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This is the OOC (OUT OF CHARACTER) section of my profile. Here, I will tell you my little rules, what I want and don't want.


1) This profile is under CONSTANT construction.
I will updating it frequently whenever I roleplay with other people.

2) This is an Original Character (OC) for the MARVEL Universe.
If you do not like it, please move along.
I will not tolerate discrimination. I have the right to roleplay like everyone else.
If you have a question about the character, go through the profile and if you don't see the answer you're looking for, ask me.

3) I have the right to refuse a roleplay offer. So, don't push it.

4) I prefer one on one or a small group rp.

5) I prefer Story > Smut, Ideas first before rp.
Preferably 18+ (over); no one (under) -18, you will be blocked.

6) Fluent Grammar/Spelling.

7) Semi-para - Multi-para
No one-liners, please. At least try.

8) Of course, OC's and Canon's are welcome!
Marvel Universe, preferred : Crossovers are okay.
Any time-frame is acceptable.

9) I will not do all the work in an rp.
It's a team effort; if there's an opening for you to introduce your character, then take it, because I shouldn't have to be the one to write about your character and their actions.

10) I'm a NO DRAMA kind of person.
It will resort to a removal and block.
I do not tolerate petty, childish crap.
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Dato che lei è molto legata alle antiche tradizioni della loro famiglia e in generale, alle tradizioni druiche dei loro antenati, le prime famiglie degli antichi clan del Nord.

Dato che l'annuale parata degli Athairs si sta avvicinando, decide di vedere se qualcuno dei suoi fratelli sopravvisuti intenderà parteciparvi. Lei sicuro andrà.
Scrive a tutti i fratelli, invitandoli in un sofisticato pub, di sera, a Crowley.
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Dustin (Percy Jackson OC)

Parentage- Athena(Biological Mother)
Abilities-Intelligence, slight speed boost at times if he needs it but has to recover after
Biography-Dustin is a son of Athena and his dad died after he turned 11 so he was sent to live a family member of his Mother, Annabeth Chase was her name he was told that she was his cousin but he always felt like she was a sister (little did he know she was in a way)
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*NO er*t*ca.

*If you send a request more than once, I will either block you or message you explaining WHY I am going to remove you from my friends list, and give you a warning that if you send another one I will block you.

*I don't want anyone who helped my ex cheat, or is very close to her. She ruined my life. IF YOU ARE DATING HER, then I want NOTHING to do with whoever the hell you are.

*Don't remove me if I don't respond in a day.

*Don't spam me, or pressure me.
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James Renadad Bow ~ "The Prince"


/-Jay Ms-/

(n) -James Boy's name meaning, origin, and popularity. ... A classic boys' name derived from the Hebrew name Jacob. It means "supplanter," one who follows. In the 17th century, the Scottish king James VI inherited the English throne, becoming the first ruler of all Britain, and the name became much more popular.-

❝-Those candle flames were like the lives of men. So fragile. So deadly. Left alone, they lit and warmed. Let run rampant, they would destroy the very things they were meant to illuminate. Embryonic bonfires, each bearing a seed of destruction so potent it could tumble cities and dash kings to their knees.-❞


♛Full Name♛
James Renadad Bow

James has never received a nickname before. His family calls him by his name as does the people of his kingdom, adding a more respectful title before it; Prince James, Lord James, Sir James.

Just like his family, James was raised into Christianity. Even so, he keeps it a secret that he does not believe in anything.

Twenty Three

♛Mental Age♛
James acts just as old as he is but is as smart and wise as his forty-nine-year-old father.

The Fourth of January, eighteen forty-three.




♛Preferred Pronouns♛
He, Him, His

Closeted Bisexual

♛Current Residence♛
The Castle

♛Line of Work♛
Full-Time Prince, Part Time Teacher for the village's school for children





177 Lbs

♛Natural Hair Color♛

James has dark brown hair

♛Current Hair Color♛
James' hair is, and will always stay, a dark brown.


Tolerant – James is a true team player, and he recognises that that means listening to other peoples’ opinions, even when they contradict his own. He admits he doesn't have all the answers, and is often receptive to dissent, so long as it remains constructive.

Reliable – The one thing that calls James the most is the idea of letting down a person or cause he believes in. If it’s possible, James can always be counted on to see it through.

Charismatic – Charm and popularity are qualities James has in spades. He instinctively knows how to capture an audience, and pick up on mood and motivation in ways that allow them to communicate with reason, emotion, passion, restraint – whatever the situation calls for. Talented imitators, James is able to shift their tone and manner to reflect the needs of the audience, while still maintaining their own voice.

Altruistic – Uniting these qualities is James' unyielding desire to do good in and for his community, be it in his own home or the global stage. Warm and selfless, James genuinely believes that if he can just bring people together, they can do a world of good.

Natural Leaders – More than seeking authority themselves, James often ends up in leadership roles at the request of others, cheered on by the many admirers of their strong personality and positive vision.

Too Selfless – James can bury himself in his hopeful promises, feeling others’ problems as his own and striving hard to meet their word. If he isn’t careful, he can spread himself too thin, and be left unable to help anyone.

Too Sensitive – While receptive to criticism, seeing it as a tool for leading a better team, it’s easy for James to take it a little too much to heart. His sensitivity to others means that James sometimes feels problems that aren’t his own and try to fix things he can’t fix, worrying if he is doing enough.

Fluctuating Self-Esteem – James defines his esteem by whether he is able to live up to his ideals, and sometimes ask for criticism more out of insecurity than out of confidence, always wondering what he could do better. If he fails to meet a goal or to help someone he said he’d help, his self-confidence will undoubtedly plummet.

Struggle to Make Tough Decisions – If caught between a rock and a hard place, James can be stricken with paralysis, imagining all the consequences of his actions, especially if those consequences are humanitarian.


♛General Backstory♛
James was born into a family of royals, his father the king and his mother the queen. He was an only child that was spoiled beyond belief by not only his parents but the entire kingdom. James was raised with the highest education you can get in the 1800's. Growing up he was a troublemaker who didn't care about anyone but himself. He would often talk back and yell at his parents, not caring for the punishments he would get after. It stayed this way until James turned thirteen and his father suffered his first heart attack. It was at that moment that James realised he needed to be prepared to be king. His father died years later but his mother stood strong, ruling the kingdom just as well as her husband. When James turned fourteen he went outside of the kingdom castle for the first time. What he saw killed him. People in poverty ch=ildren begging for food, and bad people and danger around every corner. It was then that James made a promise to make things better. It was also that following week that James started to teach classes at the run down the school at the far side of the village. His mother disapproved at first and told him he couldn't go. James simply started sneaking out to do it, never really getting caught. He knew he had to be a better king for his people. Though he never wished his mother's death, he was happy to soon be king. The only problem was, his mother wouldn't allow him to be king without a bride. That is where James' sexuality comes to play. His whole life he found himself committing a sin. He loved men just as he did women. He knew he would burn for it, so he stayed secret and only ever had his romantic actions with a woman. Though he loved it, he hated repressing a part of who he was.
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