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Grace Marie Porter ~ "The Witch"


/-Gr Ace-/

(n) -The name Grace is an English baby name. In English, the meaning of the name Grace is: From the word 'grace', derived from the Latin 'gratia', meaning God's favour.-

❝-Those that can heal can harm; those that can cure can kill.-❞


♛Full Name♛
Grace Marie Porter

Grace doesn't talk to anyone, she has no family or friends. No nickname, though she does call herself "Woman of the Forrest."

She believes in no god. Only in the magic, she possesses.


♛Mental Age♛
She acts like she is as old as the world but thinks like a woman her age.

The nineteenth of February, eighteen forty-five




♛Preferred Pronouns♛
She, Her, Hers

Open Pansexual

♛Current Residence♛
Grace is a traveller, she is never in one place for long.

♛Line of Work♛
She sometimes trades at local markets or sells her candles and crystals once she is done with them. When doing so she always hides her face in fear of being discovered.





120 Lbs

♛Natural Hair Color♛
Light Brown

♛Current Hair Color♛
Light Brown, almost hazel or golden


Seek and Value Harmony – Grace has no interest in having power over others and don’t much care for domineering attitudes at all. She prefers a more democratic approach and works hard to ensure that every voice and perspective is heard.

Open-Minded and Flexible – A live-and-let-live attitude comes naturally to Grace, and she dislikes being constrained by rules. Grace gives the benefit of the doubt too, and so long as her principles and ideas are not being challenged, she’ll support others’ right to do what she thinks is right.

Very Creative – Grace combines her intuitive nature with her open-mindedness to allow her to see things from unconventional perspectives. Being able to connect many far-flung dots into a single theme.

Passionate and Energetic – When something captures Grace’s imagination and speaks to her beliefs, she goes all in, dedicating her time, energy, thoughts and emotions to the project. Her shyness keeps her from the podium, but she is the first to lend a helping hand where it’s needed.

Dedicated and Hard-Working – While others focusing on the challenges of the moment may give up when the going gets tough, Grace has the benefit of their far-reaching vision to help her through. Knowing that what she is doing is meaningful gives her a sense of purpose and even courage when it comes to accomplishing something she believes in.

Impractical – When something captures Grace’s imagination, she can neglect practical matters like day-to-day maintenance and simple pleasures. Sometimes she will take this asceticism so far as to neglect eating and drinking as she pursues her passion or cause.

Take Things Personally – Grace often takes challenges and criticisms personally, rather than as an inspiration to reassess her positions. Avoiding conflict as much as possible, Grace will put a great deal of time and energy into trying to align her principles and the criticisms into a middle ground that satisfies everybody.

Difficult to Get to Know – Grace is private, reserved and self-conscious. This makes her notoriously difficult to really get to know, and her need for these qualities contributes to the guilt she often feels for not giving more of themselves to those they care about.


♛General Backstory♛

Grace never knew her mother or father. She was born and dropped off to the village orphanage where she lived for the rest of her childhood. She didn't have any friends, or even a name to go by. When she first arrived the workers at the orphanage hardly paid her mind except to care for her general needs. They called her, that one, the baby, the child. Until one day her nurse, a midwife named Amelia, named her Grace. Grace Marie Porter after her daughter that passed away during birth. Everyone soon caller Grace that and she grew up knowing the name as her own. It was at the age of twelve that Grace discovered her magic. Her nurse, who she had come to know as a mother, saw her perform a simple spell without any intention to and knew that Grace would be powerful. Amelia did everything in her power to protect Grace, but years later, Amelia was killed by kingdom knights and at the age of sixteen, Grace was on the run. She ran to the woods, feeling a strong energy to it and practised her magic there. She now travels but in the end, she always comes down to the woods in her home village. She has her own cottage deep in the woods, on top of the ground where she lives normally and another underground where she practices her magic.
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Lexi (also known as Greatest Jokester Lexi)

Age: 16 - 17

Race: Human or Ghost

Personality: Silly, Kind, Brave, Playful, Not Normally Shy, Cheerful

Background: Lexi loves to joke around, usually to bring a smile to someone's face. She won't use a joke that offends of harms someone, let alone makes someone's day worse. She's rarely ever anything but cheerful, and always aims for the same goal; to make as many people as she can smile or cheer up.

Likes: Pranks, Jokes, Good Humor, Cheering others up, Nice people, making friends, sweets

Dislikes: Mean people, mean humor, pranks that hurt people in any way, jokes that are offensive and rude, making people sad or hurt, seeing someone being sad, Something that shouldn't be joked about at all, spicy food

Appearance: image
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Mental Roses {Creepypasta OC}

{Full Name} Rosalie Ash Charlét
{Parents/Family} Parents Unknown, Adopted by Slenderman
{Birthday} September 4th
{Age} 16
{Lover} Homicidal Liu
{Enemy} Jeff The Killer
{Close Friend} Masky and Hoodie
{Creepypasta} Head Proxy
{CP Name} Mental Roses
{Weapon Of Choice} Katana, Mace, Handgun, others
{Personality} Outgoing, Silly, Nice, Gamer, Switching Personalities, Short Tempered at Times
{Cause of Problems} Multiple Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Parents Leaving Her
{Backstory} Rosalie used to be your perfect little angel. Straight A student, good friends, doing chores, anything a good kid would do. Her parents loved her to death, so she thought. That was until, she had just come home from school on a Wednesday afternoon and her parents were just...gone. Searching the house, she had found nothing but a note seemingly done in her father's writing. Reading it aloud, it said, "Dear Rosie, we are so very sorry for leaving on such short notice. Things have come up and we had to go. You're old enough to live on your own, don't worry. Love Mom and Dad~" With teary eyes, Rose ripped up the note, throwing it on the floor and ran to the kitchen where she grabbed a razor sharp knife. Twitching with anger, she rushed out of the house with the knife gripped tightly in her hand and began stabbing people walking down the street. As sirens started in the distance, she dashed off towards to dark woods behind her home where she found a tall faceless man. He motioned for her to follow and where he led her was the place she would most likely stay the rest of her life. A mansion full of other murderers like her.
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☼ Chances are I will do several different romance roleplays but once Dove is in a relationship I will no longer accept romance/ERP requests and the ones I am already doing will then become regular roleplays.

☼ I love making new friends so dont hesitate to talk to me, I usually initiate conversation even if you sent the request but sometimes I'll get timid and you'll need to. Either way, I hope we can get a good conversation or roleplay going!

☼ I dont mind er*t*c roleplays but I INSIST on having a plot and good story beforehand. I wont just jump into the sexy stuff [ similarly to the romance rule, once Dove is in a relationship she wont be doing anymore ERP roleplays ].

☼ Mature themes [ drugs, alcohol, abuse, etc ] might be included into a roleplay for character and plot depth if for any reason you are uncomfortable with this PLEASE talk to me [ the admin ] before we start the roleplay.

☼ I probably wont be playing the characters that Dove might play in a movie or TV show, I'll be playing Dove herself. If you'd prefer I can play Mal/Liv/Maddie but that will be rare.

☼ All fandoms are welcome as I can edit Dove to fit just about anything. I dont know a lot about Harry Potter, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, or Doctor Who but I am more then happy to learn about them. If you want to spam me with facts or something then go ahead!

☼ I know I probably sound all lollipops and gumdrops but I do like darker themes as well. I dont think I'll really haft to go in depth with this but if you suggest something chances are I will be okay with it.

▶ If you have read these then please comment this post with your favorite quote from any movie or TV show! ◀
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Michael Ganko

↞ Age: 35
↞ Birthday: 3 February
↞ Location: Sydney, Australia
↞ Orientation: Hetero
↞ Relationships
Parents: Mother - Galina Ganko
Father - Ivan Ganko
Lover: ( a lot of exs wives and lovers)
↞ Appearance
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark green
Body: Average
Tattoos: -
Piercing: -
Injures: Some due to fights
↞ Habits
Smoke: Sometimes
Alcohol: Yes
Drugs: No
↞ Personality: Michael is truly gentleman. But he can be sarcastic and witty. During his work Mr. Ganko is completely cold-blooded, persistent and purposeful. However, Michael has excellent scent of humor. And he adores animals. Any of them.
↞ Interesting facts:
1. He has several houses around the world as he has to move often.
2. Michael is real clean freak.
3. He hates novels and movies about James Bond.
↞ Play-by
Jon Hamm
↞ Music Theme:
The Neighbourhood - Flawless
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