Somehow.
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Sacrificial Lamb(s)

Leah had been spending some time with Damien as well as her old friends from the pack. The younger ones were a lot different than the other’s. They understood why she left, and never blamed her once for what happened to her family. Damien expressed how sad he was to see her go, but knew that the abuse she was receiving wasn’t worth being around a pack. They asked her a lot of questions, mostly about what it was like to be a hybrid. Leah told them everything, about her life in New Orleans, about her friends and her mate. It was easy talking to the lot of them. To her, they still felt like family.

When the time came for the full moon to rise in the sky, the entire pack gathered in the center of the camp. Leah stood beside Damien and his mate, eyes focusing in on the new Alpha. It was still odd to Leah that someone had taken over. Things did seem to change, while the elders still fought out their aggressions, they never pushed anyone else to do so. Peace seemed to ring through the camp and that allowed a wave of relief to wash over Leah. The pack would be in good hands, and maybe once all the younger wolves grew up, they’d change once and for all.

“Welcome!” Caspian spoke in a loud, authoritative voice. Whenever the male spoke, his voice demanded respect. It was hard not to watch him as he did. His movements were always animated and there was a fire behind his eyes. It was almost as if he entranced anyone who caught his gaze. Leah couldn’t exactly explain it, but she knew a lot of other charismatic people. So the hybird never suspected a thing.

“This will be the first full moon that we spend together as a united pack. While I am grateful you all have been accepting me to become your new alpha, I wanted to show my gratitude towards you all. I understand that you all have experienced some trying times. There was a murder within the pack that remained unsolved, a young woman got banished without a proper trial, and you all were forced to fight each for your survival. But that’s not how the pack mentality should be!” Caspian’s eyes wandered from each and every wolf. Everyone standing straight up as they listened to his speech. Leah herself, couldn’t tear her eyes away from the male.

“I wanted to show you what it would be like to be united. To be not only a pack, but also a family! We can accomplish so much standing beside each other, instead of at each other’s throats.” With those words, the cheering began. Everyone agreed with Caspian. He spoke the truth and those words awoken the wolves inside each of them. Even Leah clapped her hands in agreement.

“With this full moon, and this shift, consider yourselves united. Run among the forest, besides your new family members.” The moon was almost at it’s highest point. One by one, it seemed as everyone’s eyes began to change colors. The shifts were beginning. They dropped to the ground, crying out in pain as their bones broke. Leah, being a hybrid, had to step back from the scene. She had not had a shift of her own since she became a hybrid. The sight was amazing, yet terrifying. But that is when she began to notice something odd. Caspian himself, had not fallen to the ground. He stood above everyone else, a malicious smile pulled at the corners of his lips. He began to whisper something under his breath, a language that Leah couldn’t decipher. His eyes began to glow and Leah felt the alarms go off in her head. She wanted to lunge forward at him, to stop him from whatever he was casting, but it was too late. The shadows around them grew, manifesting into figures that latched themselves onto the helpless, shifting wolves. One by one, they were swallowed by the darkness, leaving nothing in their wake but the echoes of screaming.

“No!” Leah screamed, feeling herself getting pulled in. Caspian snapped his head in her direction, his malicious grin widening.

“Oh don’t worry,” Caspian cooed, his voice sounding demonic. “You’re not a part of this sacrifice. My dear Leah, you are merely the witness. The truly faithful.” He laughed, his figure walking towards her. The hybrid struggled against the shadows, feeling them holding her down as Caspian took slow steps. “You see, I need them. They will fuel my magic for a while. And when that runs out, I’ll move onto the next pack….” He stopped, inches from her. “They were so easy to manipulate.”

Leah forced her eyes away from him, hearing a familiar scream. “Damien!” She called out, watching him almost complete his shift before he was sucked into the shadows. Caspian’s voice boomed through the forest once more. “You will remember this, remember them, and that in itself will provide me with power. You see, the god that promised me this power needs to be remembered. Those who used to worship him have all disappeared. So you’re doing me a great favor, I thank you.”

The Hybrid had an anger brewing inside of her. She pushed forward, trying to pull away from the grasp that held her down. Caspian merely laughed once more, his arms raising as his head tilted back. He began to murmur another spell, chanting loudly. His voice had changed, seeming as if two people were speaking over each other. It was only seconds before power surged through Caspian, the force radiating off of him in waves. Leah was thrown back, hitting her head hard against the bark of a tree which snapped underneath her weight. The Hybrid tried to stand, the forest around her spinning. Caspian’s figure was suddenly in front of her, his eyes pure black holes.

“You will be seeing me again soon. Remember me, won’t you darling?” He stated, now completely engulfed with demonic energy. The world around Leah immediately grew black. The screams of her now deceased pack echoing in her mind.
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☆ Replies ☆

- Allow up to 48 hours for a response.
- I also allow up to 48 hours (or your listed amount on your rules) for a reply. If you haven’t responded, I will check up on you, but I promise I won't be rude about it. c: I understand if you've been busy!

☆ Messaging ☆

- If you add me, contact me as soon as possible or else, I will unfriend you. I will not stand for being a number on your list; I want friends and awesome roleplay partners. I will also contact you as soon as I can when I add you. You have 24 hours to contact me before I take action.
- Do NOT speak to my muse when you send me a “hey” or whatever. You are speaking to the admin only.

☆ Mary Sue ☆

- I cannot stand god-modded characters. I will shoot them down almost immediately when I see them. Do not be offended if I call them out. It only means you can improve on them and make them the best OC yet, right?
- If you freak out on me, calling me a meanie-head or some other profanity, I will block you.

☆ Smut ☆

- No naked stuff. Plain and simple. I can do romance, like cuddling and all the cuteness.. But no coitus.

☆ RolePlay ☆

- I am quite flexible with roleplaying styles. I don’t mind descriptive, GIFs, texting over the Q + A-- but I despise script.
- I prefer no one-liners. If you find it difficult to reply to my message, please let me know and we can fix it up together to make it easier for you to send a reply. :D
- My plots are rather dark, so please be aware of that!
- I don't mind romance, but it cannot be cliche.

☆ Spamming ☆

- No spamming, okay? Like I said, I’m quite the busy person and won’t be on here 24/7. Follow my first rule for messaging details. If you spam me once, I will ask you to never do it again. If you disregard my warning, I will block you.

Heart or comment so I know you’ve read these rules. Thank you so much, and have a good day !!! :D

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Dean Karaffa (OC)

Birth Name:
>> Annabelle Marie Corbin

>> Jesse Dean Karaffa

Date Of Birth:
>> May 20th

>> 24

>> Male

>> Native American
>> German
>> Polish

>> Human

>> Bisexual

Spoken Languages:
>> English
>> German

>> Chocolate Brown

Eye Shape:
>> Upturned

Hair Color:
>> Havana brown

Natural Hair Color:
>> Havana brown

Hair type:
>> Wavy

>> Warm Ivory

Body type:
>> Ectomorph

>> 5'8"

>> 132.3 lb

>> Tenor, modulated

>> Dean is a lanky, coltish and statuesque man, with freckled warm-ivory skin. His unlined, oval face and dark blue upturned eyes with glasses tend to make him look rather nerdy. He always tends to wear suits or button up shirts, stating that they look more professional.


Sensitive topics:
>> His childhood

General Favorites:
>> Sour candy, Suspenseful/Horror movies, Summer, Vacations

Individual Favorites:


Favorite Drink:
>> Lemonade

Favorite Food:
>> Chocolate Cake

Favorite Film:
>> -

Favorite Book:
>> Inheritance Cycle

Favorite Color:
>> Crimson red

Favorite Song:
>> -

Favorite Animal:
>> -


Least Favorites:
>> Lateness
>> Stereotypes
>> Messiness
>> Cringe


>> Hands sweat nearly all the time, even when not nervous.
>> Doesn't talk much
>> Spaces out and stares when someone is talking for a while


>> Reading
>> Robotics
>> Paints


>> Atychiphobia


>> Bipolar Disorder


>> Adventurous
>> Creative
>> Modest
>> Stubborn
>> Organized
>> Determined



>> Edward David Corbin

>> Taylor Diane Shultz

>> Liam James Corbin
>> Jason Alexander Shultz

>> Charlotte Madison Benson
>> Amelia Grace Mabry

Older brother:
>> -

Younger brother:
>> Jackson Alexander Corbin

Older sister:
>> -

Younger sister:
>> Evelyn Alison Corbin


Other Relationships:

>> -

>> -


>> Dean was born into a poor, American family in a small town. From the age of 0-12, he was happy. Then, issues started erupting in the family, and Dean's life. He was forced to move to a smaller, but nearby town, away from his friends. He hated his new, tiny home and surroundings, but kept it inside to please his mother. He was able to keep himself happy by talking to his friends at school. Later, he met who he thought was the greatest person at the time being. The two children quickly became friends, and Dean felt he could talk to her about anything, even his problems at home. Then, without warning or explanation, he simply became antisocial and depressed one year. He began to randomly take these feelings out on the 'greatest person he had ever met' when he would randomly feel irritable, and immediately feel bad afterward. He always apologized, she always replied that it was fine, so he believed it was. As the months gone by, Dean began to question his sexuality and gender, becoming more and more stressed and confused, leading to more frequent outbursts of anger. He then attempted to talk to two of his friends about this, one being in the LGBT community herself, the other being the one he felt he could talk to about anything. They both seemed to openly support him, but things... apparently change. One day, right before Christmas, they both turned against him. After a long fight, they abandoned him. This led to Dean becoming anti-social and hosting vengeance and anxiety in his heart. What if he made another friend, and they did the same thing? He refused to make any more close friends, and deep down within his heart he knew... He would make his two former friends pay.


Roleplay Details:

>> Casual, Crime, Gore, Horror, Mafia,

Time Period:
>> 60's through Present Day


>> This format is not mine. I found it on someone else's blog.
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About Admin

Admin here!
I request NO NSFW! NO SEX! How i play Kangta is how i want to play him, don't force sex or act all sexual, f*** off with that please, stop being thirsty. *cough* some Kpop females on here *cough* and i am not new so don't think i'm a noob. Kangta is a single pringle who is ready to mingle, don't force a relationship because you are a desperate kinky girl, go away. If you cause any drama act all weird or inappropriate you will get blocked. Lastly, if you add i will expect you to talk! If you don't and i suspect you added to fill up your damn friends list you will be blocked too. P.S: The admin is a lover of 90s Kpop music,mainly S.E.S and H.O.T., if you don't like it then kindly unfriend, thank you!
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