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Family: None

Species: Vampire

Relationship: Single/ Straight

1. Black Pants, Black Shirt, Dark Red Lipstick, Converse, Straight Black Hair, Dark Red And Black Wings

2. Black Skirt, Black Shirt, Dark Red And Black Wings, Dark Red Lipstick, High Black Boots

Background: Grew up by myself, learned to do everything by myself and tried staying a solo girl. Don't need a guy to drag me back.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Teenage_Mystery | 17 minutes ago

Susan Paige

Age: sixteen
Height: 5'1'
Weight: 21lbs
Orientation: human
Sexuality: straight
Like: making friends, dogs, different people, hanging out at the pond and keeping her loved ones safe
Dislikes: her father
Info: Susan Paige is a princess who hates her father and always want to leave the castle. Her father had taken her mother away and has done other bad things. She has a favorite place to go when every time she gets upset
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0 | 0 Comments | by Aliisawesome | 19 minutes ago

roleplay rules (sparkle emoji)

ok so here are the roleplay rules bc everyone has 'em

[ ☾ ] - GRAMMAR IS LOVE, GRAMMAR IS LIFE. Okay, so of course there are exceptions. For example, when our characters are texting each other and/or it's just us admins talking.

[ ☾ ] - DESCRIPTIVE ROLEPLAY IS LOVE, DESCRIPTIVE ROLEPLAY IS LIFE. Um, I feel very limited doing script roleplay, and with descriptive, I feel like I have more options. If you start a roleplay/send me a roleplay and there is any sort of script, I will softblock you

[ ☾ ] - PLOTS ARE LOVE, PLOTS ARE LIFE. I prefer to think of a plot together, but I mean, if you got a plot in mind, I'm open to try it. Maybe. I dunno.

[ ☾ ] - SMUT IS NOT LOVE, SMUT IS NOT LIFE. Okay zayum (oml end me), smut is pretty chill, I guess. I'm so innocent because I have never roleplayed it before. But I know how it goes down. Though, I don't feel comfortable roleplaying it. I guess it's because I've never roleplayed it before?? I dunno?? But, if you try to send me a smut starter or anything like that, you will be blocked.

[ ☾ ] - SPAMMING IS NOT LOVE, SPAMMING IS NOT LIFE Even if I say that I don't have one, I really actually do have a life. Outside of this site. I usually reply within 10-25 minutes (unless im busy). The longest I can go without replying is 3 days. If I don't reply after three days, I give you permission to delete the roleplay and/or be like "yo fam you good?" Because sometimes I'm too sad to come online. BUT I GIVE YOU 72 HOURS TO REPLY OR ELSE OUR CONVO WILL BE DELETED.

[ ☾ ] - CURSING IS SORT OF LOVE, CURSING IS SORT OF LIFE. Um, I'm chill with cursing, as long as it's not in every paragraph you reply. And I usually find something else to use, other than that curse word...if that makes sense???? Like, instead of saying " f u c k i n g" I'll say, "bloody" or something you'll see.

[ ☾ ] - MARY SUES ARE THE DEFINITION OF CRINGE. Okay honestly, I might cry if you're character is a "super kawaii desu immortal gurl xdd!!11" bc honestly, what are you? 10?

[ ☾ ] - NEKOS MAKE ME CRINGE. Self explanatory :/


[ ☾ ] - I EXPECT 3-5 SENTENCES (or more bc bless u). basically a paragraph. If you can do more, honestly, bless u. But then again, I guess you could have very good two sentence reply. I'm pretty straight forward so if I don't like your reply, I'll tell you :/

[ ☾ ] - I USUALLY REPLY WITH 4-8 SENTENCES OR MORE. I'm sorry (rip me)


[ ☾ ] - OK. That's all I can think of. Trust me when I say that I'll be adding more rules.

Please heart this after you read this so that I can bless you.
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0 | 0 Comments | by droptop | 20 minutes ago

Luna Lovegood (My Version)

Name: Luna Lovegood
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0 | 0 Comments | by INeverDied | 28 minutes ago


Without having to be on this site more than a day, I've realized I have to have some rules.

1) No one liners, I hate them. I like putting work into my writing so if you respond with a one liner when I've written a paragraph I will remove you

2) Do not by shy, I'm up for almost anything.

3) I'll give you two chances, if you break one of these rules more than twice I will have to remove you.

Extra: Write in the comments "Because I'm spoiled " or like it so I know you have read these.
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0 | 0 Comments | by EvilKitty | 32 minutes ago