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Without having to be on this site more than a day, I've realized I have to have some rules.

1) No one liners, I hate them. I like putting work into my writing so if you respond with a one liner when I've written a paragraph I will remove you

2) Do not by shy, I'm up for almost anything.

3) I'll give you two chances, if you break one of these rules more than twice I will have to remove you.

Extra: Write in the comments "Because I'm spoiled " or like it so I know you have read these.
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0 | 0 Comments | by EvilKitty | 33 minutes ago

This Sister thing

Okay, look. Me and Caramel are sisters, but we have separate accounts! Don't just assume we're roleplaying together, we're different people. This has happened so many times I'm about ready to change my pfp, and it hasn't even been up that long.
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0 | 0 Comments | by KittenMews | 38 minutes ago

i feel lonely

hmu, i'm lonely af.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Failure | 40 minutes ago

Reiki Akatsuki

Name: Reiki Akatsuki

Age: 17

Looks: (look at the picture, her Fairy tail insignia is located on her left hip)

Wears: Reiki usually wears a teal tank top that cuts off at her abdomen, revealing her stomach and the tip of her fairy tail insignia, with long red black pants with shin high black combat boots.

Magic: Reiki's magic is similar to a fire dragon slayer's magic, but different in many ways. In one difference, is that she doesn't need to eat the element to be able to use her magic, she can will up any amount of fire any moment she wants. Another difference is that Reiki can also change the temperature of her flames, from scorching hot to freezing cold, though she finds it rather difficult and energy draining to make her flames cold so she doesn't use that ability unless absolutely needed.

Other: Reiki never learned how to swim, and because of her magic she has always been terrified of water
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0 | 0 Comments | by APH_English_Muffin | 56 minutes ago

Character Directory

Nicholas Bellamy -
❝I'm not like the rest; I can assure you. I am far more intriguing.❞


Liam Bankson -
❝Hi. I'm Liam and I don't care. Bye!❞


Cedric Watson -
❝I'm not sure how to talk. I-It's difficult for me to form words, sorry.❞


Callum Bellamy -
❝I'm not your enemy. I just got pulled into a lie without thinking, like always.❞


Frederick Hartmann -
❝People look down upon me. They always have. I'll prove that I can be more than a blood-thirsty killer.❞
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0 | 0 Comments | by illusionary | 1 hour ago