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{ Ignis Scientia }

name. Ignis Stupeo Scientia
nicknames. Iggy | Specs
age. 23 | 33 (depending on timeline)
date of birth. 17th Feb

occupation. Strategist/Advisor
education. Special Education for gifted children

dating status. Single
orientation. Demisexual

parents. Both parents are deceased
siblings. Unknown
other family. The chochobros

height. 183cm (6'0")
build. Slender|Toned
hair. Blonde however as he ages it turned to brunette
eyes. Emerald visage | Clouded visage
scars. Left eye, Right eye, bridge of his nose and his lip slightly
Jewelry: Wear's a dainty skull necklace

Ignis recieved a special education for gifted children befitting a staff officer to Act as an understanding Consultant for the Caelum family. A genuinely nurturing young man, Ignis fills in as both a strategist & tactical advisor to the prince of lucis of the crown city of Insomnia. He tends to over-analyize his methods. He's Excellent with his hands, both right and left (ambidextrous). A good sence of judgement, capable of making the best out of most situations. He's compassionate when nessicery to those who he deems worthy, There is little Ignis wouldn't do in order to protect his companions/loved ones. He Also a Genius cook, can make good meals with the bare necessities. Has lived his whole life trying to please others, even though it eats at him. He's never really put himself first. Ignis does not take kindly to failure or loss. He did not have a great childhood as he was always tending to the needs of Noctis when he was younger. Ignis then was 6 while Noct would have been 3 His childhood revolved around his duties.

During his time in Altissia with Noctis upon leading upto his prince's wedding he was split from the group Ignis indured a injury during the greater battle. which resulted him in loosing his eyesight, The wounds would mend however his eyesight did not. But Iggy doesn't resent Noctis for his eye injury.

gnis has a composed, serious, and cool personality to contrast the other's Ignis is loyal to his prince and would do anything for him, yet tends to stay near him in battle. Because Noctis lost his mother when he was young, Iggy has filled some of those duties for him to some extent, Such as trying to make Noct eat a healthy diet. Though austere and intelligent, Ignis struggles reading people's intentions, Especially when something is a joke.

Ignis is deffinatly a perfectionist and tends to lose his composure when things don't go his way, He is a very precise person. He does not like even the slightest ambiguity. This is why he wears glasses even though his vision (before his injury) was passable without glasses.

The calmest, most reserved one. Although he doesn't remotely join in with the other guys, He does in his own way. Ignis's other and favourite hobby is Cooking, gathering materials from here and There Ignis is capable of making the most devine of dishes.

Endowed with two slender, sharply pointed daggers or a lance equipped that he can switch comfortably from a standard grip and a reverse grip for variable offensives, Ignis is exceptionally fast and has a nice array of status effects to inflict with his unique combination of both magic and physical attacks (such as poison on impact). As a mage, he also has a strong affinity with fire magic and can combine the spell with his weapons in any necessity more his movements are fast and relentless, He is never caught without proper essientials. He is always ready for the next chesspiece to move on the board.

combat → Daul-daggers,lances,spells

Techniques → Limit break,impulse,deathblow,techstrike,
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Liam Bankson

вaѕιc ιnғorмaтιon
first name: liam
middle name: richard
sur name: bankson
nickname: li-li [ i wouldn't recommend calling him that however ]
age: 22
birthdate: december 31st, 1995
gender: male
species: vampire
orientation: straight
location: moscow, russia [ currently ]
albany, new york [ formerly ]

pнyѕιcal deѕcrιpтιon
face claim: liam aiken
hair color: brown
hair style: worn long, the ends poking out when they touch his ears, parted to the right in long bangs
eye color: dark brown; almost black
height: 5'7"
weight: 160 lbs.
complexion: pale
body type: slender
imperfections: he has a few freckles on his face
tattoos/birthmarks: n/a

shirt: long-sleeved, white collared shirt with a navy blue vest over top
pants: black jeans with stains of red on the front legs
shoes: black suede dress shoes
jacket: a navy blue pea-coat with large buttons
accessories: n/a
weapon: his abilities and his knife

strength: 6/10
speed: 10/10
stamina: 3/10
magic: 0/10
intelligence: 2/10
powers: liam is your average vampire with strength and incredible speed. however, he can barely contain his blood lust or emotions whenever he is alone with a human.
weaknesses: losing Petra, silver, sunlight or staked through the heart

- sarcastic
- grumpy
- careless
- snide
- terrifying
- reluctant
- headstrong
- troubled

liam enjoys old horror films, his favorite being dracula. he likes to take walks during the evening to avoid the "normal people" in the mornings, and it's a lot cooler for him. he also has an obsession over vintage things and graveyards.

тнeмe ѕong

ғυn ѕтυғғ
favorite food: blood, but he forces himself to at least try human food
favorite book: cujo
favorite music: heavy metal
favorite movie: any old film really
favorite color: red


Liam was the oldest out of three. They all lived in Albany New York, in a tiny, run down cabin in the middle of no where. His mother was named Meredith, whom worked as a salesclerk at a super market. His father was Walter, and a convicted felon. He was usually arrested twice a week, but Meredith would always bail him out. Liam had a young brother named Harold, and a sister named Liliana.

Liam went to middle school during a huge investigation at his home for Walter’s weapons and drugs he smuggled. This was a usual thing, so he didn’t mind. It was the normal for him. Liam excelled in everything but maths. His father would get very aggravated whenever he came home with an F on his test, but refused to help him. Liam felt like he had no where to go, so he continued to fail his math until the teacher brought in his parents.Meredith understood and asked for a tutor. Liam still didn’t seem to understand, so he pretty much gave up from all of the stress of his father calling him “stupid” or “retarded.”

By the time Liam graduated and went onto high school, Liliana had come down ill with leukemia. Liam skipped so many classes to visit his dear sister, but in the end got in huge trouble with the principal. He cried and pleaded with them, trying for them to see reason and not to call his father. Unfortunately, they did anyway.
Liam was beaten by his father. His face was bruised and cut up by a belt. Liam’s anger boiled from then on, and led to his emotional decline.

Liliana passed away when Liam was a junior in high school. Harold and Liam were always there for each other, and they swore they were going to be tighter than before. His father seemed not phased by this, but Meredith was hysterical.

Finally, Liam graduated high school and came home to his mother and brother dead on the floor of his home. He was extremely frightened and called the police, reporting the incident. They assumed it was Liam’s father that murdered them, and that’s when Liam snapped. He knew he could take the beating his father gave him, but not when it was on his own family.

When his father came home from his hiding place, Liam attacked his father violently with a kitchen knife, which later became his weapon of choice. Everything changed inside of him. He felt crazed but amazing. In fear of getting caught, Liam fled the house and lived out on his own for a while.

One December evening, Liam starved to death. Well, not to death. He just passed out as his body was slowly dying. He had no food, no shelter and couldn’t stop shivering. Luckily for him, the scent of his O positive blood got the attention of a nearby vampire named Marcus Bellamy. He bit the boy for the blood source, but since Liam was still alive, he became a vampire.

From the blood lust and emotional disorders, Liam needed to find himself in all of this mess. He went around killing people, not caring if the police caught him. He just enjoyed his victims blood, especially young girls since he was a cute little guy.

The attention of the rogue vampire was brought upon Alvric Dunsmok, the Ulti tribe leader. He promised the boy revenge and without anything to lose, Liam complied.
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Frederick Hartmann

вaѕιc ιnғorмaтιon
first name: frederick
middle name: bastien
sur name: hartmann
nickname: fred
age: 112; appears 20
birthdate: may 15th, 1905
gender: male
species: vampire
orientation: bisexual [ male lean ]
location: berlin, germany [ currently ]
paris, france [ formerly ]

pнyѕιcal deѕcrιpтιon
face claim: richard harmon
hair color: dark brown in the light, appears black in the dark
hair style: worn in a long fringe over the right side of his face, which annoyingly hangs in front of his eyes while the sides of his hair are kept short
eye color: stormy green/grey
height: 6'2"
weight: 168 lbs
complexion: pale
body type: average
imperfections: none
tattoos/birthmarks: he has a tattoo of the Brakian emblem on his left forearm

shirt: a fleece, creme sweater over a dark brown, long-sleeved collared shirt
pants: dark olive, straight legged jeans with a rip along side of his left leg
shoes: black combat boots that reach halfway up his calf
jacket: a slick, black rain coat with a belt looped through holes along the backside, although frederick never buckles it and leaves them to hang at his sides
accessories: he wears a heart shaped locket with his sisters picture in the center and hangs it around his neck using a gold chain
weapon: his powers and a silver pistol conceived in his jacket pocket

strength: 10/10
speed: 8/10
stamina: 2/10
magic: 0/10
intelligence: 6/10
powers: born as a rogue, frederick packs some serious power. with his intense strength as well as speed, he is an unpredictable opponent. frederick carries a pistol that holds silver bullets, making it increasingly difficult for vampires to harm him
weaknesses: silver, sunlight and being staked

- sarcastic
- bold
- strong
- ignorant
- crude
- stern
- tough
- sly
- expressive

frederick enjoys archery due to his aim becoming increasingly better when using his gun in fights and specifically because he gets admired by it. someday, he'd like to carry a crossbow instead of the metal object. he enjoys puzzles, like sudoku or the board game, clue. he loves to test his mind and challenge himself.

тнeмe ѕong

ғυn ѕтυғғ
favorite food: blood
favorite book: to kill a mockingbird
favorite music: hardcore metal
favorite movie: shutter island
favorite color: dark burgundy


Frederick Hartmann was the first born to Deadra and Adam Hartmann in 1905 in the infamous Paris, France. Rosalinda Hartmann followed in 1907, Frederick's younger sister by two years. Neither of them were vampires, meaning Frederick and Rosealinda birthed into this world as pure humans.

As a child, he was rather chubby and pudgy so when he went through the educational system, the students snickered and picked on him. He didn't adapt well to their constant bickering, and in last 1915, he picked his first fight with one of the school bullies. Of course, Frederick lost and went crying to the principal. He was given detention and a "good luck" sentence by the old man, but Frederick didn't melt so easily. He continued to pick fights with the other men that attempted to make fun of the teen, especially when they commented on Rosalinda. No doubt, she was beautiful with her amber hair and soft, endearing blue eyes-- but Frederick despised it and protected his sister from their wandering eyes.

What made the two lives turn for the worse was the incident of 1917. Frederick was driving Rosalinda home after a hard day at school, when they ran over something in the road. Rosalinda hoped and prayed it wasn't an animal, but to find a human laying underneath the slick tires. Miraculously, the man was alive and begged them to take him to the hospital, for he believed his legs were broken. Without much thought, Frederick shoved the man in the back seat, but hadn't the faintest clue that the strange person was a vampire.

He bit Rosalinda first, her blood spraying all over the windshield. Frederick let out a scream, slamming on the brakes while the car spun out of control, hitting a nearby trench and dug the vehicle in the thick mud. He tried to run, but he couldn't leave his sister behind so Frederick tried to fight the vampire. Rage and sadness built in the man's chest as he was bitten, making both Frederick and Rosalinda into rogue vampires.

They vowed to protect new born like them, so in their home town, they built a tribe called the Brakians. Rosalinda found Winnie Fouriner and Derrik Bernard a year later, two vampires that befriended the Hartmanns quite well, and soon they joined the leaders.

Germany held no vampire tribe, so Frederick suggested that they split their tribes and gain both territories. Rosalinda agreed to stay with Derrik in Paris, while Winnie and her brother moved to Germany. He misses his sister dearly, but Frederick knows she can handle herself.
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Cedric Watson

вaѕιc ιnғorмaтιon
first name: cedric
middle name: ainsley
sur name: watson
nickname: ced
age: 203; appears 21
birthdate: september 11th, 1813
gender: male
species: vampire
orientation: unsure
location: aberdeen, scotland

pнyѕιcal deѕcrιpтιon
face claim: chris white
hair color: brown
hair style: no part, pulled all in-front of his face and bangs cut straight across, the sides touching mid-way down his ears
eye color: hazel
height: 5’11”
weight: 132 lbs.
complexion: pale
body type: thin/lanky
imperfections: he has a mole on the crease of his left jaw
tattoos/birthmarks: none

shirt: a neat, crisp, white button down, long-sleeved shirt with the cuffs pulled back against his wrists
pants: a pair of dark grey slacks that bundle at his ankles
shoes: some black chelsea boots
jacket: either a black blazer or a long, grey coat that reaches his thighs
accessories: sometimes wears weird ties around his neck; such as a vibrant pink one or ones with strange patterns and thick rimmed glasses
weapon: his powers

strength: 1/10
speed: 2/10
stamina: 8/10
magic: 0/10
intelligence: 5/10
powers: cedric is a rare breed of vampire, much like nicholas. he calls his abilities "chameleon" whereas he copies other people's powers and uses them as his own. its very strenuous and painful, so he only uses it once or twice.
weaknesses: sunlight, silver and being staked through the heart

- selfless
- sweet
- possesive
- timid
- intelligent
- cowardly
- nervous
- caring

cedric loves to collect butterflies. he loves their wings and the different shapes, colors and patterns they come in. he keeps them in books, pinning them to the pages instead of putting them up on his walls. other than that, cedric is a very quiet person. he enjoys writing about his experience as a vampire, and other situations that happen in his life.

тнeмe ѕong

ғυn ѕтυғғ
favorite food: blood
favorite book: hard to choose one
favorite music: classical
favorite movie: doesn’t watch films
favorite color: a light red/pink


Cedric Watson was born to Aviana Watson and Samuel Watson in Aberdeen, Scotland in late 1813. Like most vampires, Cedric was born into vampirity as both his parents were already changed. Aviana, the Isole tribe leader, bit Samuel to keep him immortal with her and after centuries of being together, decided to have a child. Holding Cedric to her dearly, Aviana kept the boy locked up in their cathedral-like home, worried that he’d be tampered with by the Ulti of Russia. The boy missed school because of this, but managed to gain a likeness for books and received his intelligence that way.

Samuel finally convinced Aviana to allow Cedric out in the open when he passed by his ‘blood lust’ phase, whereas a vampire would long for blood so much, it could wreck them. Aviana stood by the door, crying and whining while her son grew fiercer, begging for blood and destroying his own bedroom in the process.

After the phase, Cedric grew to be quiet and shy, barely speaking unless he needed to. However, a century passed by and he met two vampire boys named Callum and Nicholas Bellamy. He befriended them, growing close to the younger brother (Nicholas.) Being the Isole prodigy, Cedric wanted to become a strong leader like his mother in case she passed on, and Nicholas ensured he’d help him gain the title.

When Nicholas left for the Alpha tribe, Cedric was heartbroken. He viewed Nicholas as his only friend, and longed to find the man once again-- or for him to come home and help him rule the Isole. He loved Nicholas, dearly.
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Callum Bellamy

вaѕιc ιnғorмaтιon
first name: callum
middle name: edward
sur name: bellamy
nickname: cal
age: 157; appears 25
birthdate: december 1st, 1859
gender: male
species: vampire
orientation: straight
location: moscow, russia [ currently ]
aberdeen, scotland [ formerly ]

pнyѕιcal deѕcrιpтιon
face claim: richard starkey [ ringo starr ]
hair color: black
hair style: parted to the left side of his face, bangs brushed over his forehead and sits like a bob around his ears
eye color: a dark blue with hints of silver in the iris
height: 6'1"
weight: 178 lbs
complexion: pale
body type: average
imperfections: he has a scar on the left side of his cheek. this happened when he tried to escape his current tribe [ to be explained in past ]
tattoos/birthmarks: n/a

shirt: a dark grey turtleneck with a white vest overlapping on the top, with a yellow handkerchief poking out of the right pocket
pants: black, sleek slacks to protect him from the snow
shoes: dark brown [ almost black ] snow boots
jacket: a black snow jacket with fleece on the inside
accessories: around his neck, he wears a black bow-tie
weapon: his abilities

strength: 10/10
speed: 6/10
stamina: 1/10
magic: 0/10
intelligence: 3/10
powers: callum is your average vampire, although his strength is a bit amped up than normal. he relies too much on his power, meaning he can be easily defeated with careful planning
weaknesses: sunlight, silver, and being staked through the heart

- devious
- light-hearted
- bad-tempered
- humourous
- understanding
- predictable
- ambitious
- industrious

callum enjoys playing the violin, as his parents paid for lessons a century ago and managed to acquire his own musical instrument in russia. he also likes working on finding abnormal humans for the ulti, so they can recruit them and use them in their war.

тнeмe ѕong

ғυn ѕтυғғ
favorite food: blood. he physically can't eat anything else
favorite book: into thin air
favorite music: blues
favorite movie: doesn't have time to watch movies
favorite color: a yellow-green


Callum Bellamy was born to Marcus and Fiona Bellamy on December 1st, 1859 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Originally apart of the peaceful Isole tribe, Callum enjoyed his life with his parents, and his soon-to-be brother, Nicholas Bellamy whom was birthed six years after Callum came to life. Both Callum and his brother were born into vampirity, and Callum actually didn't mind being a vampire. He enjoyed feeling different, and didn't care if he got strange looks from pedestrians.

Callum used his strength abilities for good, except for one situation whereas his brother was being bullied during school. He punched the man straight into the wall, exposing his powers unfortunately, but at least Nicholas was safe.

When Callum turned 25, he was promised the world by the evil Alvric Dunsmok, whom controlled the Ulti tribe in Russia. The man was notorious for killing innocent people and harboring dangerous vampires, but Callum was seduced by the promises and left with Alvric.

His parents knew what happened to Callum, but they hid it from Nicholas. They didn't want Nicholas to chase after his beloved brother, because the Ulti would surely crush the boy. Instead they informed him he disappeared in the night.

It took Callum a week to realize that Alvric lied to him and began to treat the young vampire with hatred. He attempted to escape, but to no avail. He was trampled by the Ulti, his face slicing against the barbed wire fence that held their little world together.

Callum now serves Alvric as his second hand man, obeying every word and order given to him. He only wishes that he could tell Nicholas that he's alive and well-- maybe someday their paths will meet.
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