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Frost: (Wolf/human hybrid)

Frost (Human)

Age: 23

Weight: 210 lbs

Height: 6'4

Body type: Heavy but muscular

Appearance: Frost has white hair and deep blue eyes. A very strong body. He is usually seen wearing a heavy jacket, white tank top underneath, Blue jeans, and some worn but heavy army boots.

Likes/Dislikes: Frost has a bit of a trigger temper. Though he does his best to control it. He usually lets out a couple curse words here and there. But if you say..Hit his dog..You're dead. Bye.

Bio: He's a start football player..Type. He is strong, Tall, and very skillful. He's been asked many times to join the team but has always said no. Sometime more interests him..Girls of course! He's quite a pervert if he ever gets into a relationship, Girls cheat for him, though that doesn't always end well when a few guys with bats come at him for f***ing their girl. But getting away from that, Boe can be very nice and a somewhat sweet hear,t but once you get to know him, say goodbye to your cloths.

Frost (Wolf)

Age: 3

Weight: 190 lbs

Height to shoulder: 3'7

Length from nose to tail: 6'

Appearance: A heavy pure white coat with deep blue ocean eyes. An incredibly thick though kinda glossy coat.

Likes/dislikes: He loves the rain and cold, Sleeping in a dark cave with a wolf he loves, it'd be his favorite thing ever to do. though, He really can't..having no mate or pack at all. He's a skillful hunter and quite a fast runner.

(Just put top bio here in wolf version)
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Ruby (Wolf)

Name: Ruby

Appearance: Ruby is a red wolf with gorgeous green eyes and a beautiful smile.

Age: 3 (About twenty in human years)

Weight: 110

Height to shoulder: 3'1

Length from nose to tail: 5'3

Likes/Dislikes: Ruby is a clean wolf who prefers not to get her paws dirty, Though when she has too she'll get down and dirty, and not just in the mud~ She is an incredible runner and prefers fish over large game.

Bio: Nothing really bad has happened in Ruby's life, so far. She just has no parents. Ya know, the usual. She has no family. an orphan when she was born. Her father being killed in an attack the day she came into life. and her mother..didn't make it past her birth. She was the first pup to be born, and if not for that..She'd be dead.

Photo by @Mesmerbird Check her out!)
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☢Name;☢ Choi Seungni
☢Nickname;☢ Nini
☢Age;☢ 17
☢Height;☢ 5'5
☢Weight;☢ 112 lbs
☢Sexuality;☢ Pansexual
☢Personality;☢ Nini is super silly and chill. Most of the time she's found dancing and some times on a rare occasion singing off show. She is in a tiny, slowly growing cover group called 'Navili'. Sometimes, she smokes and gets super high, no matter the time of day/friends she's around.
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Full name: Melody Phantom
Age: 18 (changes time to time but stays at 18 a lot)
Personality: Sweet, kind, dark, lonely
Species: Human/Demon

Bio: Mom die of birth and was left in the Demon realm with her father. Her father was a Demon and her Mother was a Human. She is an only child. Has raven like wings. Ran away from home because the Demon prince wanted to marry her
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❤~My Book~❤

The Sun Princess looked up and spoke quietly, "Miss Sapphire, this is your third time this week being summoned here by the palace guards, What could you have possibly done now?
Renesmee looked away and squeaked, "I-I... walked outside o-of the kingdom's limits....
The Sun Princess's sweet expression turned cold and heartless as she spoke,"Take her to the dungeon."
"N-No! P-Please no! N-Not again!!...." Renesmee practically cried.
"You should've thought about this when you decided to go outside of the kingdom's limits." The Princess smiled cruelly.
"...." Renesmee tried speaking but couldn't think of anything to say.
Apollo came up and looked away as he grabbed her arm. He muttered, "...I'm sorry, Esmee..."
Haven still stood strong beside the Princess but still looked away as her sister was being taken towards the dungeon of torture. "...."
The Sun Princess spoke quietly and softly again. "I'm sorry about your sister, Miss Sapphire, but she knew what she was getting herself into.."
Both Haven and the Princess went silent.



Apollo opened the door to the dungeon and looked around to see if any other guard was around. When the coast was clear he pinned Renesmee to the wall and kissed her.
Renesmee blushed and asked quietly, "W-What was t-that for?.."
"One thing to look forward to.. and so you could think of that kiss when you get...."
She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. She looked up not directly at him but meant it towards him and said, "I'll be fine... just.. be careful.. you're a guard so you have a lot of responsibility.."
"I'll be careful.. I promise.." he said as he put his hand on her cheek.
She started crying as she looked away. "I'll be fine.. I promise.."
He kissed her once more. "I know you will be.. you're strong.."
She sniffled. "...I love you.."
"...I love you too..." he said as he wiped her tears.
She walked into the dungeon and as soon as she came in the doors closed behind her.
"Quite a show you two put on there.." a voice said.
Renesmee looked around. She was surprised to sense someone other than herself there for the first time in years. "W-Who are y-you?.."
"I'm Willow.... nice to meet you.."
~To be continued~
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