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Michael Ganko

↞ Age: 35
↞ Birthday: 3 February
↞ Location: Sydney, Australia
↞ Orientation: Hetero
↞ Relationships
Parents: Mother - Galina Ganko
Father - Ivan Ganko
Lover: ( a lot of exs wives and lovers)
↞ Appearance
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark green
Body: Average
Tattoos: -
Piercing: -
Injures: Some due to fights
↞ Habits
Smoke: Sometimes
Alcohol: Yes
Drugs: No
↞ Personality: Michael is truly gentleman. But he can be sarcastic and witty. During his work Mr. Ganko is completely cold-blooded, persistent and purposeful. However, Michael has excellent scent of humor. And he adores animals. Any of them.
↞ Interesting facts:
1. He has several houses around the world as he has to move often.
2. Michael is real clean freak.
3. He hates novels and movies about James Bond.
↞ Play-by
Jon Hamm
↞ Music Theme:
The Neighbourhood - Flawless
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0 | 0 Comments | by Myfictionalch | 3 hours ago

Rules! (n_n)

I am not strict but when I set rules I like for them to be acknowledged and followed as much as possible. If anyone has any questions don't be afraid to message me or even comment on here!

Grammar and spelling are important to me. I like to be able to read replies in my head and make sense of them. I don't care if it's perfect but I don't appreciate text talk when in character (unless of course it is a text) and all the usual no no's etc.

DO NOT try to control my character unless it has been previously discussed. Amelia is mine, you have your own characters, control them instead.

I like a degree of detail in my stories and will always strive for at least one large paragraph in my replies. The shortest replies I ever give will be probably still be about 3/4 lines long. If I am sent a one liner on more than one occasion, prepare to be removed. I just don't like them and they do not hold enough detail for me to base reply on.

NO GODMODING. I just don't appreciate it. If your character is made in a way where it has powers then cool, just don't go adding more in during rp, or making them invincible when I am fully aware they had weaknesses. I just don't like it and if it happens (again without discussion) then I will refuse to reply and probably remove you from my page.

If you message me constantly over the space of about an hour or less because I haven't replied yet, I'm less likely to reply. I have more than one person to reply to and sometimes, replies are a lot longer for one person than another. I will tend to work from shortest to longest, depending if I love the storyline too. If I haven't replied for a few days, then feel free to nudge me, I've probably opened the mail and forgotten to reply. If you keep nudging me over a very short amount of time, I will probably unfriend you.

Directly related to #5. I have a life outside of this website. I have work, and a dog, and my own house to clean and take care of. I will normally put a status up saying I will not be on if it will be for a long while, like a day or a week. MY LIFE COMES FIRST, don't forget that.

I do not come on here to deal with petty dramas, and abusive people. I have enough to deal with IRL that I really don't need it here, I come here to write and have fun. This is an outlet for my imagination to run wild so if you start drama, I will block you. (Abusive text inside an rp, as long as previously discussed and relevent to the story is ok.)

VERY IMPORTANT. I have a mental illness, some days I may not feel up to replying, or talking in rp. I will probably state this privately or will set a status. Some days I don't have the mindset and just want to stay in bed all day and cuddle my pupper. Anxiety and Depression are a bitch, and so can I be if you disrespect it on any day. Please respect my mental health, as I respect everyone elses.

Just because my character is in a relationship with yours, doesn't mean I am in a relationship with you. I'm not looking for that. I flirt, and I love making friends on here, but do not attempt to control my actions. My character is a multiship so please bare that in mind.

That is all!

TLDR; Don't be a d*ck and I won't be a bitch, Treat me and my chracter with respect and I will do the same for you. I am a nice person but I am not a carpet.

Sign if you want to but liking this post to let me know you have read it also works!

all my love,

Dr Parnassus.

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3 | 0 Comments | by TheImaginarium | 3 hours ago

New character need help naming

First to help me name my newest character will be awesome
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0 | 1 Comment | by TexTheDemonKing | 3 hours ago

Craig Mabbitt

This is probably gonna be all like weird and sh*t I feel bad already. Like someone is gonna have to like sit through this so.

Craig. I think I've been crushing on you since like 2005, wow I'm all like flustered already. Wow. Anyways.
I think since like 2005 and then you know like Ronnie and I like left but then I like got pulled back into you. I came back because like something about like you was shouting at me and I needed it like I felt like- Deep down like inside me I felt like I had to be there with you. Then I ended up feeling like all guilty and sh*t for like leaving Falling. So I went like back. But then like something was yelling at me and like telling me I had to be with you and like around you.So I came back and Iike don't regret it at like all like it is clearly like one of the best descisions of my life. I can't spell I'm like super tired still don't bug me. Wow. Uh anyways. That thing that like kept caling me back? It was your charm and like just.. you in general Craig. And I mean Ortiz kept like sayin he missed me so you know like I stopped by a few times and like that's when I like realized that you were like f***ing art Mabbitt. I fell in love all over again. I kept like staying over there and hanging with all you guys and like I just wanted to be around you. Remember that uh that one time I fell asleep like next to you and I crawled up like into your lap? I was like so f***ing happy dude I was so warm and I liked the vibes that like came off of you. Like you just are perfect. If someone said, "What non physical like features do you like of Craig's?" And I'd like shoot up. His voice is so soft and relaxing and like when he sings it's however he like wants it to be but like it's still f***ing beautiful and like his screams are so passionate. He's got the warmest aura like that I've ever felt. Like you can feel his affection from like a mile away. The dude like greets everyone with like a hug! He helps like anyone and even if it's nothing. If you like spill your coffee on him, (which I had once but it wasn't hot.) Then like he's not mad... he'll end up buying you like a new one. And he'll clean up your like mess too. He tends to be a very competitive kinda like guy but that's okay cause like I know against him I'm not gonna like win. Like I'm okay with that haha. OH yeah, his laugh! Have you like ever heard it? It's so f***ig sweet and precious, it's like so cute I could cry. He tends to laugh in like bunches. He laughs like once and it's over. It's perfect.

Basically, I'd do whatever it takes to like be able to stay by his side for like ever.
I love you Craig. So much.

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1 | 0 Comments | by MaxGreen | 4 hours ago

Kiba (Wolf Main)


Age: 2.5 (About 18)

Weight: 180

Height to shoulder: 3'5

Length from nose to tail: 5'10

Appearance: Kiba has golden yellow eyes and a pure white fur coat. Not really any scars.

Likes/Dislikes: Kiba isn't too picky of a wolf with near anything. Mates, Food..Well..He has a type but prefers not to discuss of it.(Red fur is a turn on :3) He enjoys swimming actually, where most wolves wouldn't step paw into thje water, He'd dive right in!

Bio: Kiba is a born Alpha, but with his fathers death he is just a gnaw wolf now. Mistreated and pushed around, He eats last, lives away from the pack, and has to be submissive to everyone, Even pups a third of his size! Though he is not a submissive dog at all. He's quite strong considering his life. And big..not just in body~
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0 | 0 Comments | by AWhiteWolf | 5 hours ago