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People I Ship Poe With

Star Wars:
Kylo Ren
General Hux
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo

Different Universe:
Captain Jack Harkness
The 10th Doctor (maybe)
Tony Stark

This is not mine, but it's cute:
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Fluffy RP Starters You Can Send Me

“You’re hair is really soft after you wash it.”

“Would it be all right if I borrowed your jacket? It smells like you.”

“Here, let’s share the blanket.”

“You are my new pillow.”

“But I want to hear you sing.”

“Don’t be stubborn. Try it!”

“Will you let me rub your back?”

“Care to give me a back scratch?”

“Star-gazing was a good idea.”

“You look beautiful/handsome in the moonlight.”

“How about something warm? It will will help you sleep.”

“Don’t be silly. I want to stay up with you.”

“It is not morning yet.”

“Shush and go back to bed.”

“How bout a kiss?”

“I want a hug.”
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Knitty Gritty (Rules.)

⒈ I'm not picky with partners, but I got to ask for patience above all. I get nervous and stressed with so much expectations. Remember, I role play for fun, if I wanted high standards, I'd write a school essay.
⒉ Life always, always, always comes first; I think I speak for everyone when I say this, so it'll be a topic I won't touch on.
⒊ This is my version of Peter Parker, if I am not role playing him to your liking, find another Parker to role play with, I won't be in any way shape or form offended.
⒋ I'm not very good with romance, but if that is something you'd like to try, I'd prefer it to feel natural and not scripted. Just because I agree to role play with you, doesn't mean I have to engage in fifty shades of wrong.
⒌ Have fun.~


⦁If I say or do anything offensive, talk to me about it. Sometimes, I don't realize the things I say or do can be hurtful because I myself have feelings of steel. If you talk to me reasonably, I'll try to be fair.
⦁Talking to me first helps before a role play. I am extremely shy with my role playing, so all I ask is if you keep this in mind.
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Zeno (OC, male)

Full Name: Zeno Petit
Reason for name: Zeno, is a Catholic name, showing he is catholic. Petit is French, he is French.
Nickname: "The Tinted Eye"
Reason for nickname: See the cross on his necklace? The gem in the middle is glowing blue. Its a bit dim, but once brighter his eyes glow blue to, and he is able to see anything that happens around him.
Age: 16 1/2 (But depends on the RP)
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: —(He can't remember, his parents left him at a young age, 5)
Birthday: March 6, ? ? ? ?
Currently living in: He lives with a younger brother and Older sister and brother. His location is unknown (For now. . .)
Species/Race: ? ? ? ?—French
Blood Type: AB–negative
Occupation: He spends his time reading a brown leather book, but its in a different language. . .
Sexual Orientation: ? ? ? ?


Body Build: Mildly muscular
Height: 6'2
Weight: —
Skin colour: Cotton peach
Hair style: A bit messy
Hair colour: White/Pale pink
Eye colour: Grey-ish Blue (Bright Blue when cross glows)
Accessories: Cross, and the extra locket around his neck.


General health: Excellent
Posture: Good
Any physical illnesses?: No
Any mental illnesses?: Nothing known of
Take drugs?: No
Smoke?: No

Mental/Emotional State

Mental age: —
Act before thinking/Think before acting?: Think before acting
Emotion-wise, generally: Calm


Way of speaking: He shows little emotion in his voice, and talks when he needs to or when he feels it is a good moment to.
Common conversation starter: "Greetings and Salutations,"
Swears?: Yes (Kind of)
Made-up words?: No
Made-up language?: . . .


Likes: A bit of company, mysteries, and anything scaring or haunted he finds fun.
Dislikes: Drama, Romance (For now), writing, and kinda dislikes coffee.

He spends most of his time back home, working on mechanics. (You'll find out WHAT he works on. .)

He tends to give death stares or devilishly smirks with no intentions to.


Strengths: He loves being praised/admired.
Weakness: When the cross around his neck is ripped from away.

One, was already explained. He can see anything once his eyes are bright blue. He can also hear things from a certain far distance and is never startled. He is also very flexible.


Education: Very high

His abilities. .He hides the cross from a lot of people.

Someone will take that brown leather book of his.

His family will be taken away.

. . . . . (He never had any goals in his life. .)
(Wait till the RP! *Wink wonk*)

He is very calm, and shows hardly any emotion. He is not sensitive, and takes offense very well. He points peoples mistakes out usually, as well.


Family: In the middle. .
Love interest: None. .
Friends/Allies: His family (Allies/Friends) And possibly your Character!
Enemies: None (But possibly your Character!)
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Eric Vann

Below there are detailed explanations of death, a warning to those who are sensitive.

Name: Eric Vann

Age: 20

​Sexuality: Pan, but leans towards agender people and guys. {mostly submissive}

​Nationality: English

Location: Eric bounced around from house to house but spent his years from late 14 to 16 in Arcata, California.

Job: Eric house sits for a family he is close to. The family is fairly wealthy and has a nice house with 3 dogs, Eric feels safe there. The family has a guest house where Eric stays when the family is home.

Ability: Eric can manipulate water, he doesn't know how it originated but he only discovered it when he was 15. He can move water to do what he wishes, water can heal any minor injuries he has and he can breath underwater. Eric is also immune to heavy water pressure and water impact.

Family & Background: Eric's family is broken. He was put into foster care when he was 14 due to both of his parents and younger brother dying in a car crash. He was in the car with them when his mom fell asleep at the wheel. They were meant to be going to his aunt's about 4 hours away, but that didn't happen. They hit a car head on, a semi truck. The car had rolled a couple times. Before the truck hit Eric's brother, Hayden was unbuckled from his seat belt reaching in the back for one of his books to read for the remaining hour with a flashlight. When they hit the semi truck his father got killed on impact and his brother got thrown into the back seat and his neck was snapped. His mom's airbag got deployed in time, but the impact was too much. It broke her ribs, a rib bone had punctured one of her lungs. This caused a collapsed lung, pneumothorax. Air escaped into her body cavity and compressed her lung, making it impossible for her to breathe. Eric has to see all of this happen; his brother Hayden with his neck snapped and legs bloody, his father with his head crushed and eyes open. Eric has injuries as well, but not as severe. He was lucky enough to get out with a broken nose and wrist. He watched as his mother's breath started to slow after struggling to breathe. She finally couldn't hold on any longer closed her eyes. Eric sat there, the rain beating down from the darkness outside. The driver of the semi truck had called in a 911 call over his radio before blacking out from a severe hit to the head. Eric was strangely calm as he tried to wake up his mother, already knowing the fate of his brother and father. He couldn't panic, until his brain came out of shock and started to make sense of the situation. He started to gasp out and tears ran down his face. He had to get out of there. He opened the door his left hand {the one that wasn't broken, and luckily, his dominate hand.} He sat in the rain outside, in the headlights of the semi truck, sobbing. His arm with the broken wrist laying on the ground had his knees are held close to his chest with his other arm, head down between them. He didn't care that he was getting soaked, not when most of the wetness on his clothes was the blood of his family. Not when he watched his mom die, struggling to breath; not when his dad had no chance to live at all and not when his brother had a broken neck just because he wanted his book. Eric sat there, wishing he had died too instead of sitting on the blood and water soaked asphalt waiting for the rest of his broken life to come. Eric was forced into foster homes and no one wants a teenager, he had to stay in the system until he was 17. A family had finally decided they were able to take him in for the last year before he was kicked out of the system when he turned 18. He was quiet through his time of foster care but had developed a severe anxiety disorder and PTSD {Post Traumatic Stress Disorder}, causing flashbacks to the car crash. It also caused him to hate the smell of blood because it triggered the horrible memories. He was in therapy from the age of 15 on. When he was 15 he was in the middle of a breakdown, he got on his bike and biked a few miles away from his foster home. Eric got to the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, a secluded place. He took a deep breath and looked at the horizon before letting himself fall forward. He hit the water and the cold was the only thing that stung him, not the impact from the fall. He sunk to the bottom with his eyes closed. He expected to start to feel like his chest was bursting, but that time did not come. He opened his mouth and inhaled, assuming his mouth would fill with water, but instead he took only oxygen into his lungs. He was stunned for a bit before realizing he was actually breathing. He came to realise his other abilities and eventually got an apartment and tried to get better.

Personality: Eric is kind of timid and has a stutter due to his anxiety and breaks down when yelled at. You can tell when he is having an anxiety attack because he is either shaky, talking really fast, barely talking, irritable, shortness of breath, and shying away from touch. Besides that he is an introvert but very sweet. He likes to be cuddled and doesn't like to live alone. He is kind, loves dogs, and is timidly flirty.
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