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Basics for Aki Kono

Name: Aki Kono
Age: 16-21, depending on the RP. Generally 16
Gender: Cis male
Species: Human
If 16-18, high school student and game-designer wannabe
If 18-21, either university student majoring in game design and programming, or full-time server at a diner
Dominant Hand: Right

Sexuality: ...Bi? He's never really been close enough to anyone to tell for sure.
Summary of personality: standoffish, intelligent as far as math and science goes, socially awkward, bashful

Genre: Slice-of-life, maybe supernatural

Other notes: Rinmaru cannot do him justice.
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Name: Sage
Age: 18-20

They had a head transplant after they died
They head was transplanted to a living body
But the trauma and shock caused them to become a paranoid shell of a human, which in turn made them a completely new person
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Akuma Tsuki

Name: Akuma Tsuki
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Powers: Hell-Fire Manipulation, Penance Stare, Teleportation, Telekinetic Choking, and Telekinesis.

Personality: Akuma is mysterious. She rarely shows her feelings and she doesn't like talking about sappy stuff. She is very outgoing and adventurous. Although she acts tough, rude, and cold hearted she is actually playful, lovable, and caring. She loves to play around with animals and cuddle things. She has a cute, childish, and sweet side that she hides. She is very active and she is a daredevil.
Looks: Akuma has long light blue hair. On top of her head she has small white horns. She has pale skin. She's 5"7 tall and very thin. She has natural rosy red cheeks. She keeps her hair up in pig tails.

Style: Akuma wears sweat pants, tight black yoga pants, or black skinny jeans. She always has her blue flannel around her waist with a white short sleeve shirt that has a black crescent moon on it. She wears a black and blue hat. To keep her hair up she uses spiked wrist bands.

Likes: Akuma likes gaming, running (like track), going on adventures, reading mangas, drawing, night time, mythical demonic stories, horror, gore, sweets (like cakes and candy), and animals.

Dislikes: People for follow by the rules, being bored, staying inside, school, small spaces, being annoyed or disturbed, Satan, and getting into a sappy, feeling talk.

About: Akuma is a demon creature from hell. Although Satan isn't her father he did "raise" her. More like just have her in his company and not really watch her. Akuma likes to roam the human world and cause chaos although she acts like she's just nay average human while she's there, minus the horns. She absolutely hates Satan ever since she was little. Akuma's name means Demon Moon. Akuma posses the powers of Hell-Fire Manipulation, Penance Stare, Teleportation, Telekinetic Choking, and Telekinesis. Hell-Fire Manipulation is the power to use demonic flames and Penance Stare is the power to cause effects on someone just by staring into their eyes. Akuma loves to sneak out at night and take walks or cause chaos.
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Roleplay Rules

Genres I roleplay are: Gore, Horror, Romance, and Anime. I like to make romance the main genre and add one of the other genres I like with it.

I roleplay 5 plus sentences and will not reply to anything less then 5 sentences. I roleplay paragraph format no **

Please do not ask what I'd like to roleplay. If you ask to roleplay you pick the genre (has to be mixed with romance) and come up with the plot.

Thank you ^~^
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Meg Azura

Age: 22
Looks: (image)
Occupation: Waitress/bartender

Meg works at a strip club. However, she isn’t part of the shows taking place there. She works as a waitress and occasionally as a bartender there. The suit she is wearing is her work uniform. Every waitress wears the same in there.

This club is one of the most expensive ones. Hence, the employees’ attitude shall be perfect. Meg is trying her best. She is generally a happy person and always has a smile decorating her lips so it isn’t too hard for her. Since the place is a rather classy club, the customers are both males and females and all of high status, so there are no problems with them being a**holes.

Most of the times at least. When unfortunate incidents take place, Meg tries her best not to cause more trouble and always reaches out to the security if needed. She doesn’t like staining her hands.
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